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  1. Hopefully many of the Islamophobes that congregate on Pamela’s and Spencer’s hate sites will be unindoctrinated after reading the book.

  2. I don’t have much hope that Spencer and Geller will change since they are so entrenched in their lunacy but hopefully their readers might understand the way of reason.

  3. It’s incredible how someone can write a book that claims to be a guide to Islam and yet manage not to say a single positive word about Islam or the muslims. For him, they are 100% evil. That such a shmuck can become a “best-selling” auther is a disgrace, an indictment.

  4. A bit of it has been released, the first one was on the subject of Dhimmitude, I think. Spencer tried to respond but he failed miserably and stopped the debate.

    Here’s the a page that summarises the main articles on Dhimmitude as well as Spencer’s responses:


    Here’s a list of Islamophobes who have been able to successfully counter all of the points in the article:

  5. I have actually read both these books, as an apostate myself I have a lifetime of reading and information on Islam to refer to when reading these books. WHile most information is distorted from the truth he isn’t acutely that far off the mark when it comes to most aspects of the book. As always it comes from the person perception of the history and current ideology, certainly from my background which was a strict Islamic upbringing certainly in the respects of second class citizens and the interpretation of the sharia.

  6. Admin,

    I just remembered something. I forgot about this, but I want to mention it now. Here’s one of the first things that really should have made me doubt Robert Spencer. Its something that really embarrasses me now. In case you don’t know this, the company which published Robert Spencer’s “Politically incorrect Guide to Islam,” Regnaery Publishing, also has published other books in the politically incorrect guide series that supported other falsehoods like Creationism. I Knew Creationism was pseudoscience even than, and it really should have led me to question Spencer’s credentials early on. It should have led me to suspect that he was not the scholar he claimed to be, since why would such a scholar have his work published by a company with such low standards for objectivity? Unfortunately by then, I was too convinced that he was a brave intellectual warning the world about the dangers of Islamic Jihad. I was an idiot. If you ever get around to publishing your “Spencer’s Incorrect Guide to Islam” you might want to mention the fact that the publisher also published other books that made claims that were also repeatedly debunked such as creationism and climate change denial. For one thing, its another reason to doubt everything Spencer writes about Islam and Muslims.

    Here are some other examples of Regnery’s Low standards of objectivity

    The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Bible

    The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design

    The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science

  7. Not all muslims are terrorists.
    The reason for this is twofold:
    1) There is currently no official caliphate ordering them into war.
    2) The average muslim is to enlightened to really follow the teachings of Islam.

    The true followers of Muhammad will do anything to secure Islamic world rule. (Al qaida, Boko Haram) These ‘radicals’ rightfully consider moderate muslims non-moslims.

    • You may think you’re being clever but this is very familiar rubbish we’ve heard over and over from Islamophobes. The rest of your reasoning is also false.

      Islamic teachings unequivocally condemn all killing of civilians and non-combatants. Al-Qaeda and Boko Haram are violating Islamic principles, the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet and I challenge you to prove otherwise. This is the truth, and it would be evident if you had studied Islam from the primary sources (which you obviously haven’t done) and it’s also the opinion of major world scholars. For example:


      This scholar not only condemns Al-Qaeda but totally destroys their justifications for terror, proving that Islam itself does not approve of mass murder. It’s also not your place to say who is and isn’t a “true Muslim”.

  8. There will be some quotation from the Holy Quran and Hadith of prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing of the Almighty creator be upon him). Please do compare them with the original sources because this gentle will either lie, quote out of context or twist the meaning. That what I found in the other one.

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