Another case of Spenceritis: “Cleric’s view represents all of Islam”

“Acclaimed scholar” on Islam (chuckle…chuckle), Robert Spencer is at it again using his pseudo-scholarly approach when it comes to Islam. In a recent post on his website, Robert Spencer wrote:

Muhammad Al-Arifi is an Islamic cleric. He has devoted his life to studying the Qur’an and Islam. And somehow he has gotten the crazy idea that the Qur’an says that Muslims should fight against unbelievers, subjugate them, and make them pay the jizya. Now, whenever non-Muslims point this out, they’re called bigoted, hateful, and ignorant of Islam. So is Muhammad Al-Arifi a self-hating Muslim who Misunderstands Islam and just narrowly avoided flunking out of his seminary? Or could it be that the “bigotry,” “hate” and “ignorance” charges are just smokescreens designed to bamboozle the unwary into not realizing that the truth is being told?

He then goes on to quote this heretofore unknown Muslim cleric’s views on “killing the infidels” and projects them upon all of Islam. It is exactly as Ahmed Rehab in his piece about Spencer said:

The Set Up: Spencer and his associates scour the web for the most sensational and extreme expressions within the Muslim world. They may be related to a certain extremist interpretation of Islam, or may not even have anything to do with Islam altogether, but that won’t matter, so long as the perpetrator is a Muslim, it will do.

The Performance: Spencer then supplants his own commentary on the story which he meticulously crafts with the ultimate goal of convincing his readers that the bizarre incident in question is representative of the faith of Islam and Muslims at large. This subtle leap of faith that he hopes no one notices is the key to his magic act.

The Prestige: He can then rightly claim, with the innocence of a schoolboy, that he does not make up the material he produces, that he is merely quoting things as is, hoping no one notices that he uses the aberrant to define the normative.

So, just because this one cleric believes that Muslims should “fight the unbelievers,” that is the truth, and all the evidence in Islam to the contrary is just a “smokescreen.”

By this logic, then Christianity believes the victim of rape should apologize. How do I know? Because this happened in a Christian church:

After being raped and impregnated by a fellow churchgoer more than twice her age, a 15-year-old Concord girl was forced by Trinity Baptist Church leaders to stand before the congregation to apologize before they helped whisk her out of state, according to the police.

Or, Christianity believes women should “submit to their husbands and be silent.” How do I know? A Christian pastor said so:

Church of England reverend Angus MacLeay issued a leaflet to churchgoers saying that women should not speak if questions could be answered by their husbands. The leaflet, entitled The Role of Women in the Local Church, adds that wives should “submit to their husbands in everything.” It continues, “Wives are to submit to their husbands in everything in recognition of the fact that husbands are head of the family as Christ is head of the church.

Or, Judaism believes that women should not be allowed to vote. How do I know? A Rabbi said so:

The chief rabbi of a West Bank settlement has prohibited women from standing in a local community election. Rabbi Elyakim Levanon of the Elon Moreh settlement, near Nablus, said women lacked the authority to stand for the post of local secretary. He wrote in a community newspaper that women must only be heard through their husbands.

I could go on, and on, and on. The views of a particular person in a particular community of faith does not necessarily represent the views of the entire faith, especially if that view is a radical interpretation of that faith. Anyone with an inkling of scholarly knowledge knows this fact…except, it seems, our “acclaimed scholar” Robert Spencer.

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  1. Let me say this, Geert Wilders and his personal political party – the Partij voor (tegen) de Vrijheid (PVV) are not really Dutch and of the Netherlands. Nope – both Wilders and his personal political party, the PVV were given money and media support from Robert Spencer and Daniel Pipes. The Netherlands is a nation religious tolerance made up of religious minorities! No real Dutchman can hate Muslims.

    For Dutch readers:
    …de PVV is niet echt een Nederlandse politieke partij – maar dit was bij buitenlandse geld en media van Robert Spencer en Daniel Pipes gemaakt. De haat van religieuze minderheden in Nederland bij Nederlanders is nooit wel iets Nederlanders mogen geloven. Nederland is een land van religieuze minderheden en de vrijheid van godsdienst zo erg Nederlands is.

  2. Another eye opener.first of all congratulations for this website..this is lyk an oasis in a desert..All the best to the moderaters…excellent show..Keep it up!!

  3. Lol. Robert spencer is a joker. You did a nice job there pointing out every other religious nuts who says something odd. The problem is not the religion but when someone tries to justify his extremist views with the help of religious doctrines, only then a problem arises. People like Robert Spencer earn their living by cashing on this situation.

  4. Thanks Inconnu, keep ’em coming. Spencer has been silent about this site so far, but his commenters have been discussing it.

  5. this planet at this point in time is totally fed up of this muslim crap….day in day out ….muslim this …muslim that …. we’ve had enough of this bull-shit….A GROUP OF MUSLIMS IS CALLED “A NEST OF MUSLIM SNAKES”.It will take another 15 years or so for the planet to wake up completely and as one to realize that islam is not a religion at all but a mass murdering cult started by a very very disturbed evil murderer and pedophile that has spiraled out of control. THE SOURCE OF THIS EVIL IS mecca AND THIS will have to be vaporized and all the mosques on the planet will have to be razed to the ground. All the korans and all their evil cult literature will have to be burnt and only then will peace come. About 2 billion muslims will have to be killed. There seems to be absolutely no option to this scenario. muslim means cult member and cults cannot co-exist with the rest of this planet. Think about it …THEIR population is spiraling and our resources are dwindling and these insane cult members are looking FORWARD to Armageddon. We should give it to them. Let their evil day dreams come true. When will this start? When the courts start informing the general populace about this cult. Right now we are just unveiling the cult’s face …. slowly slowly. soon the title of religion will be SHORN away from it and permanently labeled as a cult. The masquerade will be over and the real fight will start. As it is today the term muslim in the free world is a spittoon and an insult. Blood will have to flow….is there another way ? The gaya theory guy Lovestock says there should be 1 billion people max on this planet. Today there are nearly 7 billion… If we minus 2 billion muslims = 5 billion. 5 billion peaceful people on the planet will be a tight squeeze but it’ll be cool. Let us cull these cult members from this lovely planet for their sakes as their evil book instructs them to be evil and not co-exist with the rest of the planet. let us send them on their way. Call it pest control or what you will but it will have to be done. Dark times are coming and come they will. A few years back thinking like this would have been ridiculous but with every passing day we encounter more and more of these mad people who refuse to live in the present and refuse to see the madness in their thoughts and actions. Locking them up means feeding them and spending resources that could be used for good otherwise. Science is anathema to them and the dirty years of their pedophiling and mass murdering leader is the only era to live in …so be it….. let’s get rid of them. Anyone can start an evil cult but everyone can stop it….if anyone has another option that would make more sense let me know. I’m not an Israeli but if anyone should start this mass cull it should be Israel because when the evil mad man was alive AND spewing at them they didn’t knock him off and look what’s happened. It’s never too late to stamp out filthy evil. Never too late. We all, bar none will help the Israelis… we have to ….for our sakes and for the good of this planet. It is said that blood always flows where muslims go……soon blood will flow where muslims have gone but it will be muslim blood that will flow. Non-muslim Good blood will also flow in the fight back by evil but that is expected. We live in interesting times. Get ready boys and girls ….our grand-children will thank us BUT FIRST we have some sincere work to do even if it repulses us. SUCH IS LIFE. AFTER DARK COMES LIGHT AND ONLY AFTER islam IS SMASHED WILL COME PEACE FOR OUR CHILDREN’S CHILDREN. We have to make this happen.The mullahs and religious scholars should all be given a couple of tight slaps on their faces by women and children and told to disband and follow some other way of life that does not oppress women and children while the males can strut around like peacocks and the women are dressed in garbage bag attire. islam is a cult . it is not a religion. it is a cult that was started by an evil man for evil men to continue and breed evil men while women are treated as slaves. cults are defined as cults because to leave one is to invite death by other cult members. got it ?? a religion one can leave anytime …a cult you can leave only when you die, welcome to islam.
    Muslims and islam have murdered over 270 million people over Islam’s 1400 years of murderous existence. Muslim-wipe out is imminent. when you kill rats and vermin(pests) you don’t see whether they are males or females or baby rats… all have to fry. same will happen to islam …ONLY THEN peace will come. the essence of war is violence, and moderation in war is stupidity.

    • muslimpoxbyebye, it is unlawful to post terrorist messages on U.S. servers! It violates executive orders 12947 and 13224.

      You are therefore under arrest sir. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?

    • And so, unable to make an intelligent comment at all (much less one that actually addresses the article), we get a long, rhetorical and hateful diatribe of ignorance, promoting mass murder.

      I guess exposing Spencer for what he is, seems to be unhinging some people. Not only does it make Spencer look bad, but it makes those who buy into his nonsense look even worse; as gullible tools and useful idiots. If they had anything approaching a descent response, they would’ve posted it by now. Instead they short-circuit and go into a tailspin.

  6. It’s amazing how people who are pro-Muslim /anti-Spencer on these blogs are usually calm, intellectually presentable and tolerant, while the pro-Spencer Islamophobic half-wits come here and spew genocidal and fatalist propaganda.

    Makes you wonder..

  7. interesting that a toxic rant was posted but my contrary yet respectful opinion is still ” awaiting moderation”

  8. Amazing rebuttal. Intellectuals and imams usually don’t crawl around the dirt with charlatans like Spencer, so it’s go to see you guys doing the dirty work in a very intellectual fashion.

    • I posted a reply here in this thread, and another thread. In the other thread, it was censored. In this thread, it didn’t appear at all. And yes, it was on topic. “Must have hit the spam filter”…. yeah right.

      They don’t like opposing opinions here. They know they are wrong.

  9. It was a post with a hadith, including a link to a database at the University of Southern California. What happened to that post?

      • Thanks for publishing it, and for the link to the discussion of apostasy.

        It seems relevant to the topic of this thread to consider whether the core documents of Islam are, or are not, “extremist.” Bukhari is a key source for the sunna of Muhammad.

        Surely the hadith I linked to is more relevant to the topic than the long, genocidal rant (from “muslimpoxbyebye”) you saw fit to publish.

        • They are picking and choosing what they want people to see here in order to serve their agenda. That’s why every comment has to be individually moderated. A long rant like that makes the opposite side look desperate and uninformed. A post like yours reveals the truth about Islam. They don’t want that.

          • Complete nonesense you write; He is trying to limit comments to the topic, but, unfortuantly for you, You can not do straw mans here like your big scumbag Robert Spencer, Your reply is typical from one guy who had his leader’s pants down, Cheers!

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  11. At first glance this article seems to make a good point.

    After doing a little research maybe not.

    Firstly I find it disturbing that twice in the article the author links to anti-Spencer articles elsewhere on this site, but does not bother to link to Spencers “quote” that the article is referencing, which is odd since this website “complains” about shoddy “scholarship” and “citations” usually provided by Spencer, yet the article doesn’t bother to provide the reference.

    Secondly the article compares apples and oranges. The author here deliberately omits the following:

    “Following are excerpts from an address by Saudi cleric Muhammad Al-Arifi, which aired on Al-Rahma TV on July 19, 2010.”

    Al Rahma TV is an Arabic TV network that airs in multiple Arab Muslim countries. Some countries have banned this channel for “inciting violence”.

    What this means however is a professional qualified trained cleric who has carefully studied Islam and lives under the rule of the partially executed Sharia state and supreme council of Muslim Scholars in Saudi has been aired in Saudi and all over the Muslim world (with the approval of Saudi Ulema), otherwise he would have been arrested. And they do issue arrest warrants to those distorting Islam.

    So not only is this message approved of by Muslim Scholars, this message is then used to “instruct” and “train” the viewers of the Television Station as the teachings of Islam.

    Neither of the examples given with the Christians and Jew can compare, as neither message is being propagated to millions of Jews and Christians as “formal teachings of Judaism and Christianity” and neither men are considered “approved of by a large amount of scholars” like the Saudi cleric.

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