JihadWatch turning good works into evil

Marisol, who presumably posts when Spencer is not around, blogged about a Muslim women’s shelter in Tulsa that she titled, Shelter helps abused women in Kabul? No. In Riyadh? No. Where? In Tulsa.

You can’t win with these Islamophobes. First they complain about the domestic violence in the Muslim world and how women have no recourse to shelters, and then they complain about the existence of such shelters arguing that they are indicative of inherent misogyny and violence in Islam and amongst Muslim males.

Marisol asks the question,

Why does such a relatively small population need a dedicated Muslim women’s shelter for domestic abuse?

The truth is about 15 women, most of whom have been Muslim (meaning not all) have been housed at the shelter since it opened. The Muslim population of Tulsa is estimated between 6,000 and 8,000.

Marisol then answers her own question by stating that Islam and the Quran are the problem. The fact is domestic violence is a problem every where in the world, and instead of mocking the opening of such centers to help abused women, Marisol and other JihadWatch cronies should be applauding these humanitarians, who inspired by the ethics of Islam are trying to confront and heal the very real problem of domestic abuse that exists in America.

As for Riyadh, if Marisol cared to look she would have noticed that there are centers for abused women such as this one, General Department for the Social Protection, and in Kabul, the acclaimed Women for Afghan Women.

The actual story:

Tulsa shelter helps abused Muslim women

By BILL SHERMAN World Religion Writer
Published: 8/15/2010  2:21 AM
Last Modified: 8/15/2010  5:22 AM

She was pencil-thin and so weak from mental and physical abuse, she needed help getting up stairs.

Her husband kept her under video surveillance 24 hours a day, a virtual prisoner in her own home, and once held a knife to her throat.

This Jordanian woman found refuge in the Surayya Anne Foundation home, Tulsa’s only Muslim women’s shelter. She is now separated from her husband, who remains in Tulsa, and is back with her family in Jordan.

Since it opened in May 2009, the modest, three-bedroom, two-bath apartment in south Tulsa has housed 15 women, most of them Muslims, and their 10 children, some for a few days, others for a few months.

Some sought shelter because they were being abused by their husbands. Most were single mothers out of work who were evicted from their apartments. One was just released from prison and needed a place to live while she adjusted to life on the outside.

Volunteers from the Tulsa Muslim community support the women by taking them shopping or to doctors appointments, preparing food or providing baby-sitting. Rent, utilities and food are provided.

“We don’t want a need to not be met,” said Melek Oyludag, executive director and co-founder of the shelter.

“If we don’t have the resources, we go find them.” She said the shelter works closely with other social services agencies to provide needed services.

The Surayya Anne Foundation was named for a Turkish woman who established a network of women’s shelters in Turkey.

2005 until 2007, Oyludag lived in Turkey, where she met that woman, and was inspired to do something similar in the United States.

“She built a phenomenal program,” she said.

Oyludag said she and others who work with the women in the shelter are in a unique position to help them because they understand the differences between Islamic and Western cultures.

“We know how to be sensitive to these taboo areas,” she said. “Some of these women come from a culture that doesn’t talk about” domestic violence.

She said the shelter is a better place for Muslim women, because so many Christian-based shelters require church attendance or frown on Islam.

“We’re different,” she said. “We get to know them. It’s like we’re helping a family member.”

And the shelter is more conducive to Islamic prayer.

Tonie is in the shelter with her son because of her ongoing health problems.

“It’s like being back in a two-parent family,” she said, because two mothers help each other with the children, share chores and cook and eat together as one family.

Mary Al-Khaldi is house mother for the women. She lives in a nearby apartment and is available day and night to assist them. She also enforces a curfew, granting exceptions for such things as outside work and Ramadan evening prayers.

“It’s great to be able to assist these ladies,” she said.

Al-Khaldi said she was raised in a Pentecostal home in Oklahoma and converted to Islam 25 years ago. Her older brother abused her mother and was killed by her younger brother.

She married an Iraqi she described as a radical Muslim. “It took me 10 years to figure that out,” she said.

“When he struck me when I was with child, I left him, but I didn’t leave Islam.”

Board member Allison Moore said women in the shelter are required to work or go to school, unless they have just had a baby, and to set aside money in a savings account to help them get back on their feet when they leave the shelter.

She said the foundation is raising money to buy a four- to six-unit apartment complex that will enable it to expand its services to families in need, including husbands.

The current shelter operates on a $46,000 annual budget, most of it from the Tulsa Muslim community.

Original Print Headline: Foundation shelters women of faith

28 thoughts on “JihadWatch turning good works into evil

  1. You’re totally right. You can’t win with these loons. Nothing a Muslim does is good enough. If a Muslim does something evil, then that’s Islam. If a Muslim does something good, that’s taqiyya. Catch-22 for the Muslim.

  2. Of course, honor killings and pouring acid on Muslims women’s faces, all committed by Muslim men in the name of Islam and honour are worthy feminist causes, right? We should have known that the abysmal treatment of Muslim women are only an aberration and not a true reflection of Muslims in general, right?

    • Just because a Muslim does something, doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily because of Islam. The sooner you realize this reality, the better.

    • You’re so dense. Is every act of domestic abuse committed in the West because of Christianity? Between 40-60% of women murdered in the United States are killed by their husbands or boyfriends. But let me guess… you don’t consider these murders honor killings.

    • This just in..

      Man battered ex-wife over Facebook taunts

      A man has been convicted of murdering his ex-wife after she taunted him on Facebook about paying child support.

      [The obviously Muslim – ed.] Adam Mann used a hammer to batter Lisa Beverley, 30, before slashing her neck with a knife, the Old Bailey was told.


      Miss Beverley was trying to get Mann to contribute towards raising their son, through the Child Support Agency (CSA).

      She told the CSA he had lied about being unemployed and he had subsequently been sent a letter demanding payments of about £400.

      The day before her death, Miss Beverley’s Facebook profile was updated to say: “Now whose laughing? U’ve got done big time by the CS, so now leave us alone for good, your son hates u and so do I.”


      Go ahead and condemn this honour killing, Marty. The guy was shamed by his wife on Facebook and killed her. If that’s not an “honour killing”, then I don’t know what is. I expect Spencer to write a full-scale article about this monster.

      On the other hand, he’s not a Muslim, so it doesn’t really matter, hm?

    • i think it’s kinda low to attack spelling issues. people make mistakes.

      but, i guess you’ve never made one. right, marty?

  3. Of course, honor killings and pouring acid on Muslims women’s faces, all committed by Muslim men in the name of Islam and honour are worthy feminist causes, right?

    Honour killings are not an Islamic invention, not encouraged by Islam but rather motivated by strict cultural or traditional thinking.

    There is no sanctioning in Islam for honour killings. None. Show me in the Qur’an and Hadith where any kind of killing of family members for “honour”. Show me in the Qur’an and Hadith where honour is associated with killing.

    In fact, islamophobic idiots haven’t heard of this:
    “The believers who show the most perfect faith are those who have the best character and the best of you are those who are best to their wives” – Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) (Narrated by Al-Tirmithi).

    Fun facts:
    Islam gives women the following rights:
    The right to live – Mohammed strictly forbade the pagan Arab practice of burying newborn girls out of shame that she would dishonour the family (What were we talking about a while ago?)
    The right to education“Seeking knowledge is obligatory for any Muslim and Muslimah” – Prophet Mohammed
    The right to inheritance – I believe this right wasn’t even available in the west until recently.
    The right to ownership – Under no circumstance may anyone take a woman’s money and belongings away from her.
    The right of choosing a husband and keeping her maiden name – Thus, a woman can preserve her identity
    The right of divorce
    The right of engaging in trade – Mohammed’s first wife, Khadijah, was a successful businesswoman, and he never prevented her from doing so

    And so on and so forth..

    So is “the abysmal treatment of Muslim women are only an aberration and not a true reflection of Muslims in general”? By all means it is. Islamophobes have a too narrow horizon to realize so. One cannot deny that some people commit some nasty crimes against women, but it flies in the face of true Islamic teachings. But hey, why split hairs?

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  5. I made this point at jihadwatch when discussing the Haiti earthwake and the contributions of Muslims (typically immediately derided and debased by jwatchers)

    Muslims help = evil Muslims
    Muslims dont help = evil Muslims

  6. want to say for the record I am not a jehadiest jehad means a struggle or to struggle we all struggle for some reason or another in life and those that don’t have to struggle is because they have other agendas or they have money to survive and live there are some of us that don’t have that luxury just because I do not agree with any man hitting striking mentally abusing Verbally abusing or emotionally abusing any 1 female male child no 1 should have to suffer the abuse from anyone whether it be for a man a female or a child and if that puts me on a list against somebody else’s believes then oh well so B it but I’m going to fight this with my name being on a so cold list of violence come on people I can give you a list of anyone that has known me since childhood yes I grew up having to fight to survive but that does not mean that I am I violent person against my country or anyone in it. so I don’t appreciate my name being put on the documentation i am not a fobic of any faith i am an AMERICAN USEING MY RIGHTS TO FREADOM OF SPEECH AND FAITH AS I CHOOSE if it be islam 1 day and something else the next it is my right i left the shelter they were helping ladies FROM ALL ALL ALL FAITHS NOT JUST ISLAM AND THERE WERE CHRISTIANS AS WELL AS MUSLIMS GETTING THE S— BEAT OUT OF THEM FROM MEN THAT DONT KNOW HOW TO BE VMEN SO IT WAS AN EXPERIANCE BUT NOT TO HAVE MY NAME PLASTARD WERE I HAD NO IDEA IT WAS THIS IS REDUNDENT AND NOT CALLD FOR ON MY SELF IF THERED ARE TERROIEST OUT THERE THEN DO IT TO THEM BUT I AM A WIFE MOTHER AND GRANDMOTHER AND AT NO TIME HAS A TERRIOEST B S STUPID LIFESTYLE EVER BEEN PART OF MY WORLD

    • never been a part of my life and never will be i detest any and all that go aginst GOD almightiy and my country if you dont like it here in the states go back where ever you come from very simpel do you terror crap in your own counry but i am stateing on the record i am not in any terroioest crap never have been and never will be


  8. As stated in the paper I did grow up in a loveing home with a mother that workd her life away to provide for 4 children as she and my father were divorced SHE WAS ABUSED BY MY OLDER BROTHER FOR YEARS when we were all young and do to his none stop drinking my dad left dont get me wrong i loved my parents more than life both of them but my mom strong as she was was no match for a 14 year old son and the rest of us younger the older took to beating and hitting our mother try as she did to help him or fight back nothing was never good enough and the police wow a slap on the hand and be a good boy and he was right back at the abuse again this went on for YEARS but he got away with it resulting in a terriabel accedent many years later where he was shot and killd and how can any one mourn this loss instead i thankd god my dear mom could have one day in peace but a year later we lost our mother and you have the nerve to put me on a jihad list really when nothing could be done to stop this demon i make a comment on faith and all the sudden im on this list thats sad but a wise AMERICAN P R E A C H E R SAID TO ME LET WHOM EVER WRITE OR SAY WHAT EVER THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD OVER THE UNIVERSE NO MATTER WHAT YOU CALL HIM GOD ALLAH JOHAVA HE IS THE RULLER AND JUDGE OF ALL GOOD AND EVIL AND I WOULD NOT WANT TO BE STANDING IN WHOM EVERS SHOES THAT JUDGED ME TO ADD MY NAME HERE see if you find the justice in this

    • To all that view this as the islamic socitey facebook of tulsa sees fit to delete each post i add i had hopd to avoide this but as my name has not been removed from this site as of yet and the so calld wanna be so calld good human over the facebook at the islamic socitey of tulsa without any nameing of names i left the trying to help at the shelter becasue none of the community wanted to stand with the ladies over the shelter trying to help ALL LADIES NOT JUST MUSLIMS in any issue not just domstic how ever the few familes i had a chance to know well were posted on the on the http://www.oscn.net web site fore the state of oklahoma courts and i could not handel the idea of any woman going thru abuse and the children if it be physical or mental to a child or a woman or man at times this is not the way to solve issues comming from my back ground that i grews up in i could not handel the idea of going back over and over into that inverment when there are places to go and get ur life togather and stay safe with ur children and stop letteing any man or female lay there hands on one another in anger and fighting yelling screaming so on and on then you have dysfunctional women children and men and this can lead to more than harm from experience it can lead to death is that what every one is wating on b 4 stoping the abusive actions of the abusers of the world if they be MUSLIM JEWS CHIRSTIANS ATHIEST IT IS ALL THE SAME u women out there news flash did u or do u know it is illigal to stay in a location where ur being abused with ur children and harming there minds and takeing a chance of the abuser to turn on them think about it really is it worth it thinking they will change they will not anyway any one of the ladies in the islamic socitey of tulsa thinking of marriage look hard at the web site http://www.oscn.net make sure ur wanna be to be partner is not listed there and if he is reserch every thing on his name dont go thru what other women have been made to go thru

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