Robert Spencer used to be a Communist

Robert Spencer, a Christian crusader who likes to cover his anti-Muslim fanaticism with a pretense to scholarship is fond of saying “Obama may be a Muslim,” and his buddy Pamela Geller often dubs Obama as a “Socialist” and “Communist.”

That’s why it is quite ironic to learn that Spencer himself in a previous incarnation used to be a Communist. In his younger days before he went zealous with Christianity Spencer was a devoted Communist,

Robert Spencer…[a] canny operative who likely has the inside track on the State Department’s Middle East affairs desk should the tea party win the White House in 2012, Spencer nonetheless offered that he had spent part of his youth working at Revolution Books, which is run by the Revolutionary Communist Party (and its cultish leader Bob Avakian), a hard-line Maoist group most sixties-style radicals, like, say, Bill Ayers, would consider beyond the pale.

Not only was Spencer a Commie but he was a hard core Communist, such that even the boogie monster known as Bill Ayers wouldn’t want to touch.

It is also another point of similarity between Spencer and his boss David Horowitz who used to be a Communist and now is a hardcore Conservative. Interestingly enough Spencer’s embrace of capitalism has been quite profitable, he is making six figures for his anti-Muslim work.

The article in the New York Magazine also reveals some other interesting if irrelevant tid-bits about Spencer, his father used to work for the Voice of America.

The following is the relevant portion relating to Spencer in the article, I suggest everyone read the whole thing by Mark Jacobson titled, Muhammad Comes to Manhattan:

Dhimmitude was the state to which Muslim caliphs reduced their “useful” but decidedly second-class subjects, those who had to be made to “feel themselves subdued” (the Koran, Sura 9:29), Robert Spencer told me as we dined in the T.G.I. Friday’s on the scenic lower level of Penn Station. A canny operative who likely has the inside track on the State Department’s Middle East affairs desk should the tea party win the White House in 2012, Spencer nonetheless offered that he had spent part of his youth working at Revolution Books, which is run by the Revolutionary Communist Party (and its cultish leader Bob Avakian), a hard-line Maoist group most sixties-style radicals, like, say, Bill Ayers, would consider beyond the pale. Spencer—whose father worked for the Voice of America during the Cold War—contended that terror, the threat of the A-bomb in the burka, while worth worrying about, was “just one tactic” in Islam’s clash with the U.S. What was afoot was a more insidious thing, a burrowing infiltration of the enemy.

“Muslims are the first immigrant group that has ever come to this country with a ready-made model of society and government they believe to be superior to what we have here,” Spencer told me. The thinking was clear to anyone who took the trouble to study the plan, the blogger and author of Stealth Jihad contended. “Muhammad said, ‘When you meet the unbelievers, invite them to accept Islam; if they refuse, offer them the dhimma—second-class status—and, if they refuse that, go to war with them.’ That’s it. Conversion, subjugation, or war. Three steps. Conversion, subjugation, or war … That’s what Muhammad said. And in chapter 33, verse 21 of the Koran, it says Muhammad is the excellent example for the Muslim, you ask any Muslim and they’ll tell you that: That is nonnegotiable, what Muhammad said goes, and that’s not some hijacker extremist Islam, that’s mainstream … This is how it is, you don’t need a bomb. I don’t think Feisal is ever going to blow anything up, because that’s not his game; his game is a societal, cultural penetration … ”

After that, Spencer peered up from his plate of Caribbean chicken and bid me to look around the T.G.I. Friday’s. “Remember this moment and this spot,” he said. “Because the freedoms we enjoy are in danger. You might not know it now, because it is just beginning. But 25 or 30 years from now you’re going to think of this place and say to yourself, Spencer was right.

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  1. Revealing. Radicals like him see the world as one huge conspiracy where there are two opposing sides that need to fight it out. He saw the world as communist vs. non-communist. Now he sees it as Islam vs. West. It’s a dangerous delusion. I don’t think the shift from ultraleft to ultraright is that huge with regard to Islam and the clash of civilizations theory.

  2. “But 25 or 30 years from now you’re going to think of this place and say to yourself, Spencer was right.”

    In 25 or 30 years I’ll say Spencer is a nutjob. And I’ll keep on saying it till the day I die. He is a little man who needs to make up for his height by clinging to “big” radical ideologies.

  3. This certainly explains Spencer’s collectivist approach to things, and of course, the answer to collectivism is individualism.

  4. I KNEW IT!!! Seriously who is funding Spencer and Geller? A Communist scholar who studied Islamic studies at University and yet suddenly became a leader in the Anti-Jihadist.

    We need to start following the money, where the hell did him and Geller come from? Who is sponsoring them for their Unconstitutional antics.

    Geller is a writer for Arutz Sheva (Hebrew: ערוץ שבע‎) (Channel Seven) “is an Israeli media network identifying with Religious Zionism”.
    From Wikipedia.

    Pamela also worked on the Daily News, run by Mortimer Zuckerman. “Zuckerman is also an active supporter of Israeli and international Jewish causes.” Wikipedia

    So basically Geller is a leading Zionist, promoting the cause of Israel over the USA. Where does her alleigance lie? To Israel of the USA?

    Isn’t it illegal for a US citizen to work for foreign governments in a way that undermines US foreign policy and domestic policy?

    Geller is against the 1st Amendment, ie freedom of religion, she is clearly financed by the Israeli lobby as expressed in the facts which Wikipedia have posted.

    So how does Spencer fit into all of this?

    This info was collected by me in a few minutes, her ties to radical Zionism, an idealogical at odds with Americanism and the US Constitution are, to be it quite frankly, very disturbing.

    How much more can we uncover regarding their backers and foreign financiers.

    • People should also check out your article regarding Muslim Americans and their responsibility to obey U.S. laws. (

      Because Spencer remarks that immigrant Muslims are a threat because they have a “ready-made” model of society. By saying this, he implies that immigrant Muslims have a religious duty to nefariously subvert and overthrow the societies they inhabit. Of course, as you make clear, religious scholars have stated that “those who enter non-Muslim countries have to adhere to their respective laws and regulations …”

      Worth a read for all you curious folk.

  5. Spencer’s hypocrisy should come as no surprise, although there is nothing wrong with being a communist. I’m a Marxist myself.

  6. The deeper this conspiracy goes the more times we will see Israel’s name all over it. Much of this scholar rubbish is a cover – much like his false idea of taqiyya – and this is just another way to humiliate Islam in revenge for his family’s expulsion from Turkey.

  7. Anyone seen that movie “PLANET 51” Anyone think Spencer reminds you of Professor Kipple the “alien expert” who knows who is brainwashed by aliens and can under stand the alien lang “bar code on a candy bar”

  8. When exposing the vile, racist grub, Robert Spencer, please be more accurate about his religious adherence.

    Depicting a grotesque bigot like Spencer as a “Christian” is employing the demagogic tactics of Spencer and his bug-eyed, lunatic sidekick Pamela Geller, who falsely portray nasty exponents of Islam as representative of every Muslim.

    Spencer is in fact a crusading Catholic, Right wing Islamophobe and neo-con funded fanatic.

    Spencer is a tool; a paid-for bigot, secretly salaried by arch- slime merchant of the Jewish neo-con, neo-fascist Right, David Horowitz.

  9. I am damn sure about spinster (spencer) losing sleep coz of this website and about losing his audience ,though his bigoted,racist and hypocrite audience remains with him,he’s sure gonna loose the new ones..

  10. If Spencer was a Communist, he eventually say the light and realized his stupid Communism is. Also, Communists are among the largest supporters of radical Islam.

    • Rocky
      Nothing reveals your ignorance more than that last statement.
      Since when have communists being the biggest supporters of radical islam?
      Try reading about the wars in Afganistan and the caucuses.

    • Rocky Lore (like Spencer) doesn’t know his history.

      -Soviet invasion of Afghanistan
      -Communists in Albania and the USSR try to dimish the influence of Islam
      -Forced relocation of Crimean Tartar Muslims by USSR
      -Chechens rebel (more than once)

      Muslims probably have lost more of their people to Communist governments than the US!

  11. I agree that there is nothing wrong with being a Communist. However, I just find it ironic that Spencer and his Conservative cohorts rail against Communism and paint their enemies as Communists (when in fact many aren’t) but at one point in their lives were Communists themselves.

  12. Ironic, the new Joseph McCarthy used to be a commy. Also, on his hate site, he posts only part of the article. Conveniently leaving out parts that reveal his Communist past and paranoid present!

    • Talking of McCarthyism, did you know that Samuel Dickstein, head of the predecessor to the House Un-American Activities Committee, was himself a paid Soviet spy?

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  14. “I agree that there is nothing wrong with being a Communist. ”

    Apart from the fact that Stalin committed mass genocide of millions of his own people, hundreds of thousands of German civilians, the brutal invasion of Eastern Europe including the invasion of Czechoslovakia, Poland etc. Oh there;s nothing wrong with that huh????

    You freaking serious?

    • Communism is a socio-economic political system of communal ownership of all property (i.e. no private ownership). That may sound good to some people, but it hasn’t had a good track record in practice, since it’s so open to abuse. At the other end of the spectrum, we have Capitalism, which may sound good to some people, but also has its possibilities for abuse. Capitalism on the downside is Corporatism (i.e. fascism).

  15. My goodness..Robert Spencer is one ugly fella. It doesn’t help having his faced glued on every square inch of this website.

  16. Hey, glad someone has done this. Robert is an affront to academia and the very values he claims to defend. I mean the flaws, double standards, deception and hypocrisy in what he says are so easy to see and his argument so easy to defeat, which is why he relies so heavily on BUZZ words and CHARACTER ASSASSINATION. And also when he goes on FOX News their very selective about who he goes up against and even then the presenter usually sides with Spencer and it becomes like two bullies in the playground teasing the kid that cant speak English to well. Would love to see him go against Tariq Ramadan, Dr Zakir Naik etc and get destroyed. Another thing he does is he goes up against those passive ” Islam means peace” kinda people, then all he has to do is show one violent verse out of the Quran and his won, like, would love to see him go against someone who explains it properly both theologically and in historically and modern practice. Does piss me off when I hear him say things and I think of an answer and hope the guy his debating will say it instead the guy comes up with a defensive avoiding the question statement which then give Spencer the victory. But, I have written many emails to him and he usually answers with insults, my emails are usually respectful and just go along the line of hey “u said this” “but, what about that” etc and I try to argue a post he will blog with reason, logic and fact and usually he responds with insults. Yet, when he receives vile, inarticulate emails from some guy in Timbuktu then he will put it on his blog as an example of uneducated email.

  17. To say that communists are alligned with “radical” Islamists is a misnomer. It is only a cheap, slanderious talking-point that the (former-Trotskyite) neo-conservatives spout out to further de-legitimize their enemies. Think about it, the typical Joe 6-Pack American hates both communists and Muslims, so what better way to cultivate for hatred than to combine two things that average/below-average man despises?

    Communists and Islam have been heavily at odds for the longest, perhaps moreso than West and Communism from 1945-1991 and the West vs Islam from 2001-present (and the animosity towards Islam after the 9/11 incident is not even authentic.

    Look around the world, Muslims and Marxist/Leftist forces have always been face-to-face. In the Balkans, some of the Albanians and Bosnians formed the Skanderbeg divisions, with the help of the Grand (with the help of the Axis powers) to fight against communists within Yugoslavia.

    The Afghan war is pretty evident, the political strife between the pro-US Shah, the pro-Soviet leftists and Khomeini’s men in Iran is another example.

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