Robert Spencer and the FBI

Robert Spencer loves to flaunt and name drop his speeches to “officaldom,” it serves to legitimize his anti-Islam/anti-Muslim crusade. However, as we have copiously catalogued on our website, the chorus of those speaking out and exposing Spencer is growing larger every day. They include Conservatives as well as Liberals, from various groups across the nation.

Spencer used to regularly write on his blog about speaking in front of this security group or that security group. The truth is that those requests for Spencer’s speeches have decreased over the years, especially under the Obama administration (another reason for  the hate he and his buddy Pamela Geller direct towards Obama).

The fact that the FBI has erred so terribly in giving a voice to a bigot such as Spencer does not in the least legitimize Spencer as a trusted, objective or authoritative voice on Islam, terrorism or American Muslims. It just means that it has taken the FBI longer to realize what everyone is realizing, Spencer is a fraud, a Crusading (to use Andrew Sullivan’s term) Christianist bigot who sees Islam as the competition that must be eliminated.

It is only a matter of time before the FBI realizes that inviting Spencer to speak on Islam is akin to inviting David Duke to speak on the holocaust or a member of the KKK to speak about race relations in America. It just doesn’t make any sense.

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  1. This guy was given speaking engagements to the FBI about Islam? Wow. That’s like giving Hitler speaking engagements to talk about Jews and Judaism, or Meir Kahane the same opportunity to talk about Arabs.

  2. One thing I am not certain about Robert Spencer. Is he really a right wing hypocrite fascist Nazi or is he really just a clever con man who found a market after 9/11 that wanted to blame anyone other than their own country, that wanted a bad guy to point their fingers at, but wanted it to justified and rationalized so then comes Robert who twists a and cons them, rights books and finally achieves financial, social, and esteem success. I mean come-on he claimed he studied about Islam in the mid 80s and if he found it to be what he says it is then would he not of said anything before, considering the USA backed the Islamic Mujahideen against the Soviets, considering they backed the ”Wahabi” Saudis against nationalist Saddam, considering 1994 world trade bombing, and 1998 US colt attack, would he not of said something back then if he really believed the bile he now spews?

    • But during his early years, whilst studying Islam Spencer was a Communist, read loonwatch they have the full details there.

      I truly believe that Spencer and Geller are plants, designed to create social problems within the USA. “Divided we fall”, one of the goals of Communism. Geller and Spencer are not working for the betterment of the USA and could well be paid agents working for a foreign country such as Israel or an international secret organization.

    • Those people who take him seriously are as demented as he are, they were probably already closet-Islamophobes before Spencer even burst into the scene.

  3. You guys are all quick to scream religions intolerance when just one mosque is refused permission to be built but where is the tolerance from Muslims. There are already 200 mosques in New York and you scream religion intolerance when ONE is disputed. Do you think Saudi Arabia or Iran will allow 200 Catholic churches to be built in their cities?

    • Let’s see. First you missed the fact that community centers are not mosques. After that you wrongly believe that said not-mosque has been refused permission. Then you conveniently overlook the oppositions to mosques in Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Staten Island. Finally you made the obligatory irrelevant argument of declared-Muslim-countries-Saudi-Arabia-and-Iran-won’t-allow-churches-so-why-should-declared-free-country-America-allow-mosques, completely ignoring the fact that there are plenty of churches in Iran while you did. Oh, and you also missed the entire point of this article.

      You fail.

    • Marty, you ever hear about the 1st Amendment? Freedom of Religion.

      As for the fact that no churches are built in Saudi Arabia, you want to follow their example and not allow mosques in the USA?

      What kind of an argument is that?

      2 wrongs do not make a right.

      This is America, the land of freedom, remember that please.

    • Why should Saudi Arabia allow churches when there are no native Christians in the country? And why should New York stop the construction of Park51, a community centre (not a “mosque”) for Muslims, when there are literally thousands of Muslims in the city?

  4. Salam,
    Why must we constantly make David Duke out to be some kind of sinister character when he has never said word one against Islam? As a matter of fact he’s done just the opposite and tried to make White Americans see that Islam is not the real enemy of Jesus. Spencer and Geller are nothing but stooges of a certain little political entity in the Middle East that lies between Egypt and Jordan. That much is clear.

  5. “Christianist bigot”

    I don’t think he’s even that.

    I seem to recall reading in his (now edited) Wiki entry how he had a degree on Catholic studies or something like that, right? Not sure how lucrative is that field, but I doubt he would make hundreds of thousands of dollars working in it. But Islam-bashing? Oh, let the greens roll! And since Islam-bashing is not, you know, an academic discipline, he can instantly be recognized as an “authority” by those who think like him.

    I don’t think he’s crazy (like Geller) or bitter and evil (like Schlussel) he just likes the money.

  6. @Marty..For this reason we dont call Iran or saudi a proper islamic state..during the times of prophet muhammed and the caliphs there was religious freedom …in fact there is an instance where even prophet muhammed paid for a church restoration ..if you read Prophet’s muhammed’s letter to the Monks of St. Catherine Monastery and to The Assyrian Christians ,you will know how tolerant the prophet was with christians …And by the way isn’t it unamerican to defy the american constitution which grants religious freedom to all ??The saudi and iran government who claim their constitution is based on quran have missed a very important point when they don’t allow churches to be build there…BTW why do you want america to copy saudi and iran?

  7. The FBI is not taking too long to “realize” Spencer’s a racist. The FBI has its own long history of racism. J. Edgar Hoover was a foaming bigot, and he shaped that institution through and through.

  8. The aticle above is from Politico, here is the link

    Latest mosque issue: The money trail
    By: Kenneth P. Vogel and Giovanni Russonello

    The Park51 money trail – Laura Rozen: The Park51 money trailSeptember 04, 2010

    Laura Rozen also at Politico, has this dynamite material with links to follow, seems like Spencer’s sugar daddy has been exposed, its a guy called Chernick,

    and Richard Silversteins excellent follow up,

    Chernick Funds Horowitz-Spencer Attacks on Park51 Mosque

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