Friends of Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller: The Far Right Sweden Democrats

Charles Johnson of LGF has a good post on the direct links between the recently victorious “Sweden Democracts” and Pamela Geller/Robert Spencer. This is more proof of the diabolical alignment between American Islamophobes and xenophobic, racist, anti-Muslim hate parties such as the Sweden Democrats.

Friends of Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller

One of the European allies of American anti-Muslim demagogues Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer is a political party called the “Sweden Democrats” — a party with roots inoutright Nazism.

Last week a Sweden Democrats politician was forced to quit after posting an ugly racist rant at his blog, claiming thatAfricans have ‘rape genes’.

politician has quit a far right party in Sweden after his blog, in which he claimed black Africans are genetically predisposed towards rape, caused outrage across the country. Per T K Wahlberg of the Sweden Democrats party has been forced to stand down from his position after claiming that people of African descent have been raping women and children for centuries.

Wahlberg currently holds 26th place on the party’s list for municipal election in Landskrona, southern Sweden. At the last elections in 2006, the Sweden Democrats, who are attempting to distance themselves from open racism, claimed 11 seats in the area.

In his blog entitled “Landskronabackspege”, meaning Landskrona rear view mirror, 76-year-old retiree Wahlberg wrote about what he sees as the “genetic characteristics” of black Africans.

“For many thousands of years, the Negro could chill out in the heat, eat some bananas, rape some passing woman or child, fight with other negro males and eat them up, play the drums a little, run around a bit, catch an antelope, eat a few bananas, f**k a bit, get drunk on fermented fruits or herbs, and so on. This has been going on for millennia without any evolutionary pressure in the form of environmental factors forcing the Negro to develop in another direction,” the blog read.

Speaking to The Local on Friday, Wahlberg refused to completely distance himself from the controversy and said the “ironically” written quotes were taken from Sweden’s provocative political and media forum Flashback. “You could say that some parts have some truth to them. But generally speaking it is written with irony,” he said.

However, in an earlier interview with local paper Helsingborgs Dagblad, Wahlberg insisted, “I think that it was quite an accurate description. If we look at history, then humanity began in Africa once upon a time, and then there were some who emigrated to Europe and Asia. But at what level are they now? Not much has happened over these thousands of years.”

Wahlberg claims that the Sweden Democrats have never been critical about his blog, which also contains posts which are disparaging towards Muslims. He has, however, since left the party in the wake of increased attention from the country’s mainstream media.

12 thoughts on “Friends of Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller: The Far Right Sweden Democrats

  1. They’re racists, but they’re clever racists, in that they won’t outright attack everyone else besides their counterparts. They’ll always demonize, dehumanize and stigmatize one particular group of people they wish to jointly target for elimination above all others (right now, it’s Muslims). If they ever succeed, they’ll move onto some other group of people, and then proceed with the same tactic, until, eventually, no one is left besides those who look and think like them.

    • I’ll oppose Islamofascism no matter if it is practiced by a bearded Arab or a pale faced Norwegian white guy. Fascism s fascism, and it must be opposed by anyone who values freedom.

      Muslims and their PC leftist allies want to make this a racial issue because the race card is all you really have to cling to. The evidence is overwhelming that Islam is a violent religion and Muslims are using their religious beliefs to commit violence.

      • Defending freedom by supporting a political party that seeks to demonize Muslims/take away the rights of Muslims?

        Makes no sense if you ask me.

      • Good for you buddy, good for you. Here’s a box of cookies, and give yourself a pat on the back for opposing Islamofascism; whatever the hell that is.

      • Ahni,

        If you want to oppose something that doesn’t exist, you’re more than welcome to do so, as long as you don’t try and drag others into your little fantasy without their willing consent.

        Racism does exist, and unsupported comments about particular ethnicities, collectively, are, by definition “racist”. The comments by Per T K Wahlberg about blacks are therefore “racist”, and if that’s truly what he believes, then he himself is a “racist”.

        Furthermore, there is no solid evidence that Islam is a “violent religion”, and Muslims don’t need to pull any “race card” when responding to such claims, only the the facts, which alone are enough to refute the notion that Islam is a “violent religion”.

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