What the “Police Blotter Scholar” Didn’t Tell You…

Police Blotter Scholar” Robert Spencer is always on top of the “Muslim Problem,” to quote Fox News host Bill O’Reilly. Robert Spencer is always on top of telling us what is going wrong within the Muslim community, keeping us up to date on all of the criminal activity within the Muslim community, just like a…police blotter!

One of his latest entries on the blotter is the disturbing story about the naturalized American citizen who was arrested for an alleged plot to attack the nation’s second busiest subway system. Spencer introduces his post thus:

At least one accomplice — he may have had more. So many Misunderstanders of Islam! Why is the Muslim community worldwide such an abysmal failure at communicating the peaceful nature of its religion to its own people?

Funny guy that Spencer, eh? What “Scholar” Robert Spencer did not mention, to no surprise, was that the tip that led the FBI to survey this wacko and monitor his every move, eventually leading to his arrest, came from within the Muslim community itself:

The tip that led to the FBI’s subway bombing sting came from a source in the Muslim community…

So, it was the Muslim community which helped lead the FBI to the alleged subway attacker, the so-called (by Spencer) “D.C. jihadist.” Isn’t that interesting? In fact, the same holds true for the five men from Virginia who were arrested in Pakistan for plotting terrorist attacks. It was their own families who alerted authorities:

The story of the five men became public when the council got their families in touch with the FBI after they left the United States shortly after Thanksgiving without telling their parents. That triggered an international missing persons case. The men were arrested Dec. 8 at the home of Chaudhry’s father, Khalid Farooq Chaudhry, and the terror allegations began immediately.

Now, Spencer asked: “Why is the Muslim community worldwide such an abysmal failure at communicating the peaceful nature of its religion to its own people?”

Clearly, the “scholar” has no idea what he is talking about, because, by turning in one of its own who chose the path of religiously motivated criminality, the Muslim community communicated loudly and clearly to the rest of the world that it is indeed a peaceful, loyal community dedicated to the security of its homeland.

But, of course, “Scholar” Robert Spencer won’t tell you that.

28 thoughts on “What the “Police Blotter Scholar” Didn’t Tell You…

  1. Again thank you for this this, Spencerwatch.com founders.

    You guys (n gals) are worth your weight in gold. This website provides a very valuable service.

    It’s so ironical that Spencer complains about Muslims, yet American Muslims are one of the more successful and fruitful communities in the USA though they are relatively new. They contribute much good to the the US as a country in many ways, including charitable acts and contributions and all this liar can bring up are half lies, untruths, plain lies and white lies and lies by omission.

    I’d love to know how he spins this!

      • Yeah, mentioning bad apples to smear a quarter of the world’s population, all the while downplaying the honest majority (more like trying to cancel it out entirely with a couple of bad cases amirite?) really doesn’t make you bigotted Ahni.

      • Always with the absurd generalizations, Ahni?

        You know your whole case would fall apart the second you had to list these incidents and its knowing participants individually, instead of collectively. There simply aren’t enough alleged incidents to justify a generalization like that.

        • Lol. He apparently thinks 2 incidents are enough. What a douche. I honestly can’t believe that he scoffs at being called a bigot.

          • Spenceristas (such as Ahni) seem to follow Spencer’s example perfectly, using all the same dishonest tactics that Spencer uses. By doing so, they are either all in on Spencer’s game, or are all in fact Spencer himself.

          • Yeah, I know. They’re like little Spencer clones. Ahni’s like a small teaser to the idiocy produced by Spencer. One glance at the comment sections in his articles are enough to make me hurl.

  2. i think we should make a super hero called SPENCERMAN, and have his super power be “the voice that misleads the masses”
    keep up the good work..

    • He actually had/has a fan comic with Spenserman, it was really really crap and cringeworthy to read (plus the non existent plot) but all the comments were ‘lol lol I wet myself laughing’… quite pathetic, your idea is way better 😀

  3. It seems you have a bit of a fascination with Spencer – almost like a school-girl crush.

    I just hope you don’t take this obsession too far and leave five dead squirrels on the trunk of Spencer’s car thinking he’ll be flattered.

    • Speaking of rotting rodents…what’s your opinion of Spencer? Or have you been too busy defending his every word and deed to make up your mind, eh JihadBob?

    • Seems like Spencer has a bit of fascination with Muslims. I hope he doesn’t take it too far and write un-scholarly books about them. Oh, wait…

    • I guess that’s it then. The Spenceristas can’t spencer Spencer out of this one, so they have to go into ad hominem mode.

      But then, if us focusing on Spencer’s blunders amounts to “fascination”, “almost like a school-girl crush”, then what does that say about Spencer’s fascination with Muslims and Islam? How he talks about Muslims and Islam incessantly, with so much enthusiasm, passion and conviction.

      Perhaps then, it is Spencer, who is obsessively in love with Muslims and Islam “almost like a school-girl crush”?

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