Robert Spencer’s “Fuzzy Math”

No Muslim can do any good for “Police Blotter Scholar” Robert Spencer. During the Hajj, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, the top cleric there, gave a sermon to the 2.5 million pilgrims declaring that there is no room for terrorism and extremism in Islam:

Saudi Arabia’s top cleric, Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Sheikh, called on worshippers in a midday sermon to espouse moderation and said Islam would survive what he described as attempts to defame the faith.

Delivering the Haj sermon at Namira Mosque at Mount Arafat, he said Allah Almighty endowed us with hosts of blessings and boons; guidance of Islam is one of them, adding Islam is not a theoretical religion; instead, it is a practicable code of conduct.

Al Sheikh said Islam is based on justice and equity, which admits of no terrorism, extremis [sic] and injustice.

This is big news. The top cleric in Saudi Arabia told millions of Muslim pilgrims that their religion has no place for terrorism and extremism. It should put to rest the claims of those who say, “Where are the Muslim condemnations against terrorism?” If you care to look, they are everywhere.

But, for the “Police Blotter Scholar,” that is not enough. No. He chooses to focus on the chants of a small number of pilgrims – from among 2.5 million – to negate the powerful message of the sermon:

Chants reported here. It is doubtful that anyone there noticed any contradiction. When Sheikh Abdul Aziz al Sheikh began condemning terrorism and extremism, most of his hearers probably thought he was referring to the actions of America and Israel.

No, Spencie. He was not referring to “America and Israel,” but terrorism in general. That was quite clear. But, for Spencer, the wrong-headed chants of a few pilgrims > (“is greater than”) the sermon of the top Saudi cleric denouncing terror in the name of Islam during a most holy time and a most holy place. The actions of a few misguided Muslims represents the whole. This is Spencer’s “fuzzy math.”

And they call him a “Scholar”…

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  1. I’m not sure about how to send tips to this site, but I seriously think you guys should check out Spencer’s guilt-by-association article trying to defame this site, by using one of Mosizzle’s comment out of context. When Mosizzle first mentioned it, I thought it was just a few comments on his site….but imagine my surprise when I found out that Spencer actually dedicated an entire article to it, calling Spencerwatch a “hate site” lol.

    • Wow, whoever wrote that article must be extremley desperate. What an epic fail of an article. Thank you cynic for pointing it out it really captures the foolishness of the people writing for jihadwatch.

      At the bottom of their comments section of the article in question it reads – “NOTE: The Comments section is provided in the interests of free speech only. It is mostly unmoderated, but comments that are off topic, offensive, slanderous, or otherwise annoying stand a chance of being deleted. The fact that any comment remains on the site IN NO WAY constitutes an endorsement by Jihad Watch, or by Robert Spencer or any other Jihad Watch writer, of any view expressed, fact alleged, or link provided in that comment.”

      The Author of the article needs to seriously ask himself weather it is fair to hold this site responsible for the comments people visiting this site leave behind. I have found extremly abusive and insulting comments left behind by visitors on Jihadwatch as well, more importantly I have found much greater hate spouted out by non-other then Spencer himself. While we can not hold Robert responsible for the hatefull comments his fans leave behind, we can hold Spencie responsible for his own speech. People in glass houses really shouldn’t throw stones. Jihadwatch should focus on refuting the main articles presented by the person running this site.


    • LOL if Robert Spencer can bash this site for a ONE comment, imagine how much we could bash his site for all the comments?

      “SaleemSmith | November 17, 2010 3:18 PM | Reply
      Muhammad was an insane goat and camel f**ker.

      Who then went on to become a murderer,

      A rapist,

      And a child molester.

      Many of Moh-dumbf**k-hammerheads sheep are perpetually lost…

      They cannot and will not be “saved”…

      So don’t waste your valuable time and effort trying to do so…

      YOU MUSLIMS really are ****ing pathetic…


      “undaunted | November 19, 2010 10:30 AM | Reply
      Every single one of these dirt-bags needs to be proned out in the dirt and given a full body cavity search every time they get within 300′ of any vehicle larger than a Tonka truck.”

      ” Dalaran | November 19, 2010 8:06 AM | Reply
      This is why all Muslims should be considered enemy soldiers, right from birth.

      Be nice to Muslims? I’d sooner french-kiss a Murloc.”

      This is the title of Spencer’s article:

      Islamic hate site says Spencer is like a “cancer” that must be “cut out”]

      Thats wrong because first off, there’s no proof this is an Islamic site. Second off, a COMMENTATOR posted it, not an author of the site. If we made an article based off of Spencer’s, the title could be:

      Jihad Watch says “YOU MUSLIMS really are ****ing pathetic…”

      When of course it wasn’t Jihad Watch that said this, but a reader, and Robert Spencer, having a little more intellect than these fools, would never say such a thing because he would lose his credebility.

      • Another thought: it’s absolutely retarded to call this or loonwatch a hate site. True, sometimes it can be biased towards republicans.. But that’s the farthest it goes.. I challenge Ahni, JihadBob etc. to link to a hateful article on loonwatch.

          • Ya.. The readers and Spencer himself have gotten way too far on this article, im actually pissed about it (Ahni will say it’s because we bastard Muslims are being exposed). I mean seriously? A self taught “scholar” and his anonymous commentators wanted condemnation of Terrorism? From someone really high up there? You got it, and now they try to discredit it by saying there were Muslims chanting in opposition?? This is the GRAN MUFTI we’re talking about!! He’s much more knowledgable then Osama bin Laden or any other terrorist, and ESPECIALLY Robert Spencer.

            Spencer should be discredited as soon as possible, and by that I mean we should get a hired knife between his ribs (sarcasm).

          • Not only that, but at LEAST 2.5 million Muslimswatched this, not counting those who watched it on TV. And the sermon was of course on loudspeaker. I doubt 90% of the other Muslims even heard the chanting.

  2. The ultimate irony being that he has still not actually dealt with any of the articles on the site whatsoever, yet somehow chooses to focus on one piddly comment, once again taken out of context. 😀

    • The analogy between Islam and cancer has been used many times by Islamophobes who say we should ‘cut Islam out’ etc.
      I didn’t do anything wrong. Of course the way he’s cut and pasted it onto the site makes me look evil but in it’s really just implying that we must refute Spencer’s lies now before he become more influential like if he gets into the White House.

      That’s where you’ll find the original comment. Note how scared Spencer is that he doesn’t even give a link to the site, in case his readers learn the truth.

  3. Spencer’s pathetic attempt to discredit Loonwatch is a testament to Loonwatch’s effectiveness. If anyone bothers to check the context of Mossizle’s quote, they’ll know exactly how increasingly desperate (and dishonest) Spencer is getting. Although…unfortunately none of the commentators at Jihadwatch seem to know which site the quote was from and Spencer was too scared to mention it—another testament to Loonwatch’s effectiveness.

    • I think it’s all really amusing. I mean, that article is just proof that Spencer reads this website regularly, enough to be up-to-date with all of the comments posted on it. And it’s just so rich that he used the first comment that he can twist into a “death threat”, to try and discredit this site using guilt-by-association. I think it shows quite aptly how bothered he is by this site exposing his “faulty logic”, and rhetoric.

      I also noticed that he used a tactic that his minion Ahni likes to use quite often. That is, to pronounce a logical fallacy or error…without ever proving it to try and discredit an article (or in Spencer’s case; the entire site). It’s quite juvenile, but I can’t say I’m surprised that Spencer pathetically tries to brush off the site that has him scouring feverishly for comments (which he quotes out of context *gasp!* no less) to try and smear it. Meh, it’s classic Spencer I’d say.

  4. Once again, Spencer is upset that Muslims speak out against terrorism. He’d rather have some random pilgrims protesting against Israel’s 40+ years military occupation represent the “norm” instead of the sermon of the Grand Mufti. What a goon.

    And yes, the fact that he mentions an “Islamic hate site” with alleged “errors of fact and logic” shows he is very threatened by this site exposing his bigoted enterprise and he cannot even deal with a single fact brought forth here. Go Loonwatch! 😛

    • Thats right Justin..Even i saw in the comments section that one of the guys was talking about how evil this website is ,without even taking the name.It is so obvious that he is trying to hide the name from his readers and i am sure he will try his best to avoid taking the name in the future as well.But maybe someday, out of frustation he might mention

  5. Maybe loonwatch should put an ad on David Horowitz’ Front Page Magazine where Spencer writes as well. When he sends his readers there to read his latest article they can see the ad.

  6. Guess who?!

    Sheikh Abdur-Rahman Al-Sudais: The worst … of the enemies of Islam are those… whom he… made monkeys and pigs, the aggressive Jews and oppressive Zionists and those that follow them: the callers of the trinity and the cross worshippers… those influenced by the rottenness of their ideas, and the poison of their cultures the followers of secularism… How can we talk sweetly when the Hindus and the idol worshippers indulge in their overwhelming hatred against our brothers… in Muslim Kashmir…

    He’s a moderate Muslim. That’s what the Useful Idiots over at Spencerwatch told me to believe.

    • Hmmm…now why would a Muslim be mad at powers occupying Palestine and Kashmir?

      The pressing questions of our time…

      Note that unlike the Rabbi you defended back in the day, he doesn’t call for a plague upon his enemies. Rather, he condemned terrorism not too long ago.

      Just goes to show that you can’t win with Islamophobes.

    • Do also note that Sheikh Sudais is not a Muslim Pope, he is appointed by the Saudi Regime, and unlike the Pope, is fallible and does not speak for the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims.

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