Sacramento: Sikh Cabbie Severely Beaten Screamed “I am not Muslim”

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Robert Spencer likes to say, “Islamophobia? What Islamophobia?”

Here you go Bob,

Robbery or Hate Crime? Sacramento Cabbie Severely Beaten


Ben Deci

Sacramento cab driver Harbhajan Singh is recovering from severe injuries he received at the hands of two men he drove into West Sacramento early this morning.

56-year-old Singh believes the men intended to kill him, but he was able to get away.

In a press release, West Sacramento Police say “two of the subjects began assaulting the victim and demanded money.” But Singh says that his money wasn’t what provoked the attack. He says it was his turban.

“After he gets the money,” Singh said of one of his attackers, “he’s still fighting. He says ‘I’ll kill you.’ I say, ‘I’m not Muslim. Please.'”

Singh has several stitches on his head and other parts of his body, bone chips in his nose, and bruising along his rib cage.

He says he picked-up the near fatal fare at Harlow’s in Midtown Sacramento Sunday morning. He says there were two men and two women. They first told him they were headed toward Broadway in Sacramento, but later had him drive into a dark West Sacramento neighborhood.

That’s when, according to  Singh, the two men exploded into violence. One shouted expletives and called him Osama Bin Laden.

Singh wears a turban because he is Sikh.

“It’s part of the religion,” said Resham Singh, a coworker of Harbhajan’s. “So we don’t know how to show the community we are different people. We are nice people. We are not joined with bad people.”

During the violent beating, one of the female passengers put her body between Singh and his attackers.

“She was very nice. She said ‘why you fight him? You’ll go to jail.’ But he did not listen,” Harbhajan Singh said.

Still, Singh was able to use the distraction to get away.

“God help me, I put the car into drive from park… and raced away,” Singh said.

He wound-up in a West Sacramento apartment complex where, still bleeding and with one eye swollen shut, he banged on doors until he found someone to call 9-1-1.

Singh was taken to the hospital. His attackers, and the woman who defended him, disappeared.

11 thoughts on “Sacramento: Sikh Cabbie Severely Beaten Screamed “I am not Muslim”

  1. Too bad.

    Don’t worry too much about it guys, let me cheer you up. Jews are targeted in hate crimes far more often. There, did that put a smile on your face? Allah is pleased.

    • He’s back!

      Moharebeh | November 17, 2010 10:21 PM | Reply

      I know exactly what site that came from. I’ve gone there a few times to point out their hypocrisy and lies, but they are obviously a bunch of taqiyya-spraying Muslims who are only concerned with how infidels define their precious religion. It’s funny how they don’t seem to mind Islamic terrorists defining their religion…

      Anhi (or Moharebeh), my dense friend, please read the article. You’ve been making the same groundless accusations ever since you’ve started commenting here, notwithstanding what we taqiyya-spraying Mooslims have said.

    • Typical Ahni. Doesn’t give a damn that a poor Sikh man has been severely beaten by his “civilised” fellow countrymen and instead proceeds to attack Islam.

      And do tell Ahni, why are Jews attacked so often in America? I thought America was all about religious freedom and whatnot.

        • Spoken like a true ignorant. I still can’t believe you object to being called a bigot when all you ever do is twist and lie about the Qur’an and Muslims, in order to demonize them.

        • Ha! Tell that to the many Muslims who live side by side with Jews not only in the west but also in their native communities. Jews live happily in countries like Iran and Turkey. If what you say is true, they would all be dead or they would have fled to Israel.

          Instead, they are quite happy living with Mooslims.

          • Jews live happily in countries like Iran and Turkey

            Sure they do. I’m sure they are well protected by their Muslim overlords as long as they pay the jizya with willing submission.

            The leader of Hizbollah has stated that he wants all the Jews to gather in Israel so that they won’t have to be hunted globally.

            Yeah, they’re beloved people.

          • Feel the love.

            Look at that, using the Qur’an to justify hatred and murder against Jews. How is he getting the peaceful religion if Islam wrong, Mosizzle? Cynic? Anyone?

          • “Sure they do. I’m sure they are well protected by their Muslim overlords as long as they pay the jizya with willing submission.”

            Silly Ahni. They don’t pay jizya. But Geert Wilders is more than happy to tax women who wear the hijab.

            “Look at that, using the Qur’an to justify hatred and murder against Jews. How is he getting the peaceful religion if Islam wrong, Mosizzle? Cynic? Anyone?”

            Lol. He used a hadith. The fact that you have made such a schoolboy error in Islam-related matters cast doubts over anything you have ever said or ever will say. You can tell when an Islamophobe has such a useless understanding of Islam that he cannot distinguish the two Holy texts in Islam.

            As for the Mufti in Palestine, he doesn’t represent all Muslims. People have used many hadiths and even the Quran to justify treating the Jews and even Israel properly. Why don’t you quote Sheikh Abdul-Hadi Palazzi of the Islam-Israel Fellowship. Why don’t you quote the Israeli rabbi who called for a “plague” upon the Palestinians or the many extremist Jews in Israel who use the Torah to jusify the destruction of Al-Aqsa and the re-construction of the Third Temple by any means necessary.

            Obviously you realised you had lost the argument so you did what every Islamophobe does in your situation. Find some MEMRI translated video of a Palestinian calling for Jihad against Israel and hope that proves your point.

          • Nice, stupid mistake Anhi. I guess you’re just showcasing the trademark stupidity of Jihadwatch loons.

  2. ^ Or post a photo of a Muslim holding up a hateful sign to hastily generalize a quarter of the world’s population. Or don’t forget posting a police blotter-styled list of crimes committed by Muslims preferably copied from Predictable and desparate.

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