Christians Persecuted in India, Robert Spencer Silent

India is branded as the largest democracy in the world and it is a growing world power, however unfortunately it at times suffers from chronic sectarianism that explodes into all out violence in the form of riots, pogroms and discrimination. For the past few years there has been extensive violence against the Christian communities in certain regions of India, specifically Orissa.

Recently, Robert Spencer and fellow Islamophobes have been focusing on the mistreatment of Christians in Pakistan and other Muslim countries but they have been precariously silent on the condition of Indian Christians.

Hindu mob storms Orthodox school

A group of rightwing Hindu activists yesterday attacked an Orthodox school in a central Indian town in protest at disciplinary actions against three students, witnesses say.

The group forced their way into the visitors’ room of St. Mary’s Higher Secondary School in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh and shouted anti-Christian slogans, reports.

They then smashed a picture of the Blessed Virgin in the visitors’ room state before staff prevented them from further action.

Another group of nearly 50 young people later went to the school and threatened the staff.

School principal Father K. J. Louis said the troublemakers had been angered by the school for punishing three students for indiscipline.

The police were called and are now being asked to offer protection to the school, the principal told today.

The principal said the school acted against the students after getting their parents’ consent. They had been suspended them for 10 days in November after they were caught setting off firecrackers in the school premises.

Catholic Bishop Gerald Almeida of Jabalpur condemned the incident, which he said was part of an ongoing hate campaign against Christians in the state.

The protests are suspected members of the student wing of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP, Indian people’s party) which rules Madhya Pradesh.

Christians and their institutions in the state have witnessed several incidents of violence after the BJP came to power seven years ago.

Since then, more than 180 cases of attacks on Christians have been reported from the state.

The school has started 25 years ago and has some 2,500 students.


Hindu mob storms Orthodox school (

12 thoughts on “Christians Persecuted in India, Robert Spencer Silent

  1. What does this have to do with Islamic jihad, and why do you expect Spencer to report on this?

    “Here’s an incident of Hindus attacking Christians. You can forget about all of those Muslim attacks now. Go back to sleep, stupid infidels!”

        • America, your most hated enemy, yet you live here for “some reason.”

          And blaming Christianity for the actions of the American military is ridiculously stupid, even for a Muslim.

          • Again Ahni with the blatant BS.

            Who the hell said I lived in the US? Typical Ahni. By the way, I don’t.

            “yet you live here for “some reason.”

            Again, you assume I am a terrorist by saying “some reason”. Which again highlights the prejudice you have always displayed during your time here, because I am “Mooslim” and am angry at America’s occupation of Muslim lands, I must therefore be a terrorist. Nice logic. Didn’t it occur to you that I might use more conventional means to fight against it? But of course, you assume that because I am Mooslim, I must not have assimilated into my country in which I was born and raised in and not use the democracy in that country to cast my vote for the party that opposed that occupation.

            “And blaming Christianity for the actions of the American military is ridiculously stupid, even for a Muslim.”

            I didn’t blame Christianity. I highlighted that the majority of the American Army is Christian. It probably has no relevance but neither does Islam have any relevance in many of the incidents that Spencer talks about.

            For example,

            He mentions the man is an Albanian Muslims even though it has no relevance because it was reported by other news sources that the man was there to have some revenge on the shopping mall in which his ex-girlfriend and her new partner were working. By reporting such incident on JihadWatch and not updating the story by taking some time to read the news about the subject, he implies that it was “most likely” a case of Jihad. Many of the commenters at JW mentioned that it was probably not a case of Jihad, but that doesn’t stop Spencer, it was probably a slow news day at JihadWatch.

            This is again the problem with many incidents reported by religionofpeace, the website which you no doubt used for your statistic. Many of the incidents it reports turn out to be due to tribal wars or family arguments. Of course, those events are still despicable but its wrong to blame their “Mooslimness” for it because that did not force them to do it.

            But your lies are distracting us from the real topic of conversation. Is it true that the American military has killed more people than the number of people killed by Muslims? This is not an attempt to justify Islamic terrorism by mentioning those killed by the US, but I’m doing what you just did in the comment above.

            If you read the comment carefully you must have noted that I explained that “not all Christians” are responsible.

            Also, America is not my biggest enemy. And before you say anything, I will also add that it’s not Israel either. I am more concerned with the suicide bombers that call themselves “Muslims” and bomb Mosques and Churches in Pakistan and other parts of the Muslim world.

            “even for a Muslim.” Aren’t atheists the ones that blame Christianity for nearly every damn problem on Earth. Even the Pope was concerned about the “aggressive secularism” destroying Christianity in Europe and especially the UK.

          • America, your most hated enemy, yet you live here for “some reason.”

            Mossizle lives in Europe.

            And blaming Christianity for the actions of the American military is ridiculously stupid, even for a Muslim.

            Says the idiot who thought all Muslims were Nazis because one woman was holding up a sign. Also, Mossizle didn’t ‘blame’ Christianity, but Christians (and not all Christians at that). You do realize there’s a significant difference between Christians and Christianity? Christians are people while Christianity is a religion.

            So yeah, I guess we can assume that you calling people “ridiculously stupid” is just a bad case of projection—just like when you call people “liars” and so forth.

          • No need to apologise, NassirH. Ahni should apologise though as he has implied that I am a terrorist a few times now and that the FBI should keep an eye on me. It doesn’t matter if he apologises or not, this is just more proof that Ahni realises he has failed to make a decent point and has to instead resort to making false allegations.

  2. I do not understand the need for complaining when in fact Christians love a good martyrdom. i definitely do not understand the reason that Hindus have not killed more Christians given the fact that their lifestle has brought more corruption and violence into the Hindu society.

  3. This is utter rubbish, I am an Indian Christian, we never had persecution here. We have a defense minister (AK Anthony) and former defense minister (George Fernandes), head of RAW (external security service like CIA) Hormis Tharakan, and many prominent Christians. India is also the only country Jewish people never got persecuted. There are communal clashes, but it’s rare and most Hindus and hindu leaders are in the forefront to protest these kind of incidents. Between Christians and Hindus there is perfect religious harmony, but I cannot say the same for Hindus and Muslims, that’s because of Muslims…India is indeed a democracy, and often I feel sorry for Hindus, though they are the majority, they are the ones suppressed, like Whites in USA and Europe…

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