Cyberpath Robert Spencer has a Weird Fetish For Reza Aslan

Robert Spencer before the tummy tuck

Cyberpath Robert Spencer can’t get over Reza Aslan.

Aslan irks Spencer, bothers him to no end, Spencer views him as his arch-nemesis. In dozens of posts over the past few months, Spencer has at times nervously, at other times excitedly and feverishly used all the JihadWatch talking points and obfuscation at his disposal to attack or hurl personal insults and wild inuendo at Aslan. The dozens of posts have been long winded thousand worded epic Spencerian bile.

The reality behind this Spencer obsession is that Aslan is an outspoken critic of the anti-Muslim Islamophobia machine in which Spencer is a leader, and at the same time is also an advocate for Islamic reform and greater freedom in Muslim nations.

Aslan represents all that Spencer isn’t and therefore is a personality that confounds him, no longer is it easy for him to sling the allegation of Islamic supremacist, or Stealth Jihadist at someone who has an air of respectability and visibility in the mainstream such as Reza Aslan commands.

Spencer’s most recent outpouring of invective against Aslan was due to a few words Aslan said about Islamophobia,

RA: And the crazy thing about it is that we’re seeing that same sort of playbook, that made European Islamophobia so successful and mainstream on the continent, now being adopted by these groups like Stop Islamization of America and Jihad Watch, which are also very successful about creating a mainstream sense of anti-Muslim sentiment.

In the margins of this country there will always be racists and bigots; it’s just that they were always on the fringes; now, hence we have people like Pam Geller and Robert Spencer appearing as regular guests on mainstream television….

For this Spencer calls Aslan the “new” Fritz Kuhn, who was the leader of the American Nazi party back in the 30’s. Insane hyperbole and ad hominem attack? You bettcha!

Among other inane assertions, in a feat of hubris not uncommon for Spencer he not only compared Aslan to an American Nazi leader he also compared Islam to Nazism and levied the assertion that he is on par with those who criticize “Nazism.”

Imagine if Kuhn had given a similar address denouncing critics of Hitler and Nazism as “bigots” and “Germanophobes,” and claiming that anti-Nazi sentiment in the United States was a recrudescence of the ugly nativism that had victimized Catholics in America in the nineteenth century, and was leading up to a wholesale persecution and possibly even a genocide of innocent German-Americans.

Spencer’s off kilter analogy falls on its face when we realize that in fact Spencer is engaging in projection, as he himself has been an ally of Fascists and neo-Nazi groups such as: Geert Wilders (Right-wing Dutch neo-Fascist), EDL (English Defense League),SIOE (Stop the Islamization of Europe), BPE (Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa), Ewald Stadler (Far right Austrian politician), BZO, Sergei Trefkovic (Serbian Nationalist, genocide denier), etc.

Spencer’s argument as to why Aslan is the “new Fritz Kuhn” gets even weaker from that point. In trying to make his obscene case he says that Aslan is the new Fritz Kuhn because he is,

1. A “board member” of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) which Spencer says is, “a group that genuine Iranian pro-democracy forces regard as an apologetic vehicle for the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

First of all the NIAC is considered one of the best Iranian pro-Democracy organizations out there. In truth, the link that Spencer provides goes to an organization that not only doesn’t support democracy but displays an image of the Shah Reza Pahlavi on its site, not really a scion of democracy.

NIAC, Terrorist Apologist or pro-Democracy advocates?

2. He claims Aslan is uncritical of Ahmadinejad and his anti-Semitism.

Another false claim. If calling someone a “fraudulently elected Megalomaniac” is uncritical as Aslan did in one article then Spencer doesn’t know the meaning of “uncritical.” As it happens Aslan condemned Ahmadinejad’s denial of the holocaust calling it “absurd.”

3. Aslan calls for the US Government to negotiate with Ahmadinejad and Hamas.

What is controversial here? Others have called for the US to negotiate with Ahmadinejad and Hamas as well. Is Spencer implying that because Aslan has called for the US to negotiate with the two he somehow supports them? If so can he show us any proof? Of course he cannot and so he resorts to innuendo.

4. Has “praised” Hizballah by observing that it is “the most dynamic political and social organization in Lebanon.”

Aslan didn’t “praise” Hizballah as Spencer would have it, implying that Aslan somehow endorses them. He merely observed an obvious point that even Hizballah’s greatest detractors have, that it is the most highly organized and dynamic party in Lebanon.

This is what Aslan really said (hat tip: Mosizzle),

“You may think of Hizballah as a terrorist organization, and certainly they have engaged in terrorist acts, but they are also the most dynamic political and social organization in Lebanon”

Again, not really high “praise.”

At the end of the day Spencer is only chasing vague phantoms and attempting to spin terrorists or terrorist supporters out of thin air to suit his morbid agenda of framing “the only good Muslim as a bad Muslim.” The real Fritz Kuhn’s of the world are Spencer and his ilk, individuals who wish to eliminate Islam from the West.

66 thoughts on “Cyberpath Robert Spencer has a Weird Fetish For Reza Aslan

  1. Go Aslan! Keep up the great work exposing these people for what they are! And go LW/SW as well! 😀

    And you just have to laugh at that picture of Spencer, it looks like he’s tip-toeing around an empty mosque trying to get a suitable picture for street-cred or something.

      • Hi Ahni, just because I admire Aslan’s work in exposing Islamophobia in the US, doesn’t automatically mean I agree with all of his other views. Thanks!

      • “You may think of Hizballah as a terrorist organization, and certainly they have engaged in terrorist acts, but they are also the most dynamic political and social organization in Lebanon”

        That’s all he said. We all like to see things certain ways. You see them as terrorists and brutes and animals but he sees them as terrorists that also spend time in politics and social services (for Lebanese civilians). (He never ever says that them distributing money to poor people makes up for firing rockets at innocent people in Israel. If he you think he did, I’d like to see a quote. If you don’t have one, shut up.)

        Like you see American troops as helping democracy flourish in foreign countries, helping out the locals, improving women’s rights, helping children get educated etc. And many only see the death and destruction caused by the invasion.

        All armies do a little extra for society to prove that their terrorism is not all that bad. Note how I brought up a decent comparison with the American army’s charitable activities but in the original JihadWatch article, Robert Spencer says in response to Aslan’s comment:

        “Well, sure, Reza, and Hitler built the autobahn.”

        Typical Spencer. And now I’m sure you’ll link to that picture of a woman holding up a sign.

  2. Hopefully Spencer doesn’t develop a man crush and start a site or two on Reeses Aslan, now that would be creepy…

    No, wait….

    • He’s devoted an entire section of his site to Reza Aslan. It’s on the right hand side with a the title “A poem by Reza Aslan” with a picture of him.

      His picture takes priority over Spencer’s “support Wilders” box. He even takes to poetically describing Reza Aslan’s “tousled locks” and his “fashionable stubble”. Sometimes he even reminds Reza that his hair is too oily and too long, as any good ‘boyfriend’ would.

      Awwh. Love is in the air…

    • Hopefully Spencer doesn’t develop a man crush and start a site or two on Reeses Aslan, now that would be creepy…

      No, wait….

      Hurr hurr.

  3. “Hopefully Spencer doesn’t develop a man crush and start a site or two on Reeses Aslan, now that would be creepy…”
    I know it would because you know, Robert Spencer would have to use “facts backed up by evidence” and “reliable sources” and “proper rhetorical strategies”. How creepy is that– an “acclaimed scholar on Islam” having to resort to such tactics to refute another person’s well-founded points?

    • Woah. Exposed. Seriously Mr.Pipes? I thought he was the kind of person who is eager to not be seen as an Islamophobe. He previously criticised people who resorted to slandering the Prophet as a reasonable defence against “radical Islam”.

      Spencer has in the past said that Ali Sina’s new book “should be required reading at the State Department and the White House”. Lol.

    • Ali Sina lovers here (you know who you are):

      “Barak Hussein Obama. Women swooned for him. They came by millions to see him. They shouted “I love you.” The level of hysteria was surreal…

      …These are the things that impress women. Obama won thanks to women’s vote. Women are more emotional than rational. They fell in love with this jerk and stopped thinking altogether. The result was the disaster that America has been plunged in. The worst is yet to come.”

      Of course, Mr Sina, Obama was elected because women are stupid. You make so much sense.

      • Ali obviously is clueless! We voted for Obama thinking he would make a difference not because we loved him for his good looks. Anyone is better than Bush and God forbid if Sarah Palin becomes President so really, we didn’t have much of a choice anyway. I’m disappointed in Obama but he’s still better than those right wing nutters.

      • Not only is he clueless but I thought those remarks were quite offensive to women. If a Muslim implied that all women are more ’emotional than rational’ then they would be accused of sexism.

        But for Ali Sina to claim that Islam regards women as being inferior whilst himself implying that women’s judgement is poor and clouded by their emotions is highly hypocritical. It is also surprising then that ‘feminist’ Taslima Nasreen is following him on twitter.

        It might be correct that many women might get more emotional about certain things than men but it’s wrong to imply that they can’t pick the right president or vote properly because of that. The full quote is too long for me to copy but he ‘analyses’ how Obama’s clothes and speaking and other things confused women into voting for him.

    • I used to visit Faithfreedom forum a few years ago. Found a friend there, who documented alotta the hate that was going on. He forwarded me some stuff. Lotsa incriminating stuff on Ali Sina and his genocidal hate mongering. He’s a total nutter…its very telling that Rob Spencer is best buddies with that sociopath.

    • Maybe scouting about for “secret jihadi activity” or some other such task? I have to admit though, he does not look comfortable at all!

      • he does look very uncomfortable..but what does his being allowed in a masjid say about his evil Mooslim conspiracy theories?

        Allahu A’lam

    • Soiling it with his evil non-Muslim infidel presence! That’s probably a capital punishment in the Islamic world. Pretty much everything is.

      It goes without saying that the moon god Allah will need another sacrifice for this heinous act.

      Yay for 7th century belief systems! Now, pardon me, while I go worship Odin and Zeus.

      • Non-Muslims are not forbidden to enter mosques Ahni, nor do they defile it…

        And while you’re at it with Odin, can you please ask Thor to stop the floods, thunder, lightning and storms over Eastern Australia please? 🙂

        • Only some non-Muslims….

          Koran 9:17-18
          It is not for the idolaters to inhabit God’s places of worship, witnessing against themselves unbelief; those — their works have failed them, and in the Fire they shall dwell forever.

          Only he shall inhabit God’s places of worship who believes in God and the Last Day, and performs the prayer, and pays the alms, and fears none but God alone; it may be that those will be among the guided.

          • Come on Bob, your random quoting doesn’t fly anymore. These are from the beginning section of the chapter talking about the Ka’ba. The continuation of verses 19 and 20 show this.

            The Asbab al-Nuzul by al-Wahidi clearly proves that by giving its context.

            As al-Qurtubi explains too “Rather, when He said masjids, it is Masjid al-Haram” (إنما قال مساجد وهو المسجد الحرام).

            Or else why would Muhammad allow Christians to worship in his mosque in Medina, for a start?

          • Or else why would Muhammad allow Christians to worship in his mosque in Medina, for a start?

            Maybe ol’ Muhamhead got a kick from pretending that his captives actually had a choice when he converted them to Islam.

      • Are you serious Ahni?

        What this actually proves is that Spencer is full of B.S. when he says he is under threat from the Mooslims! He is so threatened that he can come into the “dragons very own lair”: the Mosque!!

      • What? Ur making fun of Islam cuz it was founded in the 7th century?? Geez look at Judaism it’s 2-3 thousand years old.. And no, I’m not bashing u, just Ur logic. So don’t come out and say “I’m not Jewish moron”

      • And lol read this Hadith I learned in middle school buddy then tell me what u think :


        Anas Ben Malik one of Muhammad’s companions narrated that:
        While we were in the mosque with Allah’s Messenger listening to His teaching, a desert rude Arabic man came on, and began to pass urine (urinate) in the mosque.

        The companions of Allah’s Messenger stood up and ran to the man and shouted at him saying,” Stop! Stop! You can not do that in the Mosque”.

        The man was very terrified and struck with panic.

        Prophet Muhammad said to his companions:

        “You have terrified the man, do not interrupt him; leave him alone.”


        They left him alone, and when he had finished, Muhammad called him and said to him:

        “These mosques are not suitable places for urine and filth, but are only for worshipping Allah, remembrance of Allah, prayer and recitation of the Quran.”

        Then Muhammad gave orders to one of his companions who brought a bucket and poured water over it.


        Then the man who urinated, was very upset of Muhammad’s companions who terrified him, he looked at them and said:

        O Allah! Have mercy only on me and Muhammad,


        O Allah! Forgive only me and Muhammad,


        Prophet Muhammad smiled and taught the man this global Hadith:

        O man! Do not limit the unlimited, you made the wide narrow.

        The man said: I do not understand.

        Muhammad said: Allah’s mercy and forgiveness are extremely wide and unlimited

        (It means do not limit Allah’s mercy and forgiveness only for few people when they cover all mankind)

      • moon god? LOL anyone who still throws that accusation needs serious help! Why are you promoting that thoroughly debunked theory?

        Allahu A’lam

      • Oh great, another moon god theory pusher. Your credibility keeps going down the drain buddy. Anything to make those evil Mooslims look baaad amirite?

      • actually, the 7th century belief systems used to bury their baby daughters alive due to the economic aspect and fear of shame, and hated and ridiculed the Prophet (pbuh) for saying it was a crime,
        the civilised 21st century secularists often murder them before they are born – often due to economic reasons, india has small companys with ultra-sound scanners and lorries with the caption: spend rs500 now – save rs50,000 later.
        china often forces women to have abortions and men to be sterilized, and David Rockefeller, the benefactor of the u.n (called for it, paid for the land, his family architects designed the building, after an initial offer of placing it on his family estate) calls the “social experiment in china” under mao a” success”, don’t school us on civilization mate, stoning adulterers? we could discuss the stoning of innocent children in iraq palestine afghanistan vietnam pakistan indonesia…… with lead stones thrown out at high velocity, but that’s more humane, after all it is “civilized” just because it is “advanced”, polygamy? how about that bestiality and group s?& that’s legal to hold in the u.s? sanctioned by the “freedom loving” government that considers any speculation of it’s criminal acts as “treason”.
        democracy in iraq? huh

      • Pope John Paul II’s statement in August 1985. While visiting Casablanca, Morocco, he declared that Catholics and Muslims “believe in the same God, the one God, the living God.”

        If we supposedly worship a “Moon god” and Catholics worship the same God, then Robert Spencer must also be worshipping a Moon god.

        • There’s evidence that Allah was simply Muhammad’s tribal deity. One of the many Gods worshipped back in those days. Once Muhammad became the bloodthirsty and all powerful warlord that we know him to be, he smashed all the other God idols and made his idol the God. Anyone who didn’t agree was killed, exiled, forced to convert, yada yada yada (oops, did that sound too Jewish? Calm down, put the knives away).

          Muslims would lose their ability to convert religious non-Muslims if it became known that their God was a different God than the Jewish/Christian God.

          But, you could be right. The Jews are prophet killers, the Christians are misguided and/or lying flesh-god worshipers, and only the Muslims truly understand God, because some guy in a cave with a crazy story says so.

          • Here’s the one you actually do have to prove

            “There’s evidence that Allah was simply Muhammad’s tribal deity. One of the many Gods worshipped back in those days. Once Muhammad became the bloodthirsty and all powerful warlord that we know him to be, he smashed all the other God idols and made his idol the God”

            You went from tribal deity to idol, yet there was never an idol to Allah in the Ka’ba.

            Allahu A’lam

          • You went from tribal deity to idol, yet there was never an idol to Allah in the Ka’ba.

            LOL. That’s what happens when the hate sites you use as sources forget to corroborate to get their stories straight.

        • “There’s evidence that Allah was simply Muhammad’s tribal deity”

          Do you know what evidence means. Also, who should I trust, you with your ‘evidence’ or the rest of the world’s major historians and religious scholars who have throughout the ages concluded that the God of the Jews, Christians and Muslims is the same. You don’t what to listen because you’d rather throw the moon god thing around like some moron but I’ll just point you to an article by Islamophobe-in-denial and Ali Sina lover, Daniel Pipes who also concludes that our God is the same. He obviously hates Islam so if he manages to say anything positive about it, it must be true, even though he is not really a good authority on Islam.

          It is interesting to note that the moon-god theory is mostly supported by Christian evangelists. Atheist scholars of Islam have also concluded that the God of Islam, Christianity and Judaism is the same. In th early middle ages, when there was ignorance about Islam, it was assumed that Muslims had different Gods. But as the Quran was translated and people learned about them, they realised that the God was the same. So now, instead of calling Islam a pagan religion, they promoted it to the status of Christian heresy. What is funny about your moon god claim is that it goes directly against the conclusions of thousands of scholars of different religions from the past 14 centuries.

          But I know you won’t listen, which is why I asked you that question that you have not answered. Does Robert Spencer worship a moon god? Because you say Muslims do and God’s representative on Earth and head of the Catholic Church agrees that the God is the same, therefore, according to you, Robert Spencer, lifelong Catholic, must be a moon-god worshipper.

          And I am waiting for your conclusive evidence that Allah is a tribal deity.

          • And I am waiting for your conclusive evidence that Allah is a tribal deity.

            You want conclusive evidence about your fictitious God? Sorry, I can’t supply that, and neither can you.

            I really don’t know if the Moon-God thing is correct or not, to be honest. I do know that Muslims would have motivation to lie about it, considering the “Muhammad was God’s FINAL messenger” is a great selling point in trying to rope in dumb Jews/Christians/others. Lose that, and Islam would be in jeopardy, and that’s a big no-no for Muslims. They’d have to force convert even more people, which is the harder way of spreading the good news about the Religion of Peace.

            Personally, I think Muhammad was an illiterate liar and thief who plagiarized the Bible and Torah and pulled the rest of what would become the Qur’an out of his ass. His stories were all designed to turn him from a poor merchant into a rich, powerful warlord. The fact that he didn’t even have anybody bear witness to his revelations makes it all the more curious. At least Jesus had a good amount of people willing to die for what he brainwashed them into believing. Oh wait, you guys don’t believe that, you think the evil Christians perverted the true Islam that existed before Muhammad.

            Yeah, makes perfect sense. God has one singular religion that the Jews never followed because they were evil apes and pigs. They led the Christians astray, and some intentionally lied about Jesus being God, even though they knew he wasn’t. Then God sent an angel to talk to some guy named Muhammad in a cave, and told him to kill all of the other “People of the Book” who were incorrectly following his religion.

            Perfect sense.

          • “Muhammad was an illiterate liar and thief who plagiarized the Bible and Torah”

            Pretty hard to plagiarize when you can’t read. Derp! But continue with your brilliant scholarly brain fart theories based on cold hard hate and ignorance.

            Not knowing whether the moon-god theory is correct or not while promoting it as if you have profound knowledge on it makes you seem like quite the liar, hypocrite, charlatan, bottom feeder of knowledge etc etc.

          • Pretty hard to plagiarize when you can’t read. Derp!

            Not really. He lived amongst the Jews and Christians. I’m sure they read him the stories, or told him all about them.

            Do you really think an angel coming down from heaven is the most likely explanation for how he obtained the knowledge of the Torah and Bible?

            Occams Razor.

          • Now you’re just arguing the existence of God, and occam’s razor can show that a god being responsible for creation is the more simple explanation. Thus an angel speaking to Muhammad is more simple than him collecting different stories and putting them together. You obviously do not understand what is occam’s razor.

          • Really? So, in your mind, the idea of an Angel flying down from heaven and meeting Muhammad in a cave, and telling him a story that has never been written by man and has existed for all time with Allah in heaven, is less complex than Muhammad overhearing people talking in the city where he lived?


          • Is that your explanation now? He overheard people talking about? But I thought people read it to him. Do you see how complex and confusing your explanation is now becoming? Yet, the explanation of an angel speaking to Muhammad hasn’t changed and doesn’t require new complexities. It’s more simple, making it the more likely explanation. That’s occam’s razor.

            Of course, it’s all a matter of faith. And I don’t necessarily put much credence to occam’s razer. It’s usually used by dumb people to give the false impression of intelligence, you being the example here.

          • Is that your explanation now? He overheard people talking about? But I thought people read it to him. Do you see how complex and confusing your explanation is now becoming?

            Yeah, so confusing! Hearing it, versus having it being read to you! Let’s just say “God did it” and call it a day.

            Muslims…. they’re just dying to bring the world back 1400 years.

          • So he overheard people talking, and somehow came up with the vast array of stories found in the Qur’an? And being illiterate, he somehow managed to present all of those stories (and more) in an ingenious, and inimitable prose in Arabic. Definitely occam’s razor right there.

            I really don’t know if the Moon-God thing is correct or not, to be honest.

            Of course you don’t. Much like the rest of your pathetic excuse for knowledge on Islam. But you use it anyway don’t cha? I wonder why.

          • I’ve said this before and I will say it again: you have a very schoolboy understanding of Islam, based on random Islamophobic websites that have made up quotes or Islamophobic authors who have their own agenda against Muslims. Just take some time out and read a book about Islam written by a “Leftist Dhimmi”. You don’t have to agree with it, but at least you’ll get the other point of view.

            If Muslims have been able to successfully fool the worlds leaders, the worlds major religious scholars and historians into thinking that they have the same God. Then they must be the cleverest people on Earth. Think about it, everyone who’s anyone who has read Islam finds that the God being referred to in the Quran is indeed the same God. And who will trust your conclusion, you can’t tell the difference between Quran and Hadith.

            What riches did Muhammad want? Even while gold poured into Medina, the Prophet still slept on that uncomfortable palm leaf mattress, on the day of his death there was not enough fuel to light a fire, with seven coins as his last earthly possessions. The Prophet gained nothing from his mission. Nothing. He suffered and lost many of his friends and family.

            “His military triumphs awakened no pride nor vain glory as they would have done had they been effected by selfish purposes. In the time of his greatest power he maintained the same simplicity of manner and appearance as in the days of his adversity. So far from affecting regal state, he was displeased if, on entering a room, any unusual testimonial of respect was shown to him. ”
            Washington Irving in ‘Life of Muhammad,’ New York, 1920

            When many people said that God had sent down an eclipse because of the death of the Prophets son. He quickly said ” ‘An eclipse is a phenomenon of nature. It is foolish to attribute such things to the death or birth of a human being’.”

            If he was a false prophet then he would have made himself God. It would have Ben easy for him to do so as many other false prophets have tried but he didn’t.

            And taqqiyya has long been refuted:

            Also, you didn’t answer my question about Robert Spencer.

          • When I asked for conclusive evidence, I didn’t expect you would have any or that you would pull put some scientific journal. But you said you had evidence that Allah was a moon god. So let’s hear it.

          • Just let Ahni wallow in ignorance. It gives him a feeling of great comfort and security to dehumanize Muslims and make outlandish claims like muslims want to bring the world back 1400 years.

          • First Ahni says that he has evidence that Allah is a tribal deity. When asked to show it, he suddenly doesn’t have any, and neither do *you*. Maybe he was just trying to waste time? Or maybe he was pretending to know things that even Muslims don’t know. No wait…

  4. When Spencer and co go after even muslims who believe in democracy and moderation, because their only crime is having called out people like them, then you gotta wonder who is at all safe from their McCarthyite witch hunt against Muslims. Everyone is an extremist, a stealth jihadist.

    Rob Spencer is a pathetic looser. He got HUMILIATED by Reza Aslan, and now he’s got a personal vendetta against him, and is hell bent on proving him to be something he isn’t.

    I hope 2011, is the year Rob Spencer, and that vile souless harpy Shrieking Pam Geller are gonna crash and burn. They are getting desperate and more deranged with each passing month

    • I hope 2011, is the year Rob Spencer, and that vile souless harpy Shrieking Pam Geller are gonna crash and burn

      Yeah, I bet you wish for a lot more to happen to them, in the spirit of Kitman. Maybe one of your more extreme co-religionists will take care of them for you. I doubt you’d lose a minute’s worth of sleep, nor any other “moderate” for that matter.

      As long as there are millions of Muslims out there proving Robert right, it’s doubtful his message will lose any steam.

      • it’s doubtful his message will lose any steam

        Muslims are trying to take over the world. That’s the message that’s not going to lose any steam into the future? I think we should start grieving for humanity’s collective IQ, should that be the case.

      • Has everyone noted how Ahni came onto this thread to respond to marco’s point and imply that Muslims are naturally going to commit murder but he ignored the entire argument which he is losing about the “moon-god”.

        All Islamophobes, when they sense that they are losing, just move onto the next argument in the hope that pesky Mooslims will forget the previous thing.

  5. The following story should be put under what if they were muslim, especially because Spencer and anti-muslims say only Muslims riot when people offend their religion:

    Akon’s Buddha Desecration Sparks Riot In Sri Lanka

    Four people have been injured at a Sri Lankan broadcaster’s headquarters after Buddhist protesters campaigning against an upcoming AKON concert hurled rocks at the building.

    Promoters of the R&B singer’s April (10) concert in the capital city of Colombo have come under fire from locals, who have taken offence to his video Sexy Chick, which features groups of near-naked women dancing at a pool party in front of a Buddha statue.

    Around 200 angry Sri Lankans gathered outside the head office of the Maharaja Organisation, which is sponsoring the star’s gig, holding up posters reading ‘Stop Akon’s show’, and demonstrating their fury by smashing windows and causing damage to cars parked outside the building.

    Four network employees were hurt in Monday’s (22Mar10) riot, according to Maharaja boss Chevan Daniel.

    Police have confirmed a number of the protesters were taken into custody, although it is not clear if they will face any charges.

  6. First of all, I thank all Muslims on here for upholding Islamic unity and Ummah without starting a Shia-Sunni dispute seeing as Reza Aslan is a Shia. May Allah bless you all.
    Secondly, Ahni and Jihadbob congratulations for disregarding history of Islam, misquoting and misusing ayahs of the Holy Qur’an, and acting so stubbornly that you do not even wish to read your opponent’s arguments with a clear mind.
    Imam Jaf’ar al-Sadiq (AS)–“There are three kinds of people: The scholars, the seekers of knowledge, and all the others who are a waste of humanity.”

  7. Ahni are you really trying to escaspe your moon-god theory peddling?

    [Qur’an 41:37] And of His signs are the night and the day and the sun and the moon. Adore not the sun nor the moon, but adore Allah Who created them if He it is that you serve.

    anyone promoting moongod theory for Allah after seeing this verse from the Qur’an is insane!

    Check out answeringislam’s rationalization when cornered with the truth about the falsity of Robert Morey’s borrowed theory, most of which they copy from article in faithfreedom:

    “Just because Allah was a moon god doesn’t mean Muslims worship the moon itself, the piece of rock “. What? or

    ” The Qur;an may say not to worship the moon, and Muslims may not believe they are worshipping a moon god, but Allah is a moon god so they are worshipping a moon god” Again, wtf

    i link to one of these articles below:

    Allahu A’lam

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