Spencer Supports Old Persian Dictator: Reza Shah

Blubber on the cheeks with quite FASCistable 'stache before Tummy Tuck

Robert Spencer who has been ceaselessly attacking Reza Aslan for calling him out for being a bigot and an Islamophobe, (a fact which is a consensus amongst sane people) wrote an article not too long ago in which he claimed that Reza Aslan was somehow an apologist for the Iranian regime because a “genuine pro-democracy movement of free Iranians is on to NIAC.”

NIAC is an organization in which Reza Aslan is a board member it supports the growth of a Democratic Iran and the Green Movement. It is an understatement that whenever Spencer claims something is “genuine” it turns out to be a lie.

The so called “genuine movement of free Iranians” that Spencer is referencing is something called PDMI, and as we reported then it is an anti-Islam site run by a single anonymous individual who admires Reza Shah, the dictator who was overthrown by the Iranian Revolution of 1979.

If you don’t remember who Reza Shah is then this interview might give you some sort of inkling:

I am guessing this won’t go over so nice with your patrons the Chernick’s Robert.

We can now add to the crack-pot dictators, fascists and neo-Nazis that Spencer supports: Geert Wilders (Right-wing Dutch neo-Fascist), EDL (English Defense League),SIOE (Stop the Islamization of Europe), BPE (Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa), Ewald Stadler (Far right Austrian politician), BZO, Sergei Trefkovic (Serbian Nationalist, genocide denier), and Reza Shah.

8 thoughts on “Spencer Supports Old Persian Dictator: Reza Shah

  1. HAhaha…Spencer supports the Shah! He essentially said that America is permissive, corrupt society and that the Jewish lobby controls America.

    Spencer at the end of the day is probably a Jew-hater too, but shows over-adulating love for Israel due to his hate for Islam and hopes to join a coalition of people fighting the Mooozlims.

  2. This is hilarious! Spencer attacks the Islamic Republic, the Green Party of Iran, and goes for a third alternative–an oppressive dictator who led a puppet state for the US and killed innocent Iranians including the Ayatollah Khomeini’s father! Second Islamic Revolution, anyone? I wonder who would lead it.

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  5. You’ve confused and conflated Reza Shah (d. 1944), the founder of the Pahlavi with his son Mohamed Reza Shah (d. 1980). Please correct this glaring mistake. You might also like to mention that Reza Shah, who is often celebrated by Islamophobes for his reforms, had such a close alliance with Nazi Germany that the Allies considered him a threat and invaded the country.

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