Arabs Not Allowed because they aren’t Jewish; What if they were Muslim?

How poignant is the above Photo? It wasn’t long ago that such signs were strewn across the USA, but those with historical amnesia seem to forget it ever existed.

Even more egregious,  Jewish extremists in Israel are now inflicting a similar decrepit form of racist and religious discrimination. What if it were Muslims saying “this is a Muslim only neighborhood, no Jews allowed?” Or if this had happened in an area of Cairo?

You can be sure that Robert Spencer and company would be chirping about it day and night.

Arab tenants forced to leave Tel Aviv home due to threats


Four Muslims and a Druze man were compelled to leave an apartment they had rented in southern Tel Aviv due to neighbors’ scheming against them, Ynet has learned. They claim that residents of the neighborhood threatened to torch the apartment and attack the landlord if the tenants were not evicted.

“Residents said aloud that they didn’t want to see Arabs in the neighborhood, because it’s for Jews alone,” one of the tenants said. (Hassan Shaalan)

6 thoughts on “Arabs Not Allowed because they aren’t Jewish; What if they were Muslim?

    • If Spencer allows Hugh Fitzgerald, vice president of Geehawd Watch, to post crap like this, then that is not a prediction, but a fact: (Thanks NassirH)

      “Seizure of other Arab-owned or Muslim-owned assets in the West, for the same reasons. There need not be any distinction made between property owned by governments and those who are deemed to be enemy nationals — no such distinction was made during World War II.

      …complete ban on Muslim migration to the Western world (which needs to be undertaken in any case), and limits put on any contact between Muslims living in the West, who may already have obtained citizenship and — unless they are native-born converts — their countries of origin.

      Government-sponsored centers to teach people about Islam outside of universities, which all over the Western world have been infiltrated, or rather captured by, apologists for Islam both Muslim and non-Muslim.

      End all access to Western education, not only for those Arabs and Muslims studying any kind of science, but in every area. Attempting the hopeless project of “educating them” out of their belief-system will not work.”

      For more on Jihadwatch and ‘human rights’, take a gander at Hugh Fitzgerald’s articles.

  1. It would be in emulation of Isabella and Ferdinand, two individuals who are regarded as the Catholic Monarchs, and who he won’t bring himself to condemn.

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  3. What if it were Muslims saying “this is a Muslim only neighborhood, no Jews allowed?”

    You mean like they are in the Middle East and even Europe? Jews are fleeing from places like the Netherlands and Sweden thanks to Muslim anti-semitism. I guess that’s not important enough to mention in the article, though.

    • The point is that people like you soil themselves with excitement when a Mooslim does these kind of things but it is interesting that Islamophobes are notably quiet when a Jew does the same.

      Just for fun:
      Imaam al-Sarkhasi (may Allâh have mercy on him) said: there is nothing wrong with a Muslim renting his house to a Dhimmi (Jew or Christian living under Islamic law) to live in. If he drinks wine there or worships the cross, or brings pork into the house, there is no sin on the Muslim for that because he did not rent the house to him for that purpose. The sin is on the renter who does that, as he does it without any intention on the part of the landlord, so there is no sin on the landlord. (Al-Mabsoot, 16/39).

      The crazy Mooslims that don’t let Jew live in their houses go against Islam. On the other hand, equally crazy Jewish extremists say that racism originated in the Torah and so Jewa should not rent houses to Arabs.

      Note how I attribute these crazy remarks to a few crazy extremist Jews not the whole Jewish race.

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