Terrorism in Europe, What if they were Muslim?

The anarchists seem to be on a tear across Europe.

Terrorism is a serious issue in Europe, but contrary to popular misperception it isn’t the Mooslims you should be worried about:

‘Wave of terrorism’: Blasts hit Rome embassies

ROME — An Italian anarchist group claimed responsibility for parcel bombs on Thursday that wounded two people at the Swiss and Chilean embassies in Rome, a reminder of home-grown threats at a time of political instability in Europe.

A Swiss man was seriously wounded and was rushed to hospital. The employee at the Chilean embassy was less seriously hurt. A note was found stuck to his clothing, claiming responsibility for the attack on behalf of the FAI, or Informal Anarchist Federation.

“We have decided to make our voice heard with words and with facts, we will destroy the system of dominance, long live the FAI, long-live Anarchy,” said the note, written in Italian, which was released in the evening by the police.

2 thoughts on “Terrorism in Europe, What if they were Muslim?

  1. “What if they were Muslim?”

    Easy. The liberal media would be busy trying to hide the fact that the perpetrators were Muslim. Unlike in this story.

    • Ah yes,

      Here’s an example t0 support Ahni’s claim :


      I really had a hard time figuring this guys religion because MSNBC has meticulously hid any signs of Islam from truthseekers like Ahni and I. Unfortunately, MSNBC slipped and released his name – Mohamed Osman Mohamud…that just has mooslim written all over it!

      Thanks again Ahni. Your sheer brilliance makes my blood vessels dilate. But I wish this liberal media didn’t expose that Osama Bin Laden was a muslim, because this would have caused less problems.

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