Seattle: Hate Crime Charge Filed in Grocery Store Attack

Islamophobia? What Islamophobia?

Hate crime charge filed in Seattle grocery store attack


King County prosecutors have filed hate crime charges against a Seattle man accused of accosting a supermarket clerk.

According to charging documents, Charles Anthel Webb, 42, told a clerk at a Central District Grocery Outlet store he would kill her if she didn’t leave the country.

The cashier, whose name is common to the Middle East and North Africa, was processing Webb’s purchases when he began berating her, a Seattle police detective told the court.

As the Dec. 26 altercation continued, Webb called her several derogatory names, then told her and a customer who’d attempted to intervene to go back to their “own” countries, the detective claimed.

Webb is then alleged to have told the cashier he would “get her” when her shift ended.

“I’m going to get you when you get off,” Webb allegedly said. “Go back to your own country.”

Webb was arrested nearby. According to court documents, he claimed to have been threatened with a box cutter at the store.

Charged with malicious harassment, Webb remains jailed.

30 thoughts on “Seattle: Hate Crime Charge Filed in Grocery Store Attack

  1. At least JihadBob can’t cry about this one. The title clearly states “Hate Crime charge filed…”.

    The hate crime charge has been filed, it is now up to the judge.

  2. he’d say something he doesn’t want to ever say (even though it’s true).

    Yup. Everything bad that happens to Muslims, even when other Muslims are involved, is the result of Zionists and Jews. Common knowledge, yo.

    • I don’t think Mr. Webb is a Muslim, Ahninny, and you still haven’t answered the question; whether the clerk was, or was not, a victim of Mr. Webb’s threats and harassment. Which is it?

    • “even when other Muslims are involved”

      Who’s the “other Muslim” in this hate crime? Was it some “taqiyya spraying” Mooslim disguised as “Charles Anthel Webb”?

    • If it isn’t painfully obvious, Awesome was referring to the fact that you just can’t bring yourself to admit that you’ve got nothing but tu quoque arguments to offer (hence: ‘saying something you never want to say’). You’re an absolute genius; congrats.

      Now that you’re desperately trying to avoid tu quoque, you sound like even more of an idiot (wtf are you trying to get at with your pseudosarcastic talk of Zionists?). Not to mention, you’re sounding a bit too ‘black’ for your hateful tastes.

      • Isn’t it just Rob, just have a think about all the marvelous technology that allowed Anhi to communicate that rather odd and dumb statement… those words could have bounced of satellites, traveled under oceans, gone through mountains, touched the clouds… what a waste.

        • “Marvelous technology” that was created by non-Muslims.

          It’s amazing how many Jihadists use Facebook… a service created and owned by a Jew.

          • It’s amazing how Anhi can connect everything to Jews. Just looking at this thread alone, almost all of his comments are related to Jews in some way. Methinks he just projects his own obsession of Jews onto others (mainly Muslims).

          • And your point? You use, as does the world, many things developed by Muslims. Does it mean anything? Unless… oh no, you’re turning into a Muslim by doing it! Quick Ahni, don’t ever touch a maths book again! Or go to a hospital, look at stars, use a fountain pen, shave, eat a three course meal… shesh, I can’t list them all. Best just sit in a cave or something… wait who invented doing that? Better check before you commit.

          • “Marvelous technology” that was created by non-Muslims.

            And your point is? What’s that supposed to be…reverse tu quoque? LOL, you’re on a roll Ahni.

            It’s amazing how many Jihadists use Facebook

            You mean Muslims right? It’s ok to say it.

          • Most Muslims don’t care it was made by a Jew or that cars were made by Christians. Very few people around the world care anymore about religion in this extreme way. Muslims even eat kosher meat, meat that has been slaughtered and *gasp* touched by Jews. I would love to see Pamela Geller try some Halal Campbell’s soup…

            Most Islamophobes don’t care that a Muslim first discovered that light rays enter the eye — many Ancient Greeks thought that light rays are fired by the eyes at an object! Of course, you don’t care about Muslim contributions to science , you would rather zap a ‘taqiyya-spraying’ Muslim with your imaginary laser beams.

          • By the way, as well as proving the intromission theory by scientific experiments, Alhazen also pioneered the modern scientific method which would then be used by following scientists in their discoveries.

            As for technology, one of the most important machines on the planet was invented by Al-Jazari: the crank shaft that “translates rotary to linear motion”. The crank shaft is today used in the internal combustion engine.

            If Ahni’s really worried about “creeping Sharia” then he should stop driving cars, especially since the money spent on fuel is helping Saudi Sheikhs “take over” the world.

          • Or go to a hospital, look at stars, use a fountain pen, shave,

            Alright, that last one was ironic and funny…

          • My thoughts exactly Cynic… actually most Muslims I know in Malaysia are clean shaven or only have minor facial hair, I only know of about two with proper beards. Same goes for when I lived in the Middle East, though they had more major hair, they still shaved. In fact, And of course, for Muslims to have invented the razor implies they had a use for it. Even when you have a beard you have to shave to maintain it, cleanliness is commanded in the Qu’ran, including shaving and not having raggedy beards. He/she/it is rather pathetic isn’t aren’t they Cynic?

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