Sam Ebadi Stabbed for Saying He’s a Muslim

Islamophobia? What Islamophobia? The hordes of anti-Muslim Islamophobes will probably blame Sam Ebadi for saying he was a Muslim and getting stabbed.

Deputies: St. Pete man stabbed victim because he’s Muslim


ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – A St. Petersburg man is charged with a hate crime after he allegedly stabbed another man because he’s a Muslim.

“He simply made the mistake of stating he was a Muslim, and it almost cost him his life.” said Ali Ebadi, the son of victim Sam Ebadi.

According to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, 52-year-old Bradley Strott and Ebadi had been talking about religion when the man told Strott he was a Muslim.

He then became upset, grabbed the victim by his shirt and stabbed the man in the neck with his pocket knife, according to Strott’s arrest affidavit.

Strott said that “Muslims are the root of the problems,” the report states.  Ebadi was taken to an area hospital where he has remained since the attack. “He tried to murder my father and he spent a day in jail, I do not want another muslim family to have to go through what I go through.” said Ali.

Strott has been charged with aggravated battery and was booked into the Pinellas County Jail late Friday night.  He bonded out Saturday.

The Tampa Chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations have stepped in and are talking with the FBI about this attack.

According to spokesperson Ramzy Kilic with the organization, the FBI is working with local law enforcement to see if they can upgrade the charges to a hate crime.  Ebadi is expected to be released from the hospital on Monday.

26 thoughts on “Sam Ebadi Stabbed for Saying He’s a Muslim

  1. How is this story related to the theme of this website?

    Are you still stinging after your nth story – including the one of the Mosque firecracker bomber who turned out to be an Arabic speaking Sunni Muslim – of Islamophobia turned out to be major disappointments?

    • It’s related because Spencer denies the existence of Islamophobia or claims that is exaggerated (by “Hamas linked” CAIR). Here is an example of an Islamophobe being ‘activated’ the use of the M-word.

      “of Islamophobia turned out to be major disappointments?”

      Reminds me of the time you failed miserably when you tried to convince everyone the hate crime on a Sikh taxi driver “fizzled out”. Did this one fizzle out too:

      Now, about the mosque bomber. Before the bombing he was drinking alcohol at a local bar, he has a past history of mental health problems and once claimed to have been “Jesus Christ”, as well as saying he regularly “communicates with extra terrestrials”. “Devout” Muslim?

      But to a Jihadwatcher that doesn’t matter. He did a crime, happened to be a Muslim, hence his actions were justified according to Islam.

      Like your hero JCL said on that article: “We await the facts”.

      • JCL claims to have friends in the Muslim Brotherhood. If he happened to be Muslim, Spencer would make him out to be a terrorist and use the phrase, “Muslim-Brotherhood linked JCL”.

        How is this story related to the theme of this website?

        LOL, silly Bob.

      • I’m sorry, in what way didn’t the alleged hate crime against the cabbie fizzle out?

        A group of Latino men robbed and beat up a cabbie.

        There’s no real evidence the cabbie was targeted because he was a Sikh and the Latino men thought he was Muslim.

        • “There’s no real evidence the cabbie was targeted because he was a Sikh and the Latino men thought he was Muslim.”

          Sure. Apart from the testimony of the victim, the fact that the phrases ““f*&k you Arabian” and “f*^k you, Osama bin Laden” were yelled out before the attack, and the fact they continued beating him after obtaining the money to the extent that the victim was absolutely sure that he would have died had he not been able to get away. This is in addition to the fact that hate crime enhancement were filed in the case against the criminals and the belief that it was a hate crime is shared not only by the victim himself, but the Sikh community, fellow Taxi drivers who also report incidents where they have been attacked and have been called similar ethnic slurs, and prominent South Asian lawyers in the area.

          The use of ethnic slurs indicates the presence of Islamophobia, which is what Loonwatch reported it as. Hence they did nothing wrong. Nothing then “fizzled out” unless you can prove that abusing someone because of their “Mooslimness”, or what the attackers perceived was their “Mooslimness” is not Islamophobic.

          The people involved or close to the incident believe it to be a hate crime. But ultimately it is an issue for the judge to decide not for us. After all, a person is innocent until proven guilty (unless he’s Mooslim).

          The local and national media lost interest of the case after that, so all we know is that hate crime enhancements were filed but nothing more. But to our discussion it is not relevant, the case is still an incident of Islamophobia, and your use of the “Boris” example was an excellent way of showing that a racism can be part of a crime yet still not make it a hate crime. Do see my comments on the other thread to which you have yet to respond.

          As I did explain on the other thread, lawyers of South Asian descent have expressed concern that the case may end up in a plea bargain, and in most cases hate crime enhancements are first to be negotiated away. Also, the criminals will insist it was simply a robbery to avoid the additional prison sentence that comes with a hate crime. But even if the hate crime charges are “negotiated away” that does not prove it wasn’t a hate crime. It only means they have not been charged with it. But as the victim’s testimony shows, ethnic slurs were used hence a racial motive was present.

          Regardless, this was most definitely not a hate crime that “fizzled out”. Do consult my original comments for further details on the subject if I haven’t clarified it well enough here:

          I also love how you keep bringing up their ethnicity, as if that has anything to do with it because the criminals could just as easily have been white, and how you assumed that, because they were Hispanic, they “probably don’t even know what Islam is, to be honest”.

          Wow! Where there is Islamophobia, racism is never far behind.

          • No comment on attacks on whites where the criminals refer to their victims using racial slurs.

            Funny that.

          • “No comment on attacks on whites where the criminals refer to their victims using racial slurs.”

            Except there was. Note how I politely asked you to read my previous comments on that thread. You asked the same thing and I said that if a racial slur such as calling an Eastern European cabbie “Boris” was used, then the act would be racist:

            “Yes, the act of calling the Eastern european “Boris” will be racist.”

            Oops. You must have “accidentally” forgotten to read that.

            So basically you were totally wrong. But what is really funny is that you are unable to respond to anything else I have written.

            Very funny.

    • Note how JihadBob has yet to condemn the stabbing of a Muslim for telling someone he’s a Muslim…

      Or is he going to celebrate like Chubby Debbie and declare this to be karma — that this man was stabbed because some Mooslim far far away who was totally unrelated to him did something bad?

  2. Major disappointment?
    You mean like the kind of disappointment you faced in the thread on taqiyya when you were eventually proved to be wrong when trying to state that Muhammed was not killed at The Battle of Uhud because they were merciful!

  3. Note how many murders and assaults committed by Muslims in the name of Islam (to them anyway( to the piffly numbers committed by non-Muslims to Muslims. Big difference.

    • Welcome back, Marty!

      Rescued any more children from the clutches of those ‘evil’ Aborigines?

      “Note how many murders and assaults committed by Muslims in the name of Islam (to them anyway( to the piffly numbers committed by non-Muslims to Muslim”

      I would note something if you give me a number or statistics of some sort. Perhaps you could give me the wildly inflated 270 million number I have seen being thrown around on the internet. Go on. You know you want to.

    • Good point, Marty. It was a big disappointment after the Mosque bomber turned out to be a Sunni Muslim targeting Shiites.

      CAIR and Muslim advocacy groups were pinning the blame on Spencer et al. Now that he’s a Muslim, who are they going to blame, exactly?

      • ” It was a big disappointment after the Mosque bomber turned out to be a Sunni Muslim targeting Shiites.”

        It was a big disappointment for you because the bombing failed. After all, you were following the advice of St. Hugh Ftizgerald to be “secretly delighted” at the news of “Muslim casualties, inflicted by other Muslims.”.

        “CAIR and Muslim advocacy groups were pinning the blame on Spencer et al.”

        Weren’t they blaming Islamophobia in general, not specifically Spencer. Loonwatch certainly didn’t blame Spencer, otherwise it would have been featured on this site.

        “Sunni Muslim targeting Shiites.”

        “We await the facts”. The fact he fired his “Shiite” lawyer does not mean he was attacking the mosque because they were Shia (though I admit that could be a motivation). Most likely he fired him because there would be a conflict of interest when you have a lawyer defending you who attended the very mosque you are accused of trying to blow up.

        Again, “We await the facts”.

          • So you admit CAIR wasn’t specifically blaming Spencer? And that you were making assumptions about CAIR?

            “So who is going to be blamed now?”

            Hopefully, no one because most likely everyone will realise this was just another crazy dude, an observation I and many others made while it was still unknown what religion he was or what motive he had, because many news articles reported his PTSD from the Vietnam War as well as his belief that he was Jesus Christ and that he can talk to aliens. And he had been drinking at a local bar before his arrest.

            Again: “We await the facts”.

            By the way, nice to see you’ve moved your operations over to Spencerwatch. I suppose it is understandable, since you were utterly humiliated on Loonwatch about pressure from European governments on the Ottoman Empire to change its laws, and Quran 9:7.

            Both articles are still open for commenting so if you do have anything to say, no one’s stopping you. Well, apart from the global Saudi Petrodollar and George Soros funded “Leftist-Mooslim” Alliance. But that hasn’t stopped you before.

    • Super Marty catch those pesky Mooslims!

      Super Marty saves the day. First he saved abused children by kidnapping them from their parents, then he saved oppressed Muslim women by bombing them in their home countries so that their husbands couldn’t abuse them. Who will he save next?

      “Ironic? Maybe I should save Muslim women from their Muslim husbands!”

      I’m sure you really care about Muslim women. Here’s how much JW cares about Muslim women, when Muslim women decide to open a women’s shelter for Muslims women in Tulsa…

      I see that you commented on that article then ran away after you started making assumptions about people based on their spelling mistakes, implying that because someone spelled “misogyny” wrong that makes them a misogynist.

    • Maybe I should save Muslim women from their Muslim husbands!

      You do that, Marty. And maybe you should take their children too while you’re at it.

      BTW, what does that story you linked to have to do with anyways?

  4. My my, what a wonderful surprise. A rabid islamophobe and denier is the quickest to post on a story which concerns…….islamophobia deniers. He probably needed to let off some steam, and the bickering voices in his head. Also, I find it interesting that he has been spending most of his time on Spencerwatch nowadays. After the consistent humiliation on LW, he’s mad as hell at how Spencer is being treated and he’s not gonna take it anymore! Perhaps Spencer will thank him one day for rolling in like a templar knight in shimmering armor to defend his honor. We honor thou, oh brave loon.

  5. Funny how the Robert Spencers were blamed for this man’s actions only a few days ago.

    Now no one is to blame.

    Mosizzle, I expected you to be the jack-boot wearing type, not a flip-flopper.

    • “Funny how the Robert Spencers were blamed for this man’s actions only a few days ago.”

      Could you provide a link perhaps to where CAIR said that Spencer was responsible, after all, that was your initial claim. And claims should be supported with evidence.

      “Now no one is to blame.”

      I never blamed anyone in the first place. I and numerous other people recognised that he had mental health issues even when it wasn’t known that he was Muslim.

      “I think it’s clear the man was crazy”

      Was what I said in response to your hero JCL on the Loonwatch article before Spencer broke the news that the man may have been a “Mooslim”. What kind of Muslim would drink before blowing up a mosque, claim he was Jesus Christ and talk to aliens? Anyway, that’s another matter, perhaps you should get to work finding that secret memo from CAIR or a page from Ahmed Rehab’s diary that confirms that CAIR held Spencer directly responsible.

    • “Mosizzle, I expected you to be the jack-boot wearing type”

      Godwin’s law. Lovely play of the Nazi card.

      Signs of a failing loon…

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