JihadWatch Wants to Destroy Mecca and Medina (Updated)

Disclaimer: The title remains as long as Spencer doesn’t moderate the comments.

JihadWatch commenters, you know those lovable bunch who want to execute the Mooslims are at it again.  This time Fabio, who calls himself the most “politically incorrect” blogger on Islam wants Mecca and Medina destroyed (hat tip to all those who sent this in):

This is from a post on Feb.13 titled “Algeria shuts down internet and Facebook as protests mount” posted by Robert Spencer. It is still up. Right under Fabio another commenter named “Bhobby” echoes his intentions. This is just one more instance in a litany of genocidal and maniacal anti-Muslim postings on JihadWatch.

For those who can’t make it out it reads:

Fabio K. Juliano: Furthermore, I opine that Mecca and Medina Must be Destroyed.


Bhobby: I second you motion, Fabio: Mecca et Medina delenda sunt.

Update: Spencer and co. have moderated Fabio’s comment but kept Bhobby’s.

80 thoughts on “JihadWatch Wants to Destroy Mecca and Medina (Updated)

  1. Of course, JW could retort that comments in no way represent official JW policy etc., but then the hypocrisy abounds. Does anyone remember when Spencer himself took Mosizzle’s comment out of context to imply something entirely different, maligning Loonwatch with it.

    • @Dawood,

      Certainly. Considering the posts from Roland Shirk it wouldn’t be too much off the mark.

      However as you mentioned JW took the post from Mosizzle and castigated Spencerwatch for it without distinction, if I recall. This goes to show the blatant double standards.

      • I certainly don’t think we should do the same. Perhaps you should add “Jihadwatch commenter wants to destroy Mecca and Medina” in the title.

        Considering that LWer Haroon’s comments were deleted and Fabio’s weren’t clearly demonstrates that the moderator (Marisol or Shirk) has a clear bias against Muslims.

      • Come on Mooneye, perhaps you can post a disclaimer or change the title into “JihadWatch Fans want to Destroy Mecca and Medina”.

  2. Interesting. Must be a slow news day.

    Did you catch the rally at the Synagogue in Tunisia?

    Who do you think has more to fear and from whom? Tunisian Jews from the general public or American/Western Muslims from Fabio?

    • It’s not just Fabio who wants to commit genocide against/ discriminate Muslims, but Spencer, Geller, Shirk, Fitzgerald, and even you (who thinks Muslims are “horrible people” who should be ethnically cleansed from Turkey). Just becuase your’s and others’ words haven’t materialized into actions doesn’t mean we should oppose Islamophobia.

      As for Tunisia, yeah it’s probably worst. But that doesn’t justify your bigotry and death wish against Zakariya and the Turkish people.

    • At least your not denying you carte blanche condemnation of all Muslims nad desire to ethnically cleanse Turkey.

      The list of comments that prove your enormous hatred of Muslims is long and one could fill a book with them. That’s the difference between you and us: we don’t support violence against Jews in Tunisia but you’re okay with celebrating the deaths of innocent Muslims.

    • But don’t worry, the more the loons post the deeper they dig themselves in shitholes. I’m sure you and other loons will showcase your hatred tommorow and will continue to do so forever. Everyday, one can see on JihadWatch hateful comments demanding that Muslims be killed, deported, and “at your feet” because otherwise they’ll be “at your throat”. Some comments get deleted in an attempt at damage control, like one that demanded Muslims get forced abortions and another that declared that Muslims aren’t humans.

      Notwithstanding the undoubtedly disgusting things said at JihadWatch, you’ll continue to be okay with the hate site. The fact that you come here to bash Muslims says more about yourself than the targets of your hatred.

  3. You should go tell your co-religionists in Tunisia that what they’re doing is unacceptable.

    It speaks volumes that you’re on the internet playing keyboard warriors against fat, balding, middle aged men (your caricaturization), than against very real and openly expressed displays of hatred that take place every day in the Muslim world without so much as an eyelash batted by the Left, Muslims in the West or Muslims in the Muslim world.

    • “You should go tell your co-religionists in Tunisia that what they’re doing is unacceptable.”

      Are we to be held responsible for their actions? If I come across a protester here, and who tries to justify what is going on, then I will tell him. But if you want all Muslims to take responsibility for every bad thing done by a few of them, then perhaps I can expect you to pop down to Bhobby and Fabio’s house and explain to them that they’re interpreting the Western way of life wrongly, that they have misunderstood JihadWatch’s aim and most of all, assure all the “Leftist-Mooslims” here that JihadWatch is a Website of Peace™.

      For some reason, a whole lot of people seem to be misunderstanding the Website of Peace™.


    • “It speaks volumes that you’re on the internet playing keyboard warriors against fat, balding, middle aged men (your caricaturization)”

      Generalisations are all the rage at JihadWatch. So it is only fair that we assume all JWers look like this:

      “than against very real and openly expressed displays of hatred that take place every day in the Muslim world ”

      Wow. Just wow. So you say that we have never condemned any of the acts of “jihadi” violence that takes place nearly every day around the world, or the honour killings, or stonings. In fact, I remember on a certain thread that you asked me whether I approved of harsh 7th Century punishments, and you were stunned into silence by my response where I stated I don’t approve of someone doing that today. Numerous times we have condemned the violence against non-Muslims in the Muslim world, but you ignore our beliefs about the issue and instead start pointless arguments. I always try to get us all to agree on something, but you don’t want to agree. According to His Royal Highness Roland Shirk, I can only ever be “at your feet or at your throat”.

      You were just shocked that we’re not bearded mullahs posting out of some cave in North-West Pakistan. Then you probably just dismissed it as taqiyya and continued your life as normal.

      • Speaking of the Taqiyya libel, good ol’ Anhi accused you of Taqiyya on JihadWatch just the other day.

        There are two kinds of loons, those motived by bigotry (Bob) and those motivated by stupidity (Anhi).

    • You should go tell your co-religionists in Tunisia that what they’re doing is unacceptable.

      Funny thing is that millions of Muslims have already fought against terrorism and have condemned terrorism and other forms of violence directed against non-Muslims—from Salafis and Deobandis to liberal Muslims like Reza Aslan, Ironically, despite their noble efforts, they’ve been relentless attacked by Islamophobes for daring to be Muslim. Sorry Bob, but loons like you are the last to be telling Muslims to fight against terrorism.

      BTW, when in Pakistan I actually end up defending the United States from groundless accusations.

      • “BTW, when in Pakistan I actually end up defending the United States from groundless accusations.”

        Same. It seems wherever in the Muslim world you go, everyone is very up to date about the bad stuff the UK has done to Muslims. I aim to assure them that whilst they have done some bad things, they are only motivated by fear and bigotry, but on the whole Europe is very welcoming to Muslims.

        Moments later a newsflash comes in detailing how Muslims have been banned from making minarets in Switzerland…

          • Above the root cause of Islamophobia is displayed: too many brown people really bug chauvinists.

          • Maybe you should read some JihadWatch, because Shirk wants to restrict legal immigration notwithstanding of a potential immigrant’s religion (again, too many brown people). Also, most those “small groups” you alluded to are made up of individuals that share your [bigoted] views on life and non-white, non-Christians. I wouldn’t be surprised if you sympathized with their views, considering your past comments regarding Abraham Lincoln and the Confederacy, as well as your use of the epithet “Ay-rab” and defenset of the racist Florida Church for using the N-word (according to you, Latinoes can use the N-word but the most oppressed member of Western society, the White man, cannot).

          • Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that Bob wants to discriminate against Muslims outside the country, because apparently he thinks that’s Constitutional and American (discriminating evil, Mooslim foriegners).

    • Sorry Bob, but you have no idea what you’re talking about. You haven’t been to Pakistan or any Muslim-majority country for that matter. I reckon that you’re so obsessed with you paranoid world-view that you haven’t even met a Muslim. Again, I’ve already addressed your use of incidents thousands of miles away to justify your own bigotry—if you distance yourself from the genocidal writers and fans of JihadWatch (as well as your own bigoted comments and views) then you can expect to be taken seriously.

    • It’s fallacious to compare a third-world, poverty-stricken, bomb-torn, largely illiterate country with an incompetent government surrounded Afghanistan, Iran, China, and India to modern, moderate Britain and simultaneously use it to justify the death wishes quite a few (i.e. most) JihadWatch fans have against Muslims.

    • Pakistanis are understandably puzzled at the blatant Western hypocrisy when the West pressures them to improve the rights of minorities, whilst it bans Muslims from constructing minarets, bans them from wearing niqabs, bans them from having Halal food, as well as the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are also confused as to why modern, democratic Britain has seen a surge in support for the BNP(and they hate all non-British people, wishing to deport all of them as soon as it gets into power). If it is Islamic terrorism to blame, then why are people voting the BNP which wants to kick out Blacks, Sikhs and Hindus.

      However, Pakistanis were quite amazed at Obama’s decision to support the “Ground Zero Mega-Mosquestrocity”, proving Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf’s theory that America’s decision is being watched by the world’s Muslims and is a chance for America to show them how “religious tolerance” works. It definitely put an end to a lot of people’s random assertion that America is at war with Islam. However, soon after, America launched more attacks on Pakistani land, and public opinion went back to where it was before.

      • Since we’re on the topic of that big, bad mosque in NY…I hate to break it to ya Bob but Spencer’s asking for more money again.


        “Please send contributions, no matter how small. (But big is very good, too!) Contribute via Paypal to director@jihadwatch.org (tax-deductible) or to writeatlas@aol.com.”

        Maybe it’s time to retire the loony Roland Shirk?

        • America has to ‘prove’ herself to the Muslim world.

          Very strange.

          I’d say most of the non-Muslim population of the world would like Muslims to start ‘proving’ themselves to the world.

          No, wait, that would be Islamophobic or something.

          • “America has to ‘prove’ herself to the Muslim world.”

            Indeed. Perhaps it can start by lasting a decade without interfering in a Muslim countries affairs, propping up dictators or downright invading them.

            “I’d say most of the non-Muslim population of the world would like Muslims to start ‘proving’ themselves to the world.”

            No. That is not Islamophobic but has been said by numerous Muslim scholars themselves — that we need to get our act together so people stop looking at us in a funny way every time we board a plane. Many recognised that the extremists within Islam are to blame for some of the stereotypes of Muslims that exist today, but that still doesn’t excuse those loons who still believe in them.

          • “I’d say most of the non-Muslim population of the world would like Muslims to start ‘proving’ themselves to the world.”

            Okay, what do Turks need to do in order for you not to ethnically cleanse their entire country? What will convince your JW buddies to give up their genocidal anti-Muslim fantasies? The fact is nothing will—it will be dismissed as “taqiyya”.

            “Very strange”

            Yes, Islamophobic loons are indeed very strange. No matter what Muslims do, they’ll always hate them.

          • *what do Turks need to do in order to for you to give up your desire to…

            LOL–you’re not ethnically cleansing Turkey, although I’m sure you’d love to.

        • I think laws the force minorities to go vegetarian or import their meat from New Zealand, or laws that prevent Muslim women from putting a piece of cloth over their faces, or laws that forbid Muslims from building an architectural feature are pretty discriminatory.

          Obviously there is not much comparison between the treatment of minorities between the two countries.

          But then again, why should there be? Pakistan is a third world, illiterate, poorly governed country (Pakistanis have no problem describing their country in these terms) and Western countries are enlightened, secular, democratic, modern and ‘civilised’. You would expect the West to show us pesky Mooslims how it’s really done…

          • Saudi Arabia is a modern nations, with a largely literate population.

            Pakistan is only so intolerant thanks to the fact of Western influence in India.

            Interestingly, India has the same history as Pakistan but is nowhere near as fanatical – there aren’t Hindu Indian communities in Britain or the United States where extremism is rife, etc.

            Blaming socio-economic factors for every issue involving religious fanaticism becomes less convincing after each time.

          • You ignored my point that you cannot justify intolerance in Europe by comparing it with a country on the other side of the world.

            “Pakistan is only so intolerant thanks to the fact of Western influence in India.”

            Stupid conclusion. Pakistan was founded Jinnah, a Muslim lawyer who was educated in Britain and lived there. He returned to India on the invitation of Gandhi to lead the Muslim league.

            Jinnah was committed to a secular Pakistan. He made it quite clear that “Pakistan is NOT going to be a theocratic State – to be ruled by priests with a divine mission.”. A democracy, inspired by Islamic values, an Islamic democracy, where everybody is free to believe what they wish, would be implemented instead. A theocracy was clearly dismissed by the Jinnah.

            “You are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place of worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed. That has nothing to do with the business of the State.”

            Our “Founding Father” was as committed to separation of Church and State as yours.

            Too bad US-backed dictators had to ruin the fun.

          • Saudi Arabia is a modern nations, with a largely literate population.

            Yes, and it has aWestern-backed government hated by Bin Laden—I’m sure that has nothing to do with terrorism despite what the aforementioned terrorist and his buddies explicitly say.

            Interestingly, India has the same history as Pakistan but is nowhere near as fanatical – there aren’t Hindu Indian communities in Britain or the United States where extremism is rife, etc.

            India has the same history as Pakistan!? LOL—did India have a large part of its country split off partly because the actions of its rival? Is India being bombed every day by both Muslims and Westerners? India can get away with numerous war crimes in Kashmir without a word from Western nations but Pakistani blasphemy laws are used by loons to bash Muslims across the head day in and day out—and that’s despite the fact that the loons themselves have advocated far worse discriminatory laws and support discriminatory laws already in the books. Apart from your ridiculous assertion, you forget to mention that there are extremist Hindu groups in India that have been responsible for actual violence against Muslims.

            It could also be mentioned that Robert Spencer has openly expressed support for at least one of these groups.

            Blaming socio-economic factors for every issue involving religious fanaticism becomes less convincing after each time.

            Socio-economic factors combined with geopolitical factors are the root causes of terrorism. There’s a reason why the vast majority of Islamic scholars have condemned Bin Laden et al.

            But this is all aside the point: how does something that happens thousands of miles away justify anti-Mulims bigotry?

          • “Interestingly, India has the same history as Pakistan but is nowhere near as fanatical ”

            Obviously, you know nothing about South Asia. Hindu extremists assassinated Gandhi, so that wasn’t really a great start. India has in the past struggled to contain Sikh separatist terrorists and is now battling against the growing Naxalite insurgency, Hindu extremiand groups and of course, the Lashkar-I-Tayyiba. At least Pakistan’s terrorists come from one group.

            You also forget that a minority of members of the Indian Sikh diaspora supported the Khalistan cause. One Sikh extremist was able to take down an Air India flight from Canada.

            Generally, Pakistan has just been unlucky. An early military coup ended the democracy founded by Jinnah. It only went downhill from there…

    • Right, so the actions of a few sign wielding Mooslims justifies the BNP kicking out anyone with even a slight tan from the British Isles and back to “wherever the bloody hell they came from”.

      “But really, are your Muslim friends in Pakistan unaware of general attitudes towards non-Muslims in Pakistan and believe Pakistani society as being more tolerant than British?”

      No. They were equally shocked at the Gojra riots and the attacks on the Ahmadis. It was at that point that numerous liberal Muslim bloggers from DAWN news and other places recommended a secular government, based on the civilised West, in order to ensure everyone’s rights were respected as there clearly was an intolerance problem. Indeed, this secular government was the one chosen by Jinnah, a Western educated Mooslim, but US-backed dictator Zia made sure that a bizarre mix of Western and Islamic laws would be introduced in order to confuse everyone into forgetting he came in by force and executed the popularly elected Prime Minister.

      A lot of Pakistanis idolise European government. Some love it so much they claim that the welfare state and other government institutions were first invented by Muslims! Take that as a compliment!

    • Funny how Bob is sooo offended by Mooslim holding signs but is perfectly okay with his genocidal buddies over at JihadWatch. Hypocrite much, eh Bob?

      I’ve already discussed this key difference between JW clowns such as yourself and Loonwatchers: you support similarly bigoted rhetoric while we don’t.

          • I love how you characterize this as just some people holding signs?

            Gone are the days when LW featured a story of some elderly German who held a sign outside mosque or something and was featured as an Islamophobe.

            Good grief, LW would wet the bed if this ever happened outside a Mosque here in the States.

            Btw, anyone want to translate the comments of the protesters for me? I know what Allahu Akbar means, but I’m reading on Jawa report that our friendly sign holders said a bit more than that.

          • I think you’ve misunderstood our issue with the “signs”. You have a tendency to use people holding signs as representative of the opinion of all Muslims.

            The people holding the signs are still bad, that part is obvious. A fool holds up a sign saying “Freedom Go To Hell” does not count as proof that Islam is a fascist religion, obviously. But I think you’re getting things confused. We were talking about the London protest.

            As for the Tunisia protest, all I see are the “Khilafah” flags probably from Hizb-ut-Tahrir, the organisation that openly supports the clash of civilisations theory and wouldn’t mind an all out war. Loons. But it seems a key part of their recruitment involves convincing the Muslims that the West hates them and their faith. A long time ago this would have been difficult. But you can thank peaceful old Spencer. Because his books, amongst numerous others from various loons, are regularly used by HUT to convince people to join their cause. They have to convince Muslims that life for them in Western countries is impossible because everyone hates them and so they must mass migrate to the Middle East and then force the imposition of a Global Khilafah.

            Spencer is helping them.

            “Gone are the days when LW featured a story of some elderly German who held a sign outside mosque or something and was featured as an Islamophobe.”

            He was shown to be a bit nutty. He set up a mosque watch committee and tried to intimidate people going into the mosque and was dedicated to causing conflict but ultimately it was seen how his looniness might have something to do with his age. But the key difference between this situation and your misuse of sign holding Muslims, is that no one collectively blamed the German people for his actions.

      • You probably should have informed your Muslim friends in Pakistan that British Muslims are much more intolerant, according to polls, than non-Muslim British citizens are.

        Now, why do you propose that is?

        • Yes, and most Republicans are racist, according to a recent poll.

          You also conveniently avoided addressing the fact that you yourself hold extremist, intolerent views.

        • Answer my question first. Does your belief that British Muslims are more intolerant justify the intolerance of British non-Muslims?

        • Meh, I can see now why Bob would get ‘IP banned’. He really has nothing more to offer than irrelavent tu quoque to deflect from the genocidal views held by like-minded individuals at JW. And his own of course; as shown by his inability to to answer questions about them.

          • Yeah, it’s been going on like this for quite some time too. He demands that we answer questions–which we do–but outright refuses to even consider ours’. He’s quite the hypocrite.

          • If Loonwatch was like Marisol from JW, then JihadBob would have been totally banned from day 1, as I was.

            Yet JihadBob has been posting here for a few months.

          • Technically JB and Ahni are nothing more than common trolls. Remind me the last time either of them addressed, and tried to counter the main point of an article? Case in point. Instead what you have is Bob here indirectly defending genocide.

    • Yes Bob, we’ve already discussed how you like to point to others in order to avoid confronting your own bigotry. Believe me, it’s getting tiresome.

  4. Wow, overnight almost 60 comments, and most of them responding to Bob trying to shift the topic away from the actual facts of the article at hand, without even saying a single thing regarding the JW comments. Absolutely ridiculous.

    Does anyone remember when Bob would actually try to post information from sources and construct an argument? He’s gone way downhill from there in recent months, and is now nothing but a common troll doing nothing but tu quoque which is what JWers always lambaste Muslims for doing.

      • Not to mention that when I do come into an argument with facts and such, my posts are ignored and I’m swamped swatting at three different posters who all think they’ve ‘got’ me on different aspects of my posts that they’ve nitpicked.

        Good grief.

        • So you admit that you’ve offered nothing but tu quoque arguments today? And the last part of your comment is projection, plain and simple.

        • I can’t speak for any other commenter here, but my posts have ignored your “facts”? Hardly. I can bring up countless examples to the contrary. Here’s just a few:

          – Your claim that the LRA was influenced by Islam in no small way. I proceeded to trace every single academic article cited in your “source” (which was Wikipedia), none of which gave any conclusive details regarding this relationship, besides vague, non-cited assertions.

          – Your “citing” of the ‘translating jihad’ fatwa, which was mistranslated, selective, and entirely unscholarly in its work. This I proceeded to translate and rebut point by point.

          – Do I need to also go back to when we discussed Sira-Maghazi, Muslim history, the tafsir of specific verses and all those other issues you ran away from only to try and use again later on other threads? This included your selective use of Montgomery Watt as a “source”, and other related issues.

          As far as having multiple posters to deal with, such is the nature of the game. You put your ideas out on a public forum – and one which is pretty much 100% against your own thought no less! – and you’re going to get responses from other posters. It’s like if I or others went to Jihadwatch; I wouldn’t expect any less from an online forum!

          So what’s the big deal?

          None of this changes the fact that you’ve gone from making “points” to engaging in tu quoque, ad hominem and other types of argumentative fallacies in recent months.

  5. bob, if u think ure having a rough time, why dont u go back to jihadwatch and see what im going through:




    heres some excerpts of ur freedom-loving peaceful collaborators, in response to my posts:

    That’s not crap… it is real… and we know Muslim orcs use evil arts to grow…

    Those poor, poor persecuted beard growers! When will they ever get a break?

    Defending Islam should be against the law – on a footing @ par w/ terrorism!

    And even if you can triple the total number of Muslims, how are they going to fight? Throw camel turds? Bore us to death chanting nashids? Make us laugh so hard that we die from asphyxiation?

    You got it. It is always so with Islam. Muslims conquer a country, kill the unbelievers, rape the women, sell the children into slavery, use up all the natural resources, turn the land into desert and then look for a new kuffar country to invade.

    Hey Arab-pretending-that-you-are-not-Arab (and too bad you can’t charge me with insulting your Arabness, as you would in your native Erdoganistan), here’s some info on your so-called starving nazistinians, which tears down the house of cards of this fallacious anti-Israel, leftist and mahoundian baseless narrative.

    Mahoundian troll.

    I guess that’s what makes you a moderate… you only wish for non-Muslims to be killed by your hardcore brothers in the ummah. You’re not actually willing to do Islam’s dirty work yourself.

    Why does anyone engage this SAFUKK OOZGUE character?? Clearly, muslim or not, he/she/it is morally, logically and intellectually retarded… as well as socially inept.

    You’re one sick hating bastard. Go **** yourself, you creep.

    You hater, you racist, you bigot, you muslim.

    and u think ure having a hard time???

  6. “Update: Spencer and co. have moderated Fabio’s comment but kept Bhobby’s.”

    I think Spencer is hoping Muslims don’t understand Latin. But he wasn’t counting on Muslims being able to use the Internet.

    The fact that it has been moderated proves that they must be browsing Spencerwatch, and their silence about this site, despite the fact that they get angry at every negative news article against them, proves that they are scared of SW, and have no way of refuting the stuff at this site.

    • I just find it distasteful that they moderate to “appear” to be taking an interest in controlling the spread of hate (though surely only after many complaints – it’s been a number of days now), yet leave the Latin in there. It’s kind of like stopping someone punching to the head, but allowing a kick to the nether-regions, thinking no one will notice it.

      Although it once again shows their modus operandi for all to see.

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  8. Im a muslim and how can anyone even think of destroying the sacred Mecca Madina …
    do these people have a dead wish or something ?? Bunch of idiots :p

  9. Destroying Mecca and Medina would achieve so much though. Especially if they are destroyed using nuclear missiles, as that would wipe out a bunch of scum bag muslims at the same time.

    It gets my vote

    • Please check yourself into the nearest mental hospital. Delighting in the murder of millions of people is not normal.

      We’re all humans, and we all have a right to live happily. If there’s nutjobs like you who want to nuke everything running around freely, then there will be chaos. So please do us all a favour and get yourself treated.

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