Bill Would Make it Illegal to Be Muslim in Tennessee

Anti-Freedom Robert Spencer supports the Tennessee bill that would essentially make it illegal to be Muslim?:

Will it be illegal to be a Muslim in Tennessee soon?

American-Islamic group, others to ask TN lawmakers to drop anti-Shariah bill

(The Tennessean)

The Council on American-Islamic Relations will hold a media conference at noon Tuesday at the Tennessee Capitol, with support from the American Civil Liberties Union, the Interfaith Alliance and the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition.

Representatives will ask lawmakers to drop an anti-Shariah bill that would criminalize the support of that Islamic code.

The bills supporters are calling it an anti-terrorist measure that protects the constitution, but Muslims say Shariah a set of rules for living, like the Catholic canon or Jewish religious law, not anything that conflicts with the state for U.S. constitutions.

“This clearly unconstitutional and un-American legislation would make it illegal to be a Muslim in the state of Tennessee,” CAIR staff attorney Gadeir Abbas said in a media release this morning.

“Consideration of this legislation, which completely disregards equality before the law, would send the unfortunate message that Tennessee is an intolerant state.”

15 thoughts on “Bill Would Make it Illegal to Be Muslim in Tennessee

  1. What’s so hard for you Muslims to understand? We don’t want Sharia in the US. PERIOD. Are you suggesting that it’s impossible to be a Muslim in an area without Sharia law? Thanks for proving Spencer right.

    • Because Sharia and Hudud are not exactly the same thing.

      Did the fake scholar of Islam, Sheikh Spencer, not tell you?

    • What is so hard for Ahninny to understand!? You can’t stop people from praying and believing as they please, and there is no law that gets passed, that’s going to change that.

    • “What’s so hard for you Muslims to understand? We don’t want Sharia in the US. PERIOD. Are you suggesting that it’s impossible to be a Muslim in an area without Sharia law? Thanks for proving Spencer right.”

      Come back here when you can differentiate between Sharia, Hudud, and Fiqh. Maybe Wikipeida can help.

  2. Thats unfortunate me and my famiy grew up in tennessee. Not a surprise though, after all the hate group kkk started there. Such an emmence culture with to many loons to see it

  3. There’s a very good reason why the property value is so low over there (and consequently why homes over there are so cheap).

  4. Ahni hi i have heard a ton about you, im new to the site and i just want to say i have seen your arguements with muzzile and nazzereth, and they in every one of those arguments kick your arse. Im not going to do that, im going to be more like a fun uncle and just let you talk. And if you reconize my name from jihad watch make sure you mention that they wont let me post there.

  5. Our good friend Ahni/Moharebeh has given Loonwatch a glowing review over at Jihadwatch:

    “Loonwatch is run by stealth jihadists and blind dhimmi leftists. There are even a few self-hating Jews on staff, apparently.”

    Aww. I’m flattered.

    • I think their empty labels are supposed to be a source of self-empowerment for their Islamophobia dogma, in the face of intellectual defeat.

      Of course, if they love to stick labels on things so much, they should get a packaging job. I’m sure they’d excel at it.

  6. Jihad bob never uses the word loon watch heres a pretty close to accurate of what he once said

    “i am also robert spencer, seriously the people at the OTHER SITE assumed that after a little debate” I no it isnt that big of a deual but why cant he say the word loon watch, its not that hard . Posted by who was DefenderofIslam

  7. What defines a “self hating jew”, people that listen to thou shal not kill, or people who miss the peace that jews and muslims had before 1948. Every real jew i know then hates them selfs in that case. Im also thrilled that you think im a stealth jihadist, geuss what mission im on right now,im secretly intergrating western society with my muslimines. Infact almost all my friends are christians(and dont bring out the verse that we all know your dieing to use, im not even going to recite it or explain it). Any way i pretend im a normal guy, but like one of the jihad watchers said ” but when the caliphate is in power Defenderof Islams mask will come off. But you really seem parinoid and stressed try listening to cat stevens, or mabey watch abdul rahman play basket ball, then to finnish it off read a relaxing book about muhhumad ali. MOOZLIMS ARE EVERY WHERE

  8. Wait, I thought this idiot was banned. Liar. Stealth jihadists? You’ve got to be kidding me. Apparently exposing portly Spencer as a fraud is part of the ‘global jihad’. Ad hominem at its finest. Oh, and somebody please explain to this fool the difference between shariah and hudud.

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