Spencer’s Hypocrisy With Election Violence

Robert Spencer, or “Police Blotter Bobby” as we have come to know him here, is completely hypocritical when it comes to Muslims and violence. His “IIT,” or “Islamophobe in Training,” Marisol blogged about the violence in Northern Nigeria in the wake of the victory of the Christian candidate Goodluck Jonathan. Mr. Jonathan said that the violence was “not a spontaneous reaction,” and “I don’t want to accuse anybody but we believe that people must be behind this.” That can mean anything.

Marisol, however, translated that statement into this conclusion:


the inclination toward violence was already there, waiting for another excuse to make a show of force and abuse non-Muslims. And as with those “protests,” we have seen that even the flimsiest of pretexts will do. If it is not one excuse du jour, it might be the next day’s “provocation” or “humiliation.”

These incidents would not happen — and would not keep happening — if not for an able and willing populace, and pre-existing hatred and intolerance of non-Muslims.

Here, of course, there is another angle. It is quite reasonable for President Jonathan to surmise that many Muslims in the north were poised and ready to let loose once the votes were counted. The election results show the Muslim candidate didn’t stand a chance, but that didn’t matter: if the Muslims could win the election, Islamic law could advance that way. If they lost, they would attempt to advance Islamic law the old fashioned way, demanding concessions through violence and threats.

Complete nonsense and betrayal of the facts on the ground. According to an analysis on the very same BBC article Marisol cited, which was not in the post, said this:

Both the winner of Nigeria’s election, Goodluck Jonathan, and his main rival, Muhammadu Buhari, have called for calm following the post-poll riots in the north. But the tensions cannot be plastered over.

Most of those behind the rioting have been unemployed young men – uneducated and deprived. Often they are only remembered by politicians at elections, when they are sometimes paid to do their bidding. They could send any conflict out of control, because it provides them with an opportunity to loot and attack the people they perceive as their enemies.

Irrespective of political party and region, 12 years of civilian rule have brought little change to the lives of Nigerians. But the north is far behind the south in terms of development, education and the availability of economic opportunities. Good governance, not political platitudes from the elite, is what many say is needed for the future.

Nothing about Islam, violence, Islamic law, Sharia, etc. But, of course, the “scholars” at JihadWatch will never tell you this.

What’s more, they were completely silent about the election violence in nearby Ivory Coast. For over four months, violence has raged in that African nation after Alassane Ouattara defeated incumbent Laurent Gbagbo. But, Gbagbo refused to step down, and as a result, thousands were killed and millions displaced.

But, since this has nothing to do with Islam, they don’t seem to care at all. Can you really take Spencer seriously?

7 thoughts on “Spencer’s Hypocrisy With Election Violence

  1. Marisol seems to be hallucinating and blaming Islam where it isn’t really involved. That’s pretty much how JW works:
    1) Find something to do with Muslims.
    2) Blame Islam/Muslims.
    3) Collect money

    But lol at “inclination toward violence” — this is the same site where Spencer’s other IIT called for the killing of Egyptian protestors Tiananmen-style and where we regularly see commenters calling for the nuking of Mecca.

  2. Is “Marisol” actually Charlotte Wisneski? If so, why is she making about $30,000 less than Spencer? Is this Spencer’s sexism manifesting itself (apparently he used the Bible to argue against birth control)? She seems about as “smart” as Pamela Geller, although admittedly doesn’t make as many spelling and punctuation errors.

    • I doubt it, Wisneski is listed as the Chief Financial Officer of David Horowitz Freedom thingy which makes it even more interesting that Spencer is raking in more money than her.

      Well, I suppose Spencer deserves that money. I mean, Spencer is on the frontline defending women’s rights:

      “…Catholics who practice birth control or support legal abortion. They are defying their religion, because they do not have the authority to reform it,”

      He even lamented the fact that Muslims “accept artificial birth control”. One more thing the pesky Mooslims are guilty of.

      • I’m assuming they’re legitimate, if there’s any fraud going on then it means Spencer is getting even more money than is actually reported. All 990 tax return forms for “non-profit” organisations are open to public inspection. Anyone can search for them if they want to. Here’s the latest one:


        It seems the recession has hit the Islamophobia industry too — Spencer has taken an astonishing pay cut of $556 to a meagre $131,981. How will he survive?!

  3. I’m guessing Spencer is also into the Church’s strict divorce policy as well.

    It’s hypocritical how he condemns those Catholics who support birth control when he himself takes a pick-and-mix attitude when it comes to the Church’s stance on Muslims. Liberal Catholics are “defying their religion” but Spencer also gets liberal with his faith if it allows him to bash Muslims/Islam:

    Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph 841:
    “The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, in the first place amongst whom are the Muslims; these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adore the one, merciful God, mankind’s judge on the last day.”

    Spencer believes there is a clear difference between the Islamic Allah and the Judeo-Christian God. His Catholic buddy Roland Shirk goes one step further and calls Allah a “wicked idol”. Marisol, who also seems to be Catholic, declares Allah to be a “bloodthirsty god”.

    “They are defying their religion”.

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