Robert Spencer: Muslim Woman Getting Fired For Hijab Was Part of the “Plan”

Really, Police Blotter Bob?

Wow…Wow. Robert Spencer has really outdone himself.  Hate does things to you, and it really shows. Take this reaction to the lawsuit of an Ametican Muslim woman against Abercrombie and Fitch:

The real question is, Why would a Muslima want to work at Abercrombie & Fitch in the first place? Wouldn’t she find the clothing line, the advertising, and the whole atmosphere objectionable on moral grounds? Shouldn’t she prefer to shun such an environment rather than want to work there at all, especially if she is pious and observant enough to want to wear the hijab? Unless, of course, the real point of her getting hired in the first place was to compel an American business to change its practices in order to accommodate Islamic norms, and thereby to assert once again that Islam must dominate and not be dominated.

LOL. Spencer wonders why a “Muslima,” or Muslim woman, would want to work at A&F? Umm…maybe to make some money? Novel concept, eh? (pardon the Canadian) But, no! Mssr. Spencer knows the REAL reason: to get hired and then get fired in order to…what were his words?

“to compel an American business to change its practices in order to accommodate Islamic norms, and thereby to assert once again that Islam must dominate and not be dominated.”

Really? Her whole ordeal…getting fired, losing income, and filing a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) – which, by the way, evaluated her claim and saw merit to her lawsuit going forward – was so she can “assert Islamic dominance”?


If A&F had simply adhered to its own stated policy, she would not have been fired in the first place.  It is the law of the land, Mssr. Spencer, to make reasonable accommodations for religious practice. The Muslim woman in this case didn’t object to the dress code. She just refused to violate her religious beliefs and take off her headscarf. And for this she was fired.

Moreover, this wasn’t the first time Muslim women at A&F were fired for refusing to take off their headscarves, according to the article. So it seems that A&F has a problem vis a vis Muslim women employees. Hence, the lawsuits.

But Mssr. Spencer knows better! He saw through the whole scheme! It was all an elaborate plot, full of taqiyya and dhimmis (in the EEOC). He said it himself:

Yes. It seems tolerant to force Abercrombie & Fitch to change its dress code. It seems open-minded. In fact, it is accommodating an ideology that is radically intolerant, and when in power has never granted similar accommodation to those outside it.

Oh yes! The “radical ideology” of allowing a Muslim woman to wear her headscarf while working? Really? Would Spencer be saying this if A&F fired an Orthodox Jewish man for refusing to take off his yarmulke? Hardly. But when it comes to Muslims, it is “Stealth Jihad.” How pathetic.

Like I said…hate does thing to you.

6 thoughts on “Robert Spencer: Muslim Woman Getting Fired For Hijab Was Part of the “Plan”

  1. this really shows how hypocritical spencer is as we see him advertising himself as a campaigner for peoples rights, yet he clearly sees a persons rights being violated and you would think he calling himself a freedom fighter and all would come to the womans defense to wear her hijab, but no instead he and his penut brained audience decides to label her as a “stealth jihadist” and claim that the violation of her rights was part of a grand terrorist scheme, as a freedom fighter spencer here is clearly a joke.

  2. spencer’s probably the only guy on the planet who dismisses the most simple explanation (getting a job to make a living) for the most complex and mind-boggling one (being part of an organized jihad movement to subvert american society by deliberately getting fired, though i still didnt quite get how exactly…)

    he must go nuts in trying to make sense of everything he sees…

  3. These people are making money off the hate that they spew. Someone should declare Spencer a “persona non grata”, in the United States and abroad.

  4. The charade that is Spencerness continues…I can’t believe he thinks he is capable of discerning what a Muslim woman should do, and whether that makes her good or not?

    I think Bin Laden and Spencer would have gotten along fine.

    • actually i’d think he would be great poker buddies with david duke, and jim crow after all they are hatemongering morons that cheer legislation that limits peoples rights and dehumanize anyone that goes against there established stereotypes to fool there fans, and whenever they are losing at anything they blame them on others with duke and crow its black people or jews with spencer its muslims, and people who interact with muslims to understand islam.

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