Quote of the Day: Spencer Thinks Every Islamic School has a Bomb-Making Class

Gee Spencer we really applaud you for poking fun at this tragedy.  When someone dies most people do not take a sarcastic tone. I suppose you didn’t learn any good manners at Sunday school.

Indonesia: Explosion in bomb-making class at Islamic school kills teacher

It’s so hard for Islamic schools to get good bomb-making teachers these days: it’s a field in which it is hard to learn from one’s mistakes.

To top it all off, Spencer makes an assumption that all Islamic schools have bomb-making classes. Also he presupposes that Islam is behind all this and does not take into consideration that there are people doing unnatural acts of terror every day. Should we assume Catholic schools have instructional pedophilia classes? No, that assumption is inhumane, unprofessional, and disgusting.

7 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Spencer Thinks Every Islamic School has a Bomb-Making Class

  1. It would probably make sense to link the article you’re quoting – oh wait, somebody might actually read this and discover your commentary is a pile of crap. I just learned about this website from wiki but I can already see it is a complete pile of shit. JihadWatch links to sources and leaves a brief commentary – proper journalism !

  2. Pillorying Spencer’s sarcasm about this story isn’t very impressive. If we are being asked for sympathy for a bomb making teacher I would say that Spencer’s reaction makes much more sense. His crack about the difficulty of finding good bomb making teachers these days is not an assumption that all Islamic schools have them, just an acid way of remarking on the fact that ANY Islamic school ANYWHERE has one, which is surely a circumstance worthy of note.

    • Sometimes I wonder if some people have thinkings caps or they ve simply thrown their thinking caps into the lagoon.spenser no doubt hates islam with passion.and instead of some people to tell where he is going wrong,they support him.shame!

  3. Spins-ter is nothing more than a bigot and an Islamophobic moron, and I’d love to teach him some manners if he ever steps foot here in Malaysia….assuming that the authorities don’t catch him first and stuff him in Kamunting 🙂

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