Alan Colmes Has Heated Exchange With Director Of ‘Jihad Watch’ Blog Cited By Norway Terrorist


Alan Colmes Has Heated Exchange With Director Of ‘Jihad Watch’ Blog Cited By Norway Terrorist

by Jon Bershad

When a tragedy like the one in Norway occurs, it’s human nature to try and explain the unexplainable. This almost always turns into a search for someone to blame. This frequently leads to attempts to guess what media figures the killers in question may have followed, putting those figures on the defensive. That defense is much harder when the terrorist himself cites your work explicitly. Such is the position that Robert Spencer, director of the blog Jihad Watch, now finds himself. Today, he appeared on Alan Colmes’ radio show to defend his site and his work.

Unsurprisingly, they found very little common ground.

This weekend, it was discovered that Spencer’s anti-Jihad (some, not Spencer, would say “anti-Muslim”) writing was cited 64 times in the manifesto of the terrorist Anders Behring Breivik. Because of this, he quickly received a large amount of unwanted attention, being mentioned on NBC Nightly News and featured heavily in a New York Times article entitled “Killings in Norway Spotlight Anti-Muslim Thought in U.S.” Spencer has decried this “blame game” as a “leftist fantasy.”

In this writer’s opinion, Breivik was crazy and you can’t blame any one person for crazy being, well, crazy. I may find much of Spencer’s writings reprehensible and he may have contributed to an anti-Muslim culture that Breivik dwelled in, but he’s no more guilty for this crime than a heavy metal band is for Columbine.

That being said, Colmes got some good points in when he pointed out the difference between the way people like Spencer categorize Breivik to the way they do Islamic terrorists. Why are the latter endemic of a massive Islamic cultural problem whereas Spencer is so quick to describe Breivik as alone gunman. Hypocrisy is just as dangerous as irrational blaming.

It’s a fascinating (and heated) conversation. Watch the clip from Fox News below:

11 thoughts on “Alan Colmes Has Heated Exchange With Director Of ‘Jihad Watch’ Blog Cited By Norway Terrorist

  1. Exactly. Spencer as well as many others put Islamic terrorism in a different category than terrorism committed by non-Muslims. I am surprised that Breivik has not much, if at all; been categorized or called a Christian terrorist. Whenever it is terrorism commited by a non-Muslim, it is just terrorism or the person was crazy or some other lame excuse like that. But when a Muslim commits an act of terrorism, it is automatically associated with Islam and the word “Islamic” is always put in front of the word “terrorism” or “terrorist” We need to face the facts that terrorists are terrorists, irrespective of ideology or the like, when people commit crimes such as shooting or bombing innocent civilians, it honestly doesn’t matter with regards as to whether they are Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist-whatever.

    Terrorists are terrorists; pure and simple. Thus, it is unnecessary to put the word “Islamic” in front of the word terrorism for that matter or to categorize Muslim terrorists and non-Muslim terrorists into different categories.

    Furthermore, Spencer, Geller, and the rest of the gang need to be held accountable for their actions. While it is true that they were not directly responsible, they most certainly were indirectly responsible. No amount of their excuses for their indirect involvement should be allowed. If it is allowed, then Spencer, Geller, and others get away with this. And it is as simple as that.

  2. Like Islamic fundamentalists, Breivik also denounced Western society and detested democracy as evidenced in his writings and the comments from his lawyer.

    • Unlike “Islamic Fundamentalists”, this guy was a devoted follower of Robert Spencer.

      Nice try, though. Even when the guy is quite clearly Christian (and includes a chapter in his book entitled “The Bible and Self-Defence”), somehow he must be tied to those pesky Mooslims.

      His hatred of Western society and Democracy was because he believed (thanks to Spencer and co.) that they had enabled the “Islamic takeover” of Europe. He certainly didn’t hate the West in general — he wanted to unite all of Europe to combat the Marxist-Mooslim menace.

      In fact, he believes that his massacre was the ultimate act of defence of the West.

  3. So when did the liberals at SpencerWatch start caring about Scandavia, especially when they were attacking the region over those cartoons?

    • I thought it was those barbaric Mooslims who were doing that? Can’t even distinguish between your 2 arch enemies anymore? In any case, showing disgust for the cowardly attacks and sympathy for the victims =/= suddenly ‘caring about Scandinavia’.

  4. As a matter of fact Robert Spencer is as much to be held accountable for the crimes of Anders Breivig as the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche for the crimes of the Nazis. They had read him, they quoted him, but they had never understood him, it’s as simple as that.
    Being Jewish it’s always funny to me to defend Christians; Breivig considered himself a sort of templar, whatever that means to him, I can’t read his mind, but that doesn’t mean that he followed Christianity, he didn’t turn the other cheek anyway, as they say in the Christian Bible. He chose violence, the usual option of Islam, as the Koran says: “Kill the infidels wherever you find them.” That’s neither in the Hebrew nor in the Christian Bible, but in the unholy Koran.
    To label Breivig a Christian terrorist doesn’t fit the reality, he’s simply a loony no more no less. He’s a loner he doesn’t belong to any group, whereas all Muslim terrorists were and are in Muslim terrorist groups, such as al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, to name only two of them, even if they operate only in segregated cells.

    • LOL. You don’t see the irony of what you just posted do you?

      They had read him, they quoted him, but they had never understood him, it’s as simple as that.


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