Again, Robert Spencer Proves he Hates the Constitution

For Robert Spencer to allow his writer Marisol to make a big issue out of an infringement upon constitutionally granted liberties, one must wonder if his loyalties lie to this country and its laws or to his own agenda.

As a matter of fact, Spencer is no stranger to the support of anti-American, anti-constitutional sentiments as we have noted before. Despite the rhetoric on his site, make no mistake that Spencer and his ilk are vehemently anti-Democracy.

On Spencer’s hate blog, Marisol insinuates that the Muslim Hertz workers want to get paid for praying, as if that was their intention:

Reasonable accommodations don’t always mean you get everything you want. But this is about getting paid to pray, and making the break a hands-off affair for supervisors.

Marisol is inciting that Muslims want to shove Islam down peoples throat.  It is the tired conspiracy of “Islamization” and “Creeping Sharia.”

It appears that the employees had no prior warning to the stipulations of their breaks for prayer until they were ambiguously informed of the rule through a supervisor who simply told them that they couldn’t pray during company time.

At no point was it referenced that contractually they were obligated to clock out for prayer breaks, but that they simply couldn’t pray. The way that the rule was enforced is in direct opposition to the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights in the Constitution of the good old US of A, which guarantees free exercise of religion.

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8 thoughts on “Again, Robert Spencer Proves he Hates the Constitution

  1. and once again jws hypocrosy shines thru for all there talk about “human rights” its clear they see the constitution as inconvenient.

  2. What have special rights to do with the First Amendment? The First Amendment is about freedom of speech, it doesn’t say anybody should be granted special rights. Working hours are for work and not for prayer, that isn’t what employees are paid for. They can pray before and after work and during the ordinary breaks. Extra breaks discrinate against those who work correctly.

  3. Who should employers pay for Muslims or anyone else to pray during work hours? Here is Melbourne, Australia, there were protests by Muslim students who demanded the university build more prayer rooms because there wasn’t enough so they protested by praying in the streets blocking city traffic. Pray in your own time and in your own home or church, not at work or school.

    • The thing is, you can’t just pray when you feel like it otherwise I’m sure most people would just wait till they got home.

      It’s not that people are purposely trying to pray at work to ‘Islamicize’ or whatever bullshit, they just have no choice really. Wouldn’t expect the folks over at JW to understand that though. To them it’s all ZOMG CREEPING SHARIA!!1111″

      • We know that, simply change the rules and assimilate to the culture you live in and don’t try to impose your rules, things don’t work that way. We Jews always kept our rules while living in a Christian environment. Only Muslims make such a fuzz of it. Btw how do the Muslims in Norway keep Ramadan when that month is in the summer time when the sun doesn’t set? Your way of life is so stupid, go and tell your moon idol.

        • It’s not a ‘Christian environment’, it’s an environment where everyone is allowed to practice their own religion freely no matter how silly it may sound to someone else.

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