Police Blotter Bob Revels in His “Cultural Supremacy”

Robert, aka, “Police blotter Bob” Spencer , writes in a blog titled, “Suicide bombing as high art: Palestine becomes member of UN cultural body”:

“This makes sense. After all, the Palestinians have contributed so much to world culture: children’s shows celebrating jihad murder, jihad/martyrdom suicide bombers blowing people up on buses and in restaurants — it’s a veritable cornucopia of cultural and artistic achievement.”

The title is a complete non-sequitur, what does suicide bombing or art have to do with Palestine’s U.N. bid? Nothing, unless police blotter Bob is artistically trying to paint us a picture of his pro-Likudnik mentality.

He insinuates that not only Palestinians but Arabs, and by extension, Islamic culture at its zenith, is terror and killing. The fact that the only thing Spencer can countenance when mentioning Palestinian artistic achievement is “suicide bombing” reveals to what extent Spencer works inside the parameters of a racist mindset.

It is no surprise I guess that Spencer is such a racist, a cultural supremacist! This hateful banter just solidifies what we already know about the twisted psyche of ‘ole police blotter Bob.

The comments section reflects the ill minded lemming nature of his readership. Here is a perfect example:

These type of comments show that it’s like the blind leading the blind.  Most people who read his blog believe the epoch of Palestinian culture is violent jihad and that there is nothing redeemable about Palestinians.

In their world there is no Mahmoud Darwish, Ghassan Kanafani or Edward Said, only Palestinian Terror.

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