Loonwatch’s Danios Wins Brass Crescent Award for Best Writer

A very hearty thank you to all the loonwatchers who voted for Danios as Best Writer in the 2011 Brass Crescent Awards. This marks the second year in a row that Loonwatch has won a Brass Crescent Award, last year it was for best non-Muslim Blog and this year for best writer:

We couldn’t do this without you guys! Thank you for all your tips, feedback, and input.

2 thoughts on “Loonwatch’s Danios Wins Brass Crescent Award for Best Writer

  1. You appear to have have misused my nomer/handel which was used to request your help with the following problem/solution. [Not Ethical!]

    The house of Khadijeh Bint Khuwalid[Circa555-619CE] where the children of Prophet Muhammad were born, and where many a time ‘wahii’ verses of the Noble Koran were inspired by Jabreel was bulldozed, as have been many Islamic Holy sites; graves of Shohaba erased.

    And monstrosities, western church like architecture[Big Ben] built to over shadow the Holy Kaaba. This is part of the US/Saudi/Israeli project to reduce and annihilate Islamic heritage sites such that after a few decades Islam can be reduced to a cult with no truth in history.

    Saudi Arabia has failed its mandate to protect and preserve World’s Islamic heritage. Muslims must unite as an Ummah to take back the Hijaz and administer it as a Council of Muslim Nations. All Muslims, especially Muslim intellectuals must make people aware of what is happening and make this their best Jihad! As a first step petition the World Heritage Foundation or form your own action platform…

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