Spencer Links Occupy Wall Street with “Evil Mooslim Jihadists”

Robert Spencer sees one wacky video from the Occupy Wall Street and believes it is enough to create a sweeping generalization, titling a blog on his hate site, “OccupyWallStreet Leftist: ‘I wouldn’t give a f*ck if 9/11 happened 911 more times'” and taking it even further he writes:

The Leftist/jihadist alliance has been on abundant display during the Occupy protests. Here it is displayed most vividly, without apology.

Spencer’s conspiracy theory is irrational on many levels. For him to actually think jihadists are joining forces with Leftists is not much of a surprise considering it was less than a month ago that a Hasner ally said that the Muslim brotherhood was behind Occupy Orlando.

Silly Spencer goes as far as to say that the Leftist/jihadist alliance has shown an “abundant display during the Occupy protests.”

The final point to make is that the Leftist/Jihadist conspiracy theory, as a whole, is just another attempt by Spencer to forward the idea that Muslims are plotting to take over America so that one day Sharia can reign. And if it means, joining the left to bring America down, then why not? Muslims are capable of doing anything in Spencer’s world.

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