At Geller-Spencer’s CPAC Panel, Anti-Muslim Activist Says He’s Proud of Attacks on Mosques


James Lafferty

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At Geller-Spencer’s CPAC Panel, Anti-Muslim Activist Says He’s Proud of Attacks on Mosques

by Charles Johnson (Little Green Footballs)

Speaking today at the unofficial CPAC panel “Islamic Law in America: How the Obama Justice Department Is Selling Us Out,” sponsored by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, James Lafferty of the Virginia Anti-Sharia Task Force was “proud to say” that most of the mosques attacked in the US were in the South: CPAC: Anti-Muslim Activist James Lafferty Says He’s ‘Proud’ of Attacks Against Mosques.

Well with what the gentleman was saying about the Justice Department, I went to the briefing, the hate crimes summit, and I went there and it was all Muslim officials speaking and they had all these pictures of some mosque somewhere, and it was usually in the South I’m proud to say where a guy would drive a pickup truck right into the mosque. They had I bet 20—it looked like the same picture after a while because they just kept showing these same pictures, and each Muslim speaker got up, and remember this is a Justice Department meeting, and really ragged on two groups: the FBI and the NYPD. So whatever they’re doing they’re doing something good.

This is far from the first example; Geller and Spencer are usually too cunning to express this kind of open support for anti-Muslim violence, but their associates … not so much: Pamela Geller Associate John Jay Openly Calls for Mass Murder.

Meanwhile, after ranting earlier this week that no one reads LGF or takes me seriously, and that I was a “boil on the ass of the blogosphere,” Geller blocked me on Twitter, then proceeded to tweet the following to me today — even though, since she blocked me, I was unlikely to even see it. (I only saw it because one of her followers retweeted it.)

Pamela Geller@Atlasshrugs
Breitbart, Geller, Spencer – we’re coming to get you, Chuckie! @AndrewBreitbart @jihadwatchRS @Lizardoid
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This is the picture Geller posted:

It’s nice to know that Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and Andrew Breitbart all have a little internalized version of me living inside their heads, making them miserable.

3 thoughts on “At Geller-Spencer’s CPAC Panel, Anti-Muslim Activist Says He’s Proud of Attacks on Mosques

  1. It took me a while to see through the hate dressed-up as logic, on JW. I have to admit i was caught-up in the zeitgeist of it all, having lost someone close to me who was serving in Afghanistan. The whole Anti-Jihad thing. Spencer is a canny operator; he has an ability to sell an idea and make it plausible. Rather like the snake-oil salesmen of old. It was the obsequicey displayed by the bum-sniffers who bowed and scraped before him that turned me off, first of all. It didn’t take long after that to realise that JW was populated mostly by christian-fundamentalist loons all puffed-up on hate and vitriol carefully orchestrated by Spencer and Geller et al. It was a mistake to admit my Atheism and try to add balance to the obvious hyperbole contained in the threads. Spurious links to islam, gleaned from around the world and Spencers reticence to admonish commentors who laid blame at the feet of ALL muslims after he himself declared his truck was not with ALL muslims but islam itself. No fairness or clarity from the so-called moderators. Then it was the post-editing. Anything that didn’t comply; any comments of my own regarding the equivalency of the bible and the koran regarding the advocation of violence to others was removed expediently. If one reads some of the comments it is not hard to imagine a bug-eyed keyboard warrior someplace tapping-out populist nonsense against ALL muslims.

    It all got too fantastical in the end and that was it. I still visit regularly and laugh my ass off, mostly. When the annoyance and irritation sets in, i’m gone, back to the real world.

    I hope that my tale may encourage others who need that final push over the tipping-point to take the plunge and open their eyes to the fantasy of Robert Spencer and Jihadwatch.

    Love and tolerance.

    • There is just too much wrong with Jihadwatch for me to list here. It’s simply not possible to go on their comments page and have a reasoned debate. As soon as you criticise the boss, you’ll have all sorts of accusations of “taqiyya” and “kitman” thrown at you and then you’re banned.

      It’s clear they have a problem with all Muslims and the religion of Islam itself, not just radical Islam.
      Make sure you check out as well 🙂

    • @Turncoat

      You’re not alone. I used to admire Spencer and other people like him, until I recently saw the light less than a year ago. Hang in there. The truth is on our side. If we keep fighting long enough and hard enough, eventually our side will triumph, and Spencer will go down in flames. There is some much evidence against him, and his paranoid delusions that just about anyone who does a simple Google search can debunk much of what he’s saying. People just have to open their eyes, and look to sources outside the “Counter Jihad” blogs and rightwing Islamophobic websites as we have.

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