Swiss Parliament Rejects SVP Veil Ban Motion

Oskar Freysinger‘s party is upset (via. Islamophobia-Watch):

Swiss parliament rejects SVP veil ban motion

The group responsible for launching Switzerland’s anti-minaret initiative has called the rejection of a motion to ban burqas on public transport and in dealings with authorities “an affront”.

The National Council on Monday rejected a motion by Swiss People’s Party member Oskar Freysinger to ban the wearing of burqa in certain situations. The Council decided with a significant majority that imposing such a ban was unnecessary.

Social Democratic Party spokesman, Hans Stöckli, said that the majority of women wearing burqas in Switzerland were tourists, Swiss news agency SDA reported. Furthermore Justice Minister Simonetta Sommaruga warned that a blanket ban could violate the Geneva Convention on Refugees, as it would not distinguish between those with and without refugee status.

But the minds behind the anti-minaret initiative, the so-called Egerkinger Committee, believe a burqa ban to be worthwhile. The Egerkinger Committee claims that the rejection of the motion to ban burqas pointedly ignores the majority who expressly reject the “Islamization” of Switzerland.

The Committee maintains that while the Swiss constitution guarantees freedom of expression, wearing a veil is a denial of that freedom. “Freedom of expression is exercised in our country with an undisguised, open, readable face,” the Committee said in a statement.

The Committee said that it was ready to launch a popular initiative for the banning of the burqa “without delay”.

The Local, 7 March 2012

Update:  According to the SDA report, it was in fact the Swiss upper house, the Council of State (Ständerat), that rejected the SVP motion on Monday. The lower house, the National Council (Nationalrat), voted in favour of Freysinger’s call for “burqa ban” in September last year.

One thought on “Swiss Parliament Rejects SVP Veil Ban Motion

  1. This is my take on Oskar Freysinger, the leader with the peoples party of initiatives such as this.

    ANYONE with any sense of the obvious can see the slyness in OSKAR Freysinger.

    The man has a powerful voice, a full chest, waving hands, flashing eyes and a wicked little smile that he thinks frightens or endears. He enjoys using the language of inclusion to advance the causes of exclusion and we sit stunned, amazed and even bemused by it all. Yet somehow he holds sway over others who think him clever. Just the man to advance the darkest feelings that lurk inside of us all.

    He is an enemy of liberty. A charlatan with the truth. He is above all else, undemocratic.

    “He is a man without patriotism and without principle (who pretends)…the apostle of civilization and of intelligence. Virtue without genius, genius without honour, love of order … confounded with a taste for oppression and the holy rites of freedom with a contempt of law where the light thrown by conscience on human action is dim, and where nothing seems to be any longer forbidden, or allowed, honourable or shameful, false or true.”

    Oh we know who you are Oskar Freysinger. You are nothing new. Just a surprise on our landscape where we hold most politicians in contempt but you are more contemptable than the least of these for you wear about you the robes of liberty while hate grows from your mouth.

    You are well known, you and your breed. These words above were written about you in the 19th century by a man much greater than any of you and he saw you then and I see you now. Alexis De Touqueville, Democracy in America.

    A man, Oskar Freysinger who is such as this was never designed to lead. He was shaped by the greatest Hand of all to be a little vicious dog barking at the heels of greatness.

    I pity the Party that takes him into their halls as leader or vice leader. I pity the men and women who then must obey, for they are also condemned as one of the ravening host. Perhaps this signals the end of the turmoil in our Country. Perhaps to see this, one of our great Nations needs, requires the ruin of a once great idea that saw the agrarian represented with full vigour in our Parliaments.

    Perhaps this is the inevitable end of a Party that has grown to embrace hate as its central platform.

    See also.

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