The United States of America Defence League: “The Crusade Begins”

United States of America Defence League

Shouldn’t the United States of America Defence League (USADL for short) spell “defence” with an “s” as in “defense”? Just saying, it doesn’t seem very, as George W. Bush would say, ‘Merican to spell it with a “c.”

bill-turner-usadlBill Turner

If you thought Captain America was leading this “defence league,” you’d be wrong, it’s a chap by the name of Bill Turner, who used to moonlight in the anti-Islam Twitterverse as “Jihadihunter.” Turner is the “national director” of this offshoot of the UK-based EDL. Turner titled his first press release introducing the organization, “The Crusade Begins.”

Phew, and here I was thinking it was going to be some sort of bigoted, Anders-Breivik-esque, Christian-identity hate group! Glad that’s cleared up!

Bill Turner and the USADL, like all the other extremist anti-Muslim leaders and organizations in the so-called “counter-jihad” claim to be acting in defense of “human rights”:

[USADL is] a human rights organization that was founded in the defense of our nation and to stand in unison with the EDL and other such organizations, to halt the spread of Sharia law.

Defenders of the nation, fighters for freedom, where else have we heard such claims? Oh right, the KKK.

The USADL’s goal is essentially missionary. They seek to “inform” the public about the “true” nature of Islam, to provide a,

“more realistic and less sanitized view of Islam…”

While the USADL’s mission statement gives the necessary caveat, much like the EDL claims to that it is not against “Muslims” and warns against assuming that all Muslims are guilty of committing acts of terrorism (aren’t they merciful!?), it goes on to say that,

“the Islamic book of worship calls for all Muslims to participate in Jihad, in one form or another.”

The ADL (not to be confused with the USADL) notes that Turner is “well known” on right-wing websites already for his conspiratorial rantings about the government,

USADL’s National Director is Bill Turner, who is known for his anti-government and conspiratorial writings, which have been published on a number of right-wing websites and disseminated through his Twitter handle, “JihadiHunter.”

While anti-Muslim bias has been a primary theme in his writings as well, Turner’s role in launching the USADL suggests that he is gearing up to advance a more conspiratorial anti-Muslim agenda.

USADL’s website indicates that membership is open to all who “recognize the threat that Sharia Law poses to free people everywhere.” Although it is still too early to confirm the size and viability of the new organization, it already claims to have approximately 60 members.

I expect the USADL’s membership will increase as the usual suspects join its cause.

Already the nut jobs at the hate site BareNakedIslam are celebrating with all caps in the title, you can feel their adulation, FINALLY! USA DEFENCE LEAGUE. You will recall that BareNakedIslam is the same site that called for the murder of Muslim worshippers at mosques, so they will fit in nicely as “Crusader” drones in the USADL.

The USADL is just one more group for the SPLC to document and add to their list of the ever-growing anti-Muslim hate organizations proliferating around the country.

Some of the organizations that we have exposed in the past are on the SPLC’s list. They include AFDI, SIOA, ACT! for America and Veterans Defenders of America, amongst others.

7 thoughts on “The United States of America Defence League: “The Crusade Begins”

  1. The SPLC is the real hate group. They hate Jews, Christians, critics of radical Islam, military veterans, and Danish cartoonists. The SPLC does support barbaric, fascist, misogynistic Sharia Law,where women have no rights and gays are hanged. Democrats are the KKK, the party of Robert Byrd and Margaret Sanger. And why do liberals hate anyone who is pro-America?

    • Rocky, you never respond when everyone here and on Loonwatch obliterates your claims. I honestly can’t be bothered to waste my time, but I will say this: you have made some astonishingly stupid claims and if you want to be taken seriously then you should bring some proof.

      And I see these absurd claims are just a desperate attempt to shift the focus away from the topic of the violent, fascist Islamophobic street army that leave the British taxpayer a bill of millions of pounds everytime they protest (riot). You can’t defend them so you’d rather attack a legitimate anti-hate organisation like the SPLC.

      • You liberals are the fascists. You are anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, pro-abortion, pro-Sharia, and you hate our troops. You liberals are Christianophobic, Judeophobic, and Islamofascist. The SPLC is a PRO-HATE organization because they hate anyone who is pro-America. Where are you “anti-fascist” groups when it comes to radical Islam? Why don’t you protest against female genital mutilation and honor killings?

        • Or against the record number of stonings and hangings of homosexuals in Muslim countries. The wave of Coptic Christians fleeing from Egypt. Did you know that under Mubarak, female genital mutilation was forbidden? Now that the “secular” Muslim Brotherhood has a foothold you can bet it won’t be much longer. We can fight and bicker all day but all you have to do is broaden your vision just a little to see what’s going on in the world. Personally, I don’t see what’s wrong with a group of people trying to make sure that we don’t have an influx of Muslim rapists and human trafficking like they do in Norway and Sweden, or making sure that it won’t be okay to kill someone because they’re gay.

        • Chris, what if the group that you support is just as bad as the one you’re trying to stop?

          The EDL is violent, and its leaders have been caught in a string of scandals involving anti-semitism, racism, child pornography and incitement to hatred and outright calls for murder. When it protests in a town, it leaves the inhabitants with a bill of millions of pounds.

          Combating Muslim extremism by supporting the violent EDL extremists is utterly stupid.

      • Just leave it be, man. You’re dealing with a true believer; there’s no room for debate. Either you ‘get it’ or you’re just a lost sheeple. It’d be best just to ignore them and move on.

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