EDL Shock Troops Get Ready to Descend on Rochdale

The EDL’s coming to town, to spread “racial tensions and incite violence.”

EDL get ready to descend on Rochdale

Rochdale shop owners are preparing ahead of tomorrow’s English Defence League march. The far-right movement will descend on the town at 1.30pm to demonstrate against what they see as an expansion of Muslim extremism.

Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk urged the town to continue as usual. He said: “Tomorrow’s ‘protest’ is nothing more than an attempt to stir up racial tensions and incite violence. The police are fully prepared to deal with this and the protest will be outside of the town centre, which will be open for business as usual. I would urge everyone to continue to support local shops and businesses.”

Local group Rochdale Unity, who will be holding a counter protest at the same time, accused EDL of exploiting the recent case of sexual exploitation of young women in Heywood, which saw nine Asian men handed prison sentences.

EDL splinter group Casuals United have issued a “fatwa” against any media who attend tomorrow’s event without having been invited by EDL leaders, saying they will be treated as “hostile”.

Mancunian Matters, 8 June 2012

10 thoughts on “EDL Shock Troops Get Ready to Descend on Rochdale

  1. Groups like UAF rallied in support of the Muslim rape gangs. They won’t be so supportive in one of THEIR daughters was raped.

    • It wasn’t in support of the gang convicted of rape. It was against anti-Muslim, racist thugs who wish controversies like this happen so that they can exploit them for political gain. They want and need a couple of Muslims to go wrong so they can hold 1.8 million British Muslisms reponsible. If you want to blame all Muslims for those few men, then you will also have to blame all non-Muslims for the 95% of rapists that aren’t Muslim.

      The BNP and EDL should be ashamed to be exploiting this tragedy for their own purposes. If the UAF is trying to stop them from doing that, then they have my support.

      • Uh, Islam is not a race. And liberals have no sympathy for rape victims as long as they make excuses for the rape gangs. Liberals and Islamists like you support the rapists.

      • Uh, the BNP/EDL are definitely racist. The EDL has suspended its hatred of some ethnic minorities until they can get rid of the Muslims first and will return to the rest later. Remember, they’re English nationalists as well and are opposed to any other culture establishing itself here. Ever see the videos of EDL members making monkey noises at the UAF counter demonstrators?

        And once again, you’re lying about Muslims and Liberals. Give me one piece of evidence that proves we have no sympathy for rape victims or support rape. You also forget that rape carries a greater penalty in Muslim countries than it does here.

        • And what is wrong with an Englishman being pro-England? Liberals and Muslims support Sharia Law, which punishes rape victims. In Sharia-practicing countries, rape victims are either given lashes with a cane or are stoned to death. You were calling people “Islamophobic” for defending the rape victims in Rochdale and protesting against the rape gangs. Would you still be making excuses if a member of one of those gangs raped a female relative of yours?

          Articles where affiliate sites have defended rapists:
          And what about when you cried “Islamophobia” after Lara Logan was raped?

          And again, what race is Islam?

        • Your rubbish is beginning to bore me, Rocky Lore. No one has defended rape here at all nor is anyone calling for attacks on the rape victims. What we’re criticising is the EDL/BNP’s exploitation of this tragedy to get votes. By support these political objectives, you are the one disrespecting the victims.

          No one here said it was Islamophobic to protest against rape gangs, or to try and prevent rape. But it is Islamophobic to claim, without a shred of evidence, that it is because of Islam. Not only is this approach incorrect but it fails to explain why the majority of rapists are still non-Muslims and only the Muslims cases are given all the headlines.

          Not a single one of those links is an example of someone defending rapists. So once again, you’re lying.

          And I stand by my claim the EDL is racist as it freely uses the words “Pakis”, which is a racist slur. Here’s a quote from an EDL spokesman, tell me if it’s racist:

          “the muzzies wanna keep away from me im just looking for an excuse im fucked off at the mo fuck the pakis … i just think we shud burn the cunts now!!” — EDL Spokesman.


  2. Rocky, There really is no point arguing any point with dangerous morons like JT. Even if you explain to him/her that the Koran sanctions rape against non-muslims JT would still sprout the same old liberal garbage. If JT really did have any compassion for persecuted minorities like he/she makes out then JT would have greater cause for concern elsewhere.

  3. What does this word Islamophobia mean by the way as it’s not listed in any dictionary that I’ve ever come across. It’s simply a word that has been made up to silence any criticism of a violent, intolerant, totalitarian ideology which treats women like second class citizens. Anybody who tells you different to that is ignorant to the facts, just plain stupid or has an agenda. The liberals say Islam is peace but they are not backed up by scripture.

  4. Also its because of people like JT that these Animals were allowed to get away with what they were doing for so long. JT and people of JT’s ilk have created a fear of being called a racist culture in the UK with their constant accusations of Islamophobia. That’s why these animals weren’t prosecuted some years ago. People like JT should be ashamed as they will have ever more and more blood on their hands for defending the intolerant and silencing genuine concern and debate. SHAME on you JT

  5. JT said:-
    If you want to blame all Muslims for those few men, then you will also have to blame all non-Muslims for the 95% of rapists that aren’t Muslim.

    No we want to know why Muslims are so heavily represented when it comes to child sex offences. Also don’t just pluck figures out of the air such as 95% as this is totally incorrect and makes you look even more stupid than you do already.

    Why don’t you do a search of muslim rape in Norway where rape statistics are available.

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