Update: Eleven Arrested During EDL Rally in Rochdale

10 of the 11 arrested by police in Rochdale were EDL members (via. Islamophobia-Watch):

Eleven arrested during EDL rally in Rochdale

Eleven men were arrested by police today during a rally by the English Defence League in Rochdale.

More than 400 members of the far-right organisation gathered for around two hours outside the town hall. The majority were brought into the town centre on buses and coaches from a nearby retail park at 1pm.

Many gathered outside pubs on Packer Street amid a heavy police presence before they were escorted by officers to a pen on the car park outside the town hall. Officers dealt with a handful of minor skirmishes as the group marched the short distance to the car park from Packer Street.

Two fireworks, believed to be bangers, later exploded at the feet of crowds stood outside the pen near to the Post Office on The Esplanade. No one was injured.

Greater Manchester Police said eleven men were arrested on suspicion of various offences. Ten of those arrested were attending the EDL rally. An eleventh arrest was made at nearby Broadfield Park, where a counter-demonstration and unity rally was held.

Police dog handlers and mounted police were positioned around the demonstration zone.

Manchester Evening News, 9 June 2012

EDL demonstrations don’t seem to be getting any larger do they? Judging by the photo below, even the “more than 400″ figure would appear to be an exaggeration. Rochdale Online‘s report that only “around 200 of the anticipated 600 EDL members” turned up for the protest is probably more accurate. So much for the biggest street movement in history.

7 thoughts on “Update: Eleven Arrested During EDL Rally in Rochdale

  1. So how did the rally in support of the Pakistani rape gangs turn outm the one by the UAF and other left-wing groups?

    • It wasn’t in support of those rapists. Also, them being Pakistani has nothing to do with their crime just as being English has nothing to do with the majority of the rapes conducted in Britain by non-Pakistanis.

      And why don’t you comment on the way your friends, the EDL thugs, have behaved in the protest. Throwing illegal explosives at crowds and fighting isn’t very peaceful, is it?

      • So when do we plan to see the UAF protest against radical Islam? I find it funny that a group that calls themselves “Unite Against Fascism” would defend the world’s biggest fascists: Radical Muslims like Anjem Choudary, Abu Qatada, and Abu Hamza. These are the same kind of people that defended the London subway bombers.

      • The UAF doesn’t defend them and neither do I. On the other hand, you do support violent and vicious thugs like the EDL. You’re the only one supporting a hater group here. You point a finger at us, you point 3 back at yourself.

        The UAF is against all forms of fascism. To oppose the EDL doesn’t mean you automatically support radical Islam. But if you support the EDL, then that definitely means you’re supporting hatred and violence.

        • How can the UAF be against fascism if they don’t protest against radical Islamists like Anjem Choudary, Abu Hamza, and Abu Qatada? You support the real hatemongers who want to turn Europe into a pan-Islamic caliphate where everyone has to comply by Sharia Law, which also means women have to wear burqas and homosexuals are killed.

          I see you don’t have a problem with the Muslims who hate England collecting English welfare benefits.

        • Obviously, you’re talking rubbish again. I’ll repeat my long standing challenge to you to back up just one of those accusation with evidence or a direct quote.

          No one here supports radical Islamists, benefit fraud is illegal and against Islam and also if you read the “Hope not Hate” website you can see they criticise Anjem Choudary as well as the EDL. They recently had an article about how they are both extremists from two different sides and how we should oppose both.

  2. The above comments by JT still do not answer the original question?

    When did the UAF/left wing in general ever come out on record and say; we are holding a static demonstration/march on such and such a date at x hours to oppose the fascist views of a number of Islamic radicalists??

    They didn’t! and a small section on a “Hope Not Hate” website hardly constitutes “full scale opposition” to the above mentioned form of fascism does it?

    Surely “anti fascism” includes street protests against all forms of fascism and not just a select few groups, who you feel like name calling and abusing?

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