LGF: PJ Media Comments for Robert Spencer: ‘All Muslims Are Terrorists and Must Die!’

Robert Spencer is lost

Robert Spencer, PJ Media’s most recent Islamophobic blogger says Bloomberg may not be a Muslim but he’s acting like one. Spencer you will recall has in the past speculated on Barack Obama being a Muslim, though then he said that the President may, in fact be a Muslim (h/t:Critical Dragon).

PJ Media Comments for Robert Spencer: ‘All Muslims Are Terrorists and Must Die!’

by Charles Johnson (Little Green Footballs)

Today at PJ Media, hate group leader Robert Spencer turns in another exercise in blatant bigotry: PJ Media » Is Michael Bloomberg Secretly a Muslim?

He’s only “kidding,” of course. He doesn’t really think Michael Bloomberg is a secret Muslim.

He just thinks Bloomberg is acting like a Muslim, and we know what that means to Robert Spencer. The point of his article is to argue again that America urgently needs laws to protect us from imminent shariah takeover by the real secret Muslims.

The real question, then, is not so much whether Bloomberg is secretly a Muslim — of course he isn’t — but whether Islamic law is inherently totalitarian and inimical to the spirit of respect for individual rights upon which this nation was founded. And despite all the increasingly frantic mainstream media attempts to obscure Sharia’s true contents and nature from the American people, it is increasingly clear that it is. Sharia legislates for every aspect of human life, such that the pious Muslim faces no ethical difficulties, no moral dilemmas, no hard choices, no tough judgment calls: everything is set out for him to the last detail, and all he need do is obey. This results in a stunting of the moral character that leads not only to the atrophy of the individual’s abilities of ethical discernment, but also to a diminishment of both the value of the individual and the power of the individual in society. Human beings are not individual moral actors, but only subjects of the authoritarian power, who directs them in every detail of how to behave. The human will is cheapened, and human life itself is cheapened.

This is a key reason why anti-Sharia laws in the U.S. are so urgently needed. The United States at its founding accorded an extraordinary and largely unprecedented respect for the individual; the struggle against Sharia is yet another episode in the never-ending war of the bullying authority against the individual will. What played out in National Socialist Germany, as well as in the Soviet Union and other Communist states, will play out again in America as we decide in the coming months and years how much Islamic law we’re going to accommodate, and when (if ever) we’re going to resist the imposition of more: the struggle between the individual and the collective.

And the comments for Spencer’s nasty little screed are just as hateful and sickening as you might expect, advocating mass deportations and genocide.

Well,if you want to stick your unclean,midieval,barbarian ass in the air like some kind of punk wanting to be mounted by an alpha male by bowing down to a meteorite in the middle of the Arabian desert so you can honor an illiterate mass murdering pedophile who claimed to be the messenger for some obscure Arabian moon ‘god’,then who am I to judge?….personally,I use a page from the koran every time I have to take a mohammed….it’s just sooo much softer than Charmin


Simply put WE DONT TRUST Muslims – end of story, if we were smart in USA we would deport ALL NON-Resident Muslims including those i univesity. YOUR history of slavery, torture of women & children has not changed since 1700′s


If you want to practice this abomination go back to any of the 7th century hellholes you already have and stay there!


May all who worship the false prophet Muhammad (a thousand curses be unto his pig name) be slaughtered like the sub-human scum they are. I spit on your false prophet. The bottom of my feet are prettier than his ugly face. All muslims are terrorists and must die!

6 thoughts on “LGF: PJ Media Comments for Robert Spencer: ‘All Muslims Are Terrorists and Must Die!’

  1. Sharia law is antithetical to American law. It really shouldn’t matter if it is outlawed or not, because it should never come anywhere near America. It does seem strange to publish comments in Robert Spencer’s article as they have no relevance Spencer whatsoever. When merely discussing Islam you are going to get comments like that as Islam is almost universally hated around the world by non-Muslims.

  2. Spencer’s truly a bigot. As an example I take 2 articles from todays Times. 1. A Muslim father is accused of murdering his daughter for being too westernized. His wife turns against him in the witness box claiming her previous support for his story was predicated on fear of violence. 2. A woman of 22 is executed for adultery in Afghanistan whilst a man nearby recites verses from the Koran. Robert Spencer would have us believe that the religion is the common denominator whereas any sane person can see that Islam is purely incidental in these cases.
    What a bigot

    • Obviously, you are an idiot. You can find news stories for anyone and anything and link to whatever you want. So many stupid people think they can win this argument by saying ‘look a Muslim killed someone, therefore Islam is to blame’. Stalin was an atheist and he killed millions upon millions of people, therefore atheism is to blame. I can do this with every ideology.

      It makes more sense to read about Islam to see if it supports this behaviour. And guess what? It doesn’t. In fact Imam Abdur-Rauf was on CNN recently condemning the stoning of the Afghan women. So Islam and other Muslims condemn those events, you have no basis for your conclusion.

  3. I’m glad you mentioned Stalin. A purveyor of a totalitarian, expansionist ideology that proscribed dissenters. He is a useful comparison for the prophet in many ways. .Im glad you called me an idiot too it’s what I expected after seeing the spit flecked vitriol directed at Spencer and others. It casts into sharp relief your sneering liberal sense of entitlement to the moral and intellectual high ground

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