EDL Demonstration in Chelmsford: Protestors Chanted ‘You burn our poppy, we burn your mosque’

These are the “shining lights” of Western Civilization that the likes of Spencer and Geller have praised and are happy to be associated with. EDL thugs march shouting slogans about burning “Mosques” (via. Islamophobia-Watch):

EDL demonstration in Chelmsford: protestors chanted ‘You burn our poppy, we burn your mosque’

Three men from an anti-Islamic group were arrested on Saturday during a march against plans for a new mosque in Chelmsford.

More than 30 members of the English Defence League waved placards saying “no to radical Islam”, while others shouted racial slurs during a rally from the Plough Inn in Duke Street to the High Street.

The controversial right-wing group was marching against plans for a new mosque in Regina Way, Chelmsford, as part of the Waitrose supermarket development.

Police officers surrounded the mob as they reached Superdrug in the High Street and formed a blockade so that they could not go any further. The protest then spilled back towards Shire Hall where it drew crowds of onlookers.

Chairman of the EDL southeast Paul Pitt told the Chronicle: “We are campaigning hard against this mosque and making sure that it does not happen. Chelmsford has just become a city, we do not want to see a mega mosque here.”

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