JihadWatch Zombie Eric Allen Bell Curious About the “Pros” and “Cons” of Nukin’ Mecca

"Can I haz cheeeezeburger?"

Every now and then an anti-Muslim Islamophobe wonders about the exigency of nuking Mecca and or Medina when he really means to want to destroy the sacred cities. To destroy Mecca and Medina has been an ardent desire of Islamophobes for centuries, harking back to at least the Crusades, if not earlier.

In a recent manifestation of such desire we have Jihadwatch zombie Eric Allen Bell (aka Eric Edborg) masking a call to nuke Mecca in a “question.” Who actually wonders about the “pros” and “cons” of “nuking Mecca” except someone who actually wants to do it?

Notice the lovely responses from those in Bell’s little echo chamber of hate. Bell didn’t repudiate any of these gung-ho nuke Mecca advocates. Most people responded by either saying such a move would not be practical or in fact coming to realize that Bell had gone “too far this time.” Many of these comments were deleted by Bell.

A significant chunk of comments actually looked something like the following however:

It seems clear to me that Bell had always had some sort of deep seated hatred and antipathy towards the “other.” One doesn’t wake up suddenly one day and ponder the merits of nuking the holy city of one of the oldest and largest religions in the world unless there is something deeply wrong with you.

5 thoughts on “JihadWatch Zombie Eric Allen Bell Curious About the “Pros” and “Cons” of Nukin’ Mecca

    • Similar political views alone prove nothing.

      That youtube clip only proves that anyone can make a video. It is a poor attempt to slander people who support or sympathize with the Palestinians in their plight of being persecuted refugees in their own land with no rights. Only sociopaths and psychopaths would find such a thing acceptable.

    • so again no comment on the fact that bell is asking people about nuking an entire city which might you know kill lots of innocent people.

  1. Well first of all you cannot nuke Mecca or the Kaaba. It is protected by Allah(SWT)

    Remeber what happened to people and the army who came before to destroy the Kaaba? Allah made them persished. He created little ababil birds and they dropped stoned on the heads of the elephant army which perished.

    Bwaha ha ha . This will happen to the American army also. Thier F 16 and the Eurofighter will be destroyed by little birds. Just watch and see if you dont believe me. I challenge any army to try to get anywhere near 10 km of Kaaba. They will fail. They will fail miserably.


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