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Robert Spencer was born in 1962 and is of Greek heritage. His grandparents came from what is present day Turkey. He received his M.A. in the field of early Christian studies, and is a self-proclaimed devout Catholic. According to one source, Spencer was a religion teacher at Aquinas High School in the Bronx where some of his former students remember him arguing for the Bible and against birth control. Students mentioned that he now has between 6-8 children.

Robert Spencer claims that his interest in Islam began with him learning about the roots of his family history in Turkey.

“[M]y family is from what is now Turkey and actually that is the beginning of my interest in the subject of Islam that my grandparents shortly after World War I were offered the choice of conversion to Islam or exile from the land where they had lived for many hundreds of years – that is my family had lived. They were – those chose exile and they came to the United States. They, despite their experiences which involved some violence and some of the – some killings of some of the family members, they were – they spoke in a uniformly positive fashion about life over there and made me become quite fascinated with it such that I took the first opportunity I could when I went to college to read the Koran and to begin studying Islamic theology and history.”

The bloody and confrontational circumstances surrounding the purported personal history of Spencer’s family provide a logical explanation for the animus towards Islam and Muslims in much of the polemical work that Spencer has produced since achieving a public profile through his David Horowitz funded website, JihadWatch. It also explains his hostility to Turkey, and the reason he would join a genocidal Facebook group that called for Turkey to be “ethnically cleansed” of Turkish Muslims.

JihadWatch, the website that is administered by Robert Spencer was founded in 2003. Since then Spencer has published thousands of articles and blog postings, has had numerous speaking engagements, (mostly at Conservative gatherings) and has laid claim to ten books on the “threat” of Islam.

Spencer’s attack against Islam can be broken down into two categories: polemical and activist:

Anti-Muslim Polemicist:

Spencer’s polemical attack is based on his personal study of Islam since he has no formal training in Islamic studies. Spencer employs a number of arguments and tactics in his polemics: projecting the actions of an individual as an inherent trait of the entire group, taking the most extreme opinions and interpretations of Islam and asserting them as correct, normative and mainstream, conflating culture with religion, guilt by association, regurgitating Orientalist ideas, and weaponizing, revisiting and at times forging history to suit his arguments. He consistently forwards conspiracy theories about “Stealth Jihad,” “Eurabia,” genocide in Bosnia never occurring or being exaggerated, eminent “Islamization of America,” and the infiltration of Congress by “Muslim spy interns.”

Spencer’s activist attack against Islam and Muslims initially took the form of speaking at Conservative conferences, Churches and Synagogues, on college campuses for David Horowitz’s sponsored “Islamo-Fascism Week,” on Christian TV Networks such as Pat Robertson’s CBN, giving classes on Islam to the FBI, and engaging in debates with the likes of Dinesh D’souza who dubbed him an “Islamophobe.”

Anti-Muslim Activist:

However, since the cementing of his friendship and alliances with Pamela Geller, European anti-Muslim activist Anders Gravers (leader of SIOE) and radical Dutch Euro-supremacist politician Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer has embarked on a course of institutionalizing and organizing against Islam and Muslims under the rubric of “fighting the Jihad.” He is now co-founder and leader in two new anti-Muslim organizations, Freedom Defense Initiative (FDI) and Stop the Islamization of America (SIOA).

The creation of these two groups by Spencer must be read in the larger context of a growing movement of anti-Muslim/Islam organizations across the country. They are part of what Homeland Security has dubbed the “rise in right-wing extremism” since the election of Barack Obama to the presidency. For Robert Spencer this all boils down to a “Crusade against Islam,” a religion that he views as the “chief rival” to Catholicism, that is “incomplete,” “misleading” “downright false,” and a “threat to the peace and well-being of the Western world.”

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  1. I have all the information on Spencer, his address, real date of birth, and information on his family. I want nothing more than to share it, please e-mail me.

    • His current information should be kept private, but since many of the most famous anti-Muslim activists fake their backgrounds for increased credibility (like the Caner brothers), I’d be curious what the Turkey connection is. He says that his family was going to be forced to convert AFTER Ataturk came to power? That just makes no sense to me. What is the historical incident to which he is referring when he says they chose exile over conversion?

        • Yes, but Attaturk that ruled over Turkey around this period opposed everything that had to do with Islam. He turned Turkey into a secular country, abolished the arabic like fonts of the Turkish language and instead adopted english letters. Banned the call to prayers in mosques, prohibited the wearing of veils for women in public. So the story of Spencer claiming his family was given the choice of either to convert or leave makes no sense. Spencer’s account is a lie. It reminds me of the like of Wafa Sultan who claims she was a muslim who lived under Sharia. Wafa is an Alawite and there was never Sharia imposed on people in Syria since the ruling party was secular and Alawite.

          • You sound well informed & I will look that up, I am sure you are correct in many ways. However I can tell you that this did also happen in my family,
            & you may also research why the Syrian/Lebanese immigrated out of the country during that period. Not only to the United States, but to South America, Mexico, & Australia.

          • Ataturk had nothing to oppose Islam. He opposed narrow mindedness, ignorance and traditions that came to be known as “Islam”. You are misinformed. Do your research from unbiased sources. But again you possibly cannot come across a popular unbiased source because the misinformation about Turkish revolution is popularized hugely. Turkish revolution is loathed both by Westerners and traditionalist (fake) Muslims because it gave the terribly powerful idea of a secular and Muslim nation catching up with the politic and economic might of the West. Had his dream come true, the power balance of the whole world would change in favor of Muslim nations. Now that’s what you shouldn’t know at all costs because one has to oppose Ataturk’s ideology to serve Western(Judeo-Christian) purposes.

            Spencer is obviously lying in this particular subject, as he’s born to lie. He might be a Saloniki descendant where crypto Jews were abound. Just look at him, he’s all supported and sponsored by Zionists. Coincidence?

    • Let me clarify, my holding of this information in no way, shape, or form is a threat against Mr. Spencer. He has the right to lie through his teeth. The only value of this information is to reveal who he really is. We should also keep in mind that he and his cohorts have never shied away from getting personal with people who make them look like fools.

      • I’m only curious about where his parents and grandparents are from. His answer to C-Span was very enigmatic and makes no historical sense. Lamb tried to ask him, and he muttered something about “what is now Turkey”. So where exactly is he from?

        • I recently heard a rap song in Greek whose lyrics referred to the fact that the “Turks still have the City” (meaning Constantinople [Istanbul] which is referred to that way in Greek sometimes). So if he uses the phrase “what is now Turkey” might be some measure of Greek nationalism more than anything else. Maybe.

        • It’s also possible that as a Melkite Catholic, his grandparents were Arabs from what is now Hatay province in Turkey. “Spencer” is a not-uncommon Arab Christian name that refers to the Crusader military position of paymaster or “dispenser.”

      • please list roberts spencers lies so i can investigate for myself…i have never heard a muslim tell the truth so….let me know, k?

        • The fact that he claims his family in Turkey was given the choice of either to convert or be exiled shortly after WW1. This is the first lie that you can verify yourself by reading about the ruler of Turkey around this period and his opposition to Islam. Turkey was transformed into a secular country around this period and Islam and religion were opposed. Read further:


      • Sorry Chaudhry, but your sources are qadiani sources and qadiani islam is not majority islam. You’re not confronting the arguments of Robert Spencer, but reinforcing them.

    • Why not confront Spencer’s arguments? Because you can’t. Islam is pure evil; every page of the Koran proves it. More than 60% of the Koran is hate directed against kafirs, particularly Jews and Christians.

    • I would like to know his real name before he anglicanized it to Spencer. changing ones name says much about the attitude and values of a person.

      • You’re probably a great psychologist and therefore able to read one’s “values” and “attitudes” in one’s name change.
        Could you tell me how you do that?

      • Really? I know many Jews whose names were changed or shortened due to fear because of bigotry of the time. I do not know any Arabs who changed theirs, except that they usually accepted whatever English translation was given them upon arrival.

    • As a ‘real Spencer’ who has no use for the hateful noise this fake-named buffoon spouts, I’d like to know his actual surname, if only to be able to forget about him once and for all… (I have less than zero interest in any other info about him, where the yo-yo lives, etc…) thanks,

    • Your comment is proof that Spencer is right, you fool. “Abdullah,” am I right to assume you are a Muslim? And you appear enthusiastic to assist in hurting a man and his family because he happens to disagree with you? By the sword, right, Abdullah?

    • Dude, Abdullah, really? He’s spreading misconceptions about Islam. By even intimating that we’re going to go into his private life (his home), we sound like the radicals he is describing.

  2. Abdullah,

    That will be unnecessary. We have no interest in Spencer’s private life. We are only interested in exposing the shallow, deceptive, and bigoted nature of his anti-Muslim work.

    – SW Admin

    • Spencer’s exposure of Islam is meant to show how the doctrine is not simply a “spiritual belief” but is in fact a complete order of living. Islam does not allow adherent to separate any part of the belief and submission is required to the fullest extent. Islam is a political and militarist doctrine that serves only to eventually command world population in preparation for the Second Caliphate. Islam can never co-exist within a constitutional republic such as the United States. A free people would be wise to demand their lawmakers legally separate the aspects of Islam into its various parts in order to prevent the legal and militaristic doctrines of Islam from gaining a foothold in a free nation. History and current events show 92% of the civil conflicts around our globe as being fought between Islamists and another body politic. Remember that the translation of the word “Islam” means to submit.

  3. That kind of information is highly dangerous. Considering that Spencer was mentioned as a Zionist Crusader in Al Qaeda videos means there must be at least one nutjob ready to kill him.

    An attempt on his life would make him a martyr for his idiotic cause. No one wants that.

  4. Thank you for this website, a good rebuttal to Mr. Spencer’s bigotry-riddled “Jihad Watch” …hopefully projects such as this will help to expose the bigots of this country who have been clever in making Islamophobia fashionable–especially the Far-Right.

  5. He seems to have contradicted himself on numerous interviews. Here he refers to himself as of “Middle Eastern Descent” and a “Melkite Catholic”.
    He also took offence when a wikipedia page identified him as Catholic but evidently he is as eager to promote the Catholic religion as he is to destroy the Islamic religion.

    Yeah, He seems very Jewish in terms of looks but its probably just a coincidence. But his support of Zionism is quite worrying.

    Since he has problems with Turks, he always soils himself when “Islamism” is on the rise in Turkey. He could be Armenian also.

  6. Great bio on Spencer. The best summation of who he is yet, and honestly I haven’t found much personal info on him before.
    Thanks again.

  7. Concise biography. Imagine if you really started digging what you could find! People need to read this biography and realize that Spencer is to Islam what David Duke is to Jews.

  8. Since his hatred towards Turkey and Turks is so deeply rooted within his soul,he could be an Armenian. And because the Turks are Muslims,his obssession and consequently hatred developed against Islam and all Muslims,as a by product of his fundamental hatred toward the Turks.

    The smaller the mind ,the greater the hatred and in time the greater the ego as well. It is like a consecutive reaction. One reaction leads to the second reaction and to third and fourth etc…..PITY!

      • He’s also not happy about Turkey’s control of North Cyprus. He brings that up whenever someone mentions Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

    • Also, Spencer joined a genocidal Facebook group called “The Campaign for the Reconquista in Anatolia”. Its goal was to ethnically cleanse modern-day Turkey of its Muslim inhabitants and replace them with Christians.

      Advocate the total Reconquest and complete reassimilation of the Anatolia penninsular, eastern Thrace, northern Cyprus, Greater Armenia, The Pontus and Antiochia through the medium of Greek, Armenian, Cypriot, Byzantine, Pontic and Syriac National Sovereignty and on an unconditional basis.


  9. Nassir, that piece is already linked in the article,

    It also explains his hostility to Turkey, and the reason he would join a genocidal Facebook group that called for Turkey to be “ethnically cleansed” of Turkish Muslims.

  10. Poor Robert Spencer. He says radical Muslims want to get him (and maybe they do), but his own readers might go on a pogrom and mistake Spencer for a Muslim. Spencer just can’t win!

    • Very true! His mediterrean appearance could make him a target of Anglo Saxons who he thinks are his allies. He’s stuck between a rock and a hard place.

  11. Assalamu Alaikum (Peace be with you),

    You have a great site. I am curious to know about Robert Spencer’s background. He says that right after WW1, Robert Spencer’s family was given the choice of conversion to exile in Turkey.

    There was a major population exchange between Turkey and Greece i.e. after WW1, which is called the Treaty of Luasanne, in which literally all the “Greek/Turkish Muslims” from Greece had to move to Turkey, and all the “Greek/Turkish Christians” had to move to Turkey.

    Even then, Turkey still had Greek Christians in several regions after WW1. For example, the founder of RIM (Research in Motion — makers of Blackberry) i.e. Mike Lazaridis is a Greek ( Christian I assume) whose parents migrated to Canada from Istanbul, Turkey in 1966.


    • Most Arab Christian imigrants who came over were listed as Turks due to the language barrier. Also the reason there are now so many spellings of the same name. The census takers or whatever they were called, at Ellis Island, simply listed them as Turks for simplification. At that time, they thought of Arabs as being from the Turkish Empire.

    • Greeks have long a bloody history with the Islamist Turks. The crusades started when Alexios I sought help from Pope Urban II after horrific slaughter of the Greeks post occupation by Islamists.

  12. So let me get this right… His family lived under the Shari’ah-implementing Ottoman Caliphate for 700 long years, and then when the Ottoman Caliphate is abolished, and militant Western-backed secularists take over, all of a sudden his family is forced to convert to Islam?

    Is this guy for real? Can he get by on anything other than the surety that his audience don’t have a neuron between them?

    • This simple comment reflects much that is wrong with this site. Would you say all Greeks are any one other thing? All right-handed? All good dancers? By what twisted act of mindless faith have you determined that every single Greek is Orthodox? There are Greek Jews. Greek Muslims. And for sure, there is the possibility, no matter how remotely you may view it, that there could be a Greek Catholic. This absolutist reasoning dominates the supporters of this line of quasi-thinking.

  13. Why is Spencer being more than a bit vague about where he was born ? Sounds kind of strange to me . But as usual islamophobes are acting like chickenshits , I’ve seen this happen with my own 2 eyes . And I’m surprised that dweeb/wimp even has children at all and furthermore I feel sorry for them .

      • Wrong. He is a Syrian. I know one when I see one. I used to work for the Airlines, & saw hundreds, or thousands of people each day. I could always tell who was Syrian or Lebanese, although to non Arabs, they mostly look alike.

  14. According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Spencer_%28author%29 Spencer is a practicing Melkite Greek Catholic.

    Spencer believes “Islam contains violent and supremacist elements,” and that “its various schools unanimously teach warfare against and the subjugation of unbelievers”. However, he rejects the notion that all Muslims are necessarily violent people. He has said that among moderate Muslims, “there are some who are genuinely trying to frame a theory and practice of Islam that will allow for peaceful coexistence with unbelievers as equals,” Spencer has also said he would welcome any Muslim who renounces jihad and dhimmitude to join in his “anti-jihadist efforts”, but feels that anyone pursuing his called-for reforms will face a difficult task, because “the radicals actually do have a stronger theoretical, theological, and legal basis within Islam for what they believe than the moderates do.” He has also argued that many so-called reformers are not interested in genuine reform, but instead are aiming to deflect scrutiny of Islam.

    • Well said. Islamists do not like to be scrutized as is evident from the * crickets * response when one or a group turn to violence in promoting their hatred of the West.

  15. Perhaps his family’s move had something to do with their religion, but it’s hardly believable that they would be forced to convert unless it was some kind of bureaucratic corruption type thing, as in “We’ve been ordered to move all Christians out of this place(as per the Treaty of Lausanne), but if you convert you’ll be allowed to stay.” This would be similar to the much earlier practice of Muslims bribing Ottoman officials to list them as Christian so as to give up their sons to the Janissaries.

    I really can’t see another way, as even the Ottoman empire did not force conversion on people.

    • My Great great grandfather & other family members were indeed killed because of religious persecution for being Christian. I have heard these stories all of my life from his daughter (my Great grandmother) on down. Long before the current political climate. This is a fact. I am not religious but kow that it happened.

  16. I do accept as true with all the ideas you’ve introduced to your post. They’re really convincing and will certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are very brief for starters. May just you please extend them a little from next time? Thank you for the post.

  17. how lame… throwing the blame (and trash) on the messenger… please take care of the sick religion of Islam, stop killing so many innocents all over the globe and maybe people will some day accept you as a religion and not a cult of psychotic murderers….

    • Take a look in your own backyard. Don’t you watch the news? How many people in the US are murdered on a daily basis by people who went to church growing up. It’s funny how an ignoramous like you will turn around and say “well, he’s not a real christian”, when it’s a christian in the wrong. But when a muslim is in the wrong, then his religion is at fault?! Does the Christian drug dealer sell drugs and knock off his competition because Jesus AS told him to do that? The Christian who guns down school children, or the Christian teenagers in America who murder their own parents and siblings. Did they get their motivation from the Bible?! No muslim is foolish enough to believe that. Yet in the West we have an abundance of arrogant, ignorant white people who still think they have a moral advantage over everyone else.

      • Nice try at deflection. However, statistics show the truth. The CDC’s latest cause of Death 2011 report states that just under 19,000 murders by firearm were committed. In a country with a population of 312,000,000 that’s pretty darn low.

  18. All I know is that these people who speak against Islam really know nothing or ignorant of the truth. I know their swindle, the Spencer type of people, its very very deep rooted. I was born, baptized, raised, studied and a faithful Roman Catholic that got deeper and deeper in the love and understanding of the Creator. I was an active member of many Christian organizations but I ended up in Islam, the religion of the Muslims, the people I used to hate. Islam is the religion of Abraham, what else could I ask for? Hellfire is a very very serious business, so I better believe in one God, Allah (swt). Allahu Akbhar!

    • Christianity and Judaism are also Abrahmic religions. The difference is the messenger and the various interpreters of a “holy word”. Eschew the violent aspects and you may find the positive belief.

    • Beck you are ill informed get a life visit any rural area where there are Muslim live and compare with the area where non Muslim live. How many Jews live in Muslim countries have they ever been ill treated. If few hired fools behaving like wild dogs they have nothing to do with Islam. Just like looni spencer .

      • Jews living in Muslim countries were heavily persecuted. They were dhimmis, third-class citizens, subject to jizya, often forced to wear a yellow badge to be readily identified as Jewish, forced to endure many other indignities, and always at risk of their lives. There is little talk about the pogroms Jews endured at the hands of Islamic citizens, but they were every bit as bad as the pogroms of Eastern Europe. When the Jews were almost all kicked out of Muslim countries – those who survived the assaults that preceded their displacement – then, finally, there wasn’t any more abuse of Jews in Islamic countries. Absence of population makes for little friction. But, Khan, it is you who are misinformed.

        • Do us all a favour and read this:

          There have been academic studies of the conditions of Jews in Christendom and the Muslim world, and they dispute the findings of the fake scholar and fraud, Robert Spencer.

          Spencer tried to refute this article but he failed miserable. Initially, he cried “tu quoque, tu quoque”. Then he claimed that the Doctrone of Perpetual Servitude did not exist. When Danios successfully countered his assertions, Spencer shut up.

          I would advise you to do the same.

          • And how does the “church” do that now? You speak of old times and the rest of the world has moved along yet Islam does not progress because the doctrine does not allow it. Look up current civil conflicts across the globe and see what belief system is warring the most.

        • When the muslims were kicked out of Spain, the jews flee from Spain to settle in Morrocco, Tunisia and Turkey. Jews flourised among the muslims. Jews and Muslims share a lot in common including the believe in the same One God.

  19. Dear Muslims,
    You are disliked and despised throughout the world because people see what you do. People see the suicide bombers, the genital mutilation, the death threats, and the fulfilled death threats such as the murder of Theo Van Gogh. MUSLIMS ARE HATED BECAUSE THEY INVOKE HATRED THROUGH THEIR UNCEASING VIOLENCE AND IDIOCY. Hating Islam is like hating Charles Manson, a vile disgusting murderer of the worst kind. The word Islamophobe is as meaningless and stupid as the word Mansonophobe, or Evilophobe. Everything Muslims do and say is absolutely disgusting in the eyes of civilized people. People like Robert Spencer do not cause anti-Muslim hatred, they simply help to articulate it and organize it into an effective resistance–which is why, no doubt, you want to kill him. People like Robert Spencer receive death threats from Muslims everyday because Muslims are vile, evil, murderous, disgusting savages. You think that people don’t see what you are about?? You Muslims are the most cowardly, stupid, and ridiculous of all people. You kill people for converting to Christianity, you kill people for leaving Islam, you kill because you worship the evil one who you call Allah. Islam is savagery, Islam is barbarism, Islam is satanism, ISLAM IS STUPID STUPID STUPID!!! Some westerners believe that the only way to humanize Muslims is to be nice to them, some westerners believe that Muslims are beyond help and must be dealt with for the inhuman savages that they are. Irregardless of the method used, all sane people agree on one thing: Islam is vile and must either be reformed or annihilated.– Allah is the name of Evil and Mohammed is his prophet.– Yes, evil is growing and spreading throughout the world, and so is Islam, that no doubt makes you very proud. There are 1 billion Muslims who are doing a very good job of pissing off 6 billion non-Muslims, you might want to consider the degree to which you are out-numbered before moving forward with your plans of world domination. But given the fact that you have the full support of the powers of hell behind you it wouldn’t surprise me if you did succeed … the Nazis were successful too, at first.

    • if anybody is going to have a drinking game about this speech, the goal of taking a shot for all the cliched yammerings of this idiot that we have heard from other members of spencers fan club the brotherhood of durka dur led by this guy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYPPfXGCBoY dont because I think you will be dead by the “evilaphobe” part.

    • “..before moving forward with your plans of world domination…”

      Wait, you heard about that? Damn it Achmed, I told you to keep this a secret. Taking over the world is difficult enough as it is, but thankfully we had “the powers of hell” behind us, like you said. Speaking of, I just wanna shout out to my man Satan, for the support he’s given over the past couple of years.

      In case you hadn’t noticed, I was using sarcasm to ridicule your absolutely insane rant which makes no sense and assumes that every Muslim, young and old, has only one purpose in life — to kill you. Yeah, don’t flatter yourself, you’re really not that important. And neither is Spencer.

      Muslims are people just like you. They don’t spend every waking moment thinking of ways to take over the world, kill every non-Muslim, or impose Sharia Law. Yeah, we have a few bad eggs but who doesn’t? Most Muslims just want to live their lives in peace. We have jobs, bills to pay, mortgages and children to take care of. We work for about 50 years, build a better future for our kids and then we die. There really isn’t any time to plan a hostile takeover of the world.

      It’s interesting you mention the Nazis, because a more appropriate modern comparison would be with Islamophobes like you — who are using the same rhetoric that they used against Jews but now against Muslims.

      • The Islamist belief is create the way to build the Second Caliphate. It will not come until all are subdued. The Christian belief it to teach so that all may come willingly to the Christian god by choice. There is a grand difference between demanding submission and inviting it.

    • Maybe you should take the time to meet a muslim and see what they really think. Muslims are not a race of people. People from all ethnicites around the world convert to Islam everyday. So to consider muslims as sub-humans, quess what? People from your ethnicity are muslims as well. So are you from a race of devils, savages? I am a white american of Irish, English and Polish ancestry. I embraced Islam of my own accord, no one forced me. So I quess Irish, English and Polish people are pretty stupid, since someone with their genetic makeup accepted Islam. I have been a muslim for over 13 years now and even though America no longer views me as “white” and I face discrimination and the ignorance of people like you, I have no plans of reverting back to Christianity. God willing, I will live my life and die a muslim.

      • Do you accept the equality of another’s belief to the point of letting them live as they choose? Are you willing to stand up for the freedom of a non-Islamist belief? If you are then good for you.

  20. I wonder if Robert Spencer and his fans realise – in their rascist hate- that they insult the very God Almighty that they claim to worship; they insult His scripture and his Messenger (may peace be upon him). You see, muslims pray to the God of Adam, Eve, David, Solomon, Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus – all righteous prophets (peace be upon them). That very God Almighty, is called Allah – the only one worthy of worhip and all praise is for him alone. Allah sent all the prophets and sent down scriptures including the Taurah. His final Word is the Quráan. His final messenger Muhammed. Upon death which is the beginning of eternal life it will all become clear but it will be too late for the rebellious and those who insulted Him and His final messenger and the Quráan. If however, they repent and accept the message before the hour of death, Allah is Most Gracious, Most forgiving and Most Merciful. Muslims don’t want anything of this earthly world which is temporary. But this is Allah’s earth and He has a clear right to command us (humans as a whole- not just muslims) to worship him-in the way he likes. Let it be recorded that I have conveyed this message with sincerity so that I am not answerable to my Lord. Its up to them now to sincerely ask Almighty to guide them and their children that they may be saved from eternal hellfire and live in eternal bliss. May Allah guide me and forgive me and all muslims and may He be kind, forgiving and merciful to my parents as they were kind, forgiving and merciful to me when I was an infant. Ameen.

  21. I rfound the book Did Mohammad Exist? by Robert Spencer very informative and substaantive. Nonetheless I was suprised that I did no find any reference to the excellent book “Muhammad” by the French scholar Maxime Rodinson. Suprised?

  22. I have heard and seen Robert Spencer’s nonsense since around 2005. His books are weird. He makes claims that are completely nonsensical. The funny thing about Robert Spencer is that he is supposedly against violence and those that promote violence. Yet, I have never heard him attack the Torah or the Book of Deuteronomy, a book that advocates the wholesale slaughter of men, women and children (pagans they are called) without pity or mercy. Very Very Strange. The Koran never states anything of that nature. never has and never will.

  23. You Muslims are stupid and dangerous, and you demonize Mr. Spencer. There is no moderate Muslims, actually, all Muslims are terrorists and dangerous.

  24. First off, I was baptized Roman Catholoc, howeve I practice my own religion and live life with peace in my heart. I grew up down the street from a boy named Muhamed, from the country of Jordan. We were friends since the early days of our lives, and our families even grew close. Mo, as I call him, is a devote practice Muslim. He was, and is today one of the kindest souls I have had the good fortune to meet. After the horrible events of September 11th, Mo received a great deal of persecution and hatred, for being a follower of the religion of peace. A boy, who never fought, who loves his family, and has become a great man. It was seeing what he went thro, that made me abandon my faith in the church. Jesus told us not to worship false idols, and men praise this “Rober Spencer” as if he was a saint. This man is a sinner, his words are in conflict with the very word of Christ he claims to follow. I praise God, who is in me, in you, and in us all. Jewish, Muslim, and Chritians. We are all children, that praise our father in our own way and faith. Even now as my fingers type these words, tears fall from my eyes at the sight of so much hatred. It is not place to judge my fellow man, that is the duty of the almighty. I only beseech you as a vice of reason, a son of god, and a human being not unlike yourself. This hatred is poison, slowly seeping into our very souls, and the souls of our children, the next generation of the children of god. I am not “Robert Spencer” or any other celebrity of status or wealth. I am a man, who just wishes to see an end to the suffering of all. We praise the same god, we breathe the same air, we live on the same planet, we are the same race. We are the human race, children of the almighty. God bless you, may peace be upon you, and may your life be full of joy, and absent of hate. I don’t know any of you, but I love you, as I love myself, and I live god. Thank you, and have a nice day.

  25. Anyone who disagrees with or exposes Islam for what it is, is labeled a liar. That simply isn’t en0ugh to make it so.

    The Muslim that says that Jesus was spared the cross by someone who “looked like him” is a liar, without a doubt and shows that he/she has been deceived.

    Like any other group who wants to deny Jesus His rightful place at the right hand of the Father and denies that Jesus is God has been deceived. Therefore, in that regard Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons are all on the same page together.

    Consequently, those who don’t believe Jesus when He says that He and the Father are one is lost, because Jesus said: If you have seen me, you have seen the Father. John 14:9

  26. For those who say that Islam is really a peaceful religion (and Robert Spencer is a bigot and a liar), can someone please provide some examples that back this up? For example several Muslim leaders have consistently and publically called for the wholesale demise of Israel (some even going so far as to call for the death of all Jews, branding them as evil Zionists). Also there was Nick Berg an innocent American freelance contractor who was abducted and later publically beheaded in a video released by Muslim extremists. Can anyone cite examples of any Muslim religious or political leaders, or for that matter the Muslim community at large, who publically rebuked these hateful, violent, and barbaric statements/actions? I haven’t heard of any. Only silence!

    • do u have any idea about the history of Israel? The Zionists keep pointing at the Bible to establish their overall claim on the Holy Land, but they keep ignoring that not all of humanity is Bible-thumper. The presence of Israel is never ideal, yet a two-state solution could’ve been the next best thing had ur Zionist friends not encroached upon the Palestinian territories.
      Death of all the Jews? Yes, extremists would call upon death of even Muslims who dont submit to their own version of Islam and violent extremism isnt limited to Muslims. Rather Muslim extremism is dominant today primarily as Muslims are under constant subjugation.
      Lemme take u back to the middle ages and beyond: Spanish Inquisition, Roman Inquisition> these were all designs of the Catholic Christian empires to wipe off “infidels” like Jews and Muslims from Europe. Even forcibly converted (to Christianity) subjects of the empires were under constant surveillance to check whether they were performing their old religion in secret. Freedom of expression, huh? Ever heard of Bruno? He was burnt at stake for saying that the earth is round, considered un-biblical!!! Copernicus was persecuted for questioning the earth being the centre of the universe. A huge tally of literature was banned for being heresies.

      Essentially Church controlled everything and the bishops acted as lords over people’s lives. Nobles, aristocracy and clergy pocketed wealth and left the rest to scrap the bottom of the barrel. Remember French Revolution? Years of social injustice allowed frustration to creep in and it finally burst.

      U say u haven’t heard any criticism of Muslim extremism from the Muslims> probably u must realize that the level of hatred the Islamophobic community spew at the Muslims, any criticism by us of our own people is essentially muted or overshadowed.

  27. If you are slapped would it be justified to lable you a terrorist just for cursing back.you wish that all Muslims should rebuke those who CALL for the demise o israel but gladly ignore the very real violent and barbaric genocide of Muslim children men and women at the hands of Israel.so in your opinion we should present ourselves as sitting ducks and not even try to fight back. You can sit cosily in your homes while some bush or Cheney can attack wipe out thousands in on a false wmd accusation. And no one so much as bats an eyelid.please always remember the only country to date to use an atomic weapon is AMERICA
    And the people who pushed the button were I assume peace loving civilized Christians

  28. The Muslim attacks on Robert Spencer are typical: “This bigot says we are violent. Let’s cut off his head for this defamation!” You cannot refute Spencer’s books, because he does not ever use any Western sources in discussing Islam. He quotes the Koran, the Hadith, and countless Muslim scholars who interpret them. He allows Muslims exclusively to explain what it is they believe. And what they have to say about their own religious beliefs is horrifying enough. Islam is a religion of violence and hatred, pure and simple.

  29. As for Spencer’s grandparents being exiled, what is conveniently ignored by the Islamophobes is that this was part of the population exchange following the Greco-Turkish war just following WWI. A million Orthodox Christians were transferred to Greece from Turkey, true. But 500,000 Muslims also made the voyage to Turkey as well- a detail swept away under the rug by the Pam Geller, Spencer and David Horowitz followers, bent on demonizing the Muslims at any cost.

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