The EDL’s ‘fascist end-goal’

The EDL’s ‘fascist end-goal’

Unsurprisingly, the far right were very pleased to hear yesterday that David Cameron had succumbed to right-wing pressure and removed Sayeeda Warsi from her post as Tory party co-chairman. The subsequent news that Warsi had been appointed Faith and Communities minister was less well received.

We have already drawn attention to the English Defence League’s response to Warsi’s appointment (see above). However, it’s also worth checking out the comments that followed this official post on the EDL’s Facebook page.

(Bear in mind that at least one of the comments has been removed by the EDL admin, because as an EDL member observes “the left and all the mugs love screen shotting that shit and they use it against us”. What is left presumably is the stuff that the EDL has no objection to appearing in the public domain.)

Along with personal attacks on Warsi herself, including “Fuck Islam, Fuck Warsi”, “Corrupt moslem bitch!” and “TWO-FACED RAT!”, there are more generalised anti-Muslim comments such as “chuck the fuckers out i hate them england is our country. fuck off back to pakistan”.