Spencer’s Deafening Silence

There is no doubt that any news about a homegrown terrorist seeking to harm his fellow Americans is big and should be covered. And when that person is a Muslim…then you can bet the farm that Police Blotter Scholar Robert Spencer will be all over it.

But what is astonishing, truly astonishing, to me is that when bad news is about non-Muslims, Spencer could care less. Another case in point: Today, authorities in California conducted a controlled burn of a house that, according to news reports, contained “the largest amount of certain homemade explosives ever found in a single U.S. location.” In fact, the article continues: “Authorities said the cluttered home was filled with so much dangerous material that they had to burn it to the ground to protect the neighborhood.”

The man who rented the house was taken into custody. According to the Washington Post:

While the immediate safety threat had passed, Pat MacQueen, 76, and other residents were still haunted by the man who rented the house – George Jakubec. How did he, as authorities say, amass so much explosive material and what did he plan to do with it?

“It was scary at first to think someone had been making bombs so close to me,” said MacQueen as she watched the fire from about a block away.

Jakubec, an unemployed software consultant, 54, has pleaded not guilty to charges of making destructive devices and robbing three banks. He rented the house that authorities say had the kind of chemicals used by suicide bombers and insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The materials included Pentaerythritol tetranitrate, or PETN, which was used in the 2001 airliner shoe-bombing attempt as well as airplane cargo bombs discovered last month.

A coffee table was found cluttered with documents and strewn with detonators, prosecutors said.

In the backyard, bomb technicians found six mason jars with highly unstable Hexamethylene triperoxide diamine, or HMTD, which can explode if stepped on.

Did Spencer say anything? Mention this historic find? Talk about the man who was arrested for having all these dangerous bomb making materials? Nope. He didn’t make one sound about this story. His silence, in fact, was deafening. No, he was busy talking about obscure Saudi fatwas, and instances of child marriage in the Muslim world (which is not unique to the Muslim world), and other random acts of criminality.

Yet, I bet I know what will make him speak up about this incident: if George Jacubek turns out to be Muslim…

Prominent Rabbi Calls For the Elimination of Palestinians – Where is Robert Spencer?

Ha’aretz reporter Anshel Pfeffer reported on the remarks of prominent Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who said in his weekly radio address:

“May our enemies and haters come to an end. May Abu Mazen [Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas] and all those wicked men be lost from the earth. May God smite them with the plague of pestilence, including all those Palestinians.

Wow. He prayed to God for pestilence to afflict “all those Palestinians.” Pfeffer continued:

No better, no worse than previous utterances by the venerable rabbi, 90 in two weeks and still going strong. He has said similar things over the years about Arabs and other non-Jews, singling out for particular attention not only their leaders, but also some Israeli Jewish ones, including the present prime minister.

Yet, this time was different, because Israeli and Palestininan leaders are currently engaged in peace talks with the goal of reaching a final settlement within one year. Thus, his remarks were widely condemned, as Pfeffer explains:

This week, though, the weekly sermon drew wider attention, thanks to its timing, on the eve of the Israeli-Palestinian summit in Washington. So not only did the local Israeli media record his latest pearls of wisdom, with a couple of left-wing politicians issuing the standard condemnations, but the Palestinian leadership also responded angrily, the U.S. State Department denounced the “deeply offensive inflammatory statements,” and even such august bodies as the Anti-Defamation League and the Zionist Federation of Great Britain joined the chorus.

Yet, you know who’s silence has been deafening? Robert Spencer’s, of course!

There has been no such condemnation of the Rabbi’s comments against Palestinians. No condemnation of what appears to be the calling for genocide against an entire people by a very prominent Rabbi. No condemnation of quite inflammatory statements from a religious leader against another people.

Yet, what if he were Muslim? What if a Muslim cleric had recently said something similar about Jews? Spencer would have been all over it. He would have posted it on his blog and spread the contention that this is the true face of Islam, and not just a twisting of its tenes. Spencer would have been screaming, “Islamic Anti-Semitism!”

This is not to deny that such anti-Semitism does exist in the Muslim world, and some Muslim clerics have spewed forth horribly hateful things aginst Jews, Christians, and even other Muslims. Yet, rational people can see that these clerics and fanatics are an aberration, a mutation, and not the norm. Except, it seems, for Robert Spencer.