Dry Run was a False Alarm, JihadWatch won’t backtrack on calling it terrorism

Two men were arrested after their plane landed in Holland, the speculation was that they were doing a dry run for a terrorist organization. However no proof was advanced and just today the two men were let go.

When this story broke out JihadWatch’s Marisol treated it as though it was a proven case of terrorism.

First she asked the question,

“Just your garden-variety Dutchmen gone wrong? Wooden-shoe bombers?”

and then she answers it simply,


Will we hear an apology or at least an acceptance of the fact that JihadWatch was being purposefully deceptive? No. This is par for the course on JihadWatch, when anything remotely relating to Islam and Muslims comes up in the news and implicates Muslims in violence they push it as Jihad or terrorism related. When they are proven wrong they either ignore it or sheepishly shrug it off.

Two Men Arrested on United Flight on Terror Concerns Freed Without Charges

Dutch prosecutors have let go two Yemeni men who were initially detained over concerns of a possible terror “dry run,” they said Wednesday.

Ahmed Mohamed Nasser al Soofi and Hezam al Murisi were arrested during a United Flight from Chicago to Amsterdam Monday. They were released without charges.

American law enforcement officials say their initial concerns about a possible terror “dry run” involving the two eased, in part because they have learned the men’s abrupt change in flights resulted from them missing their original flight.

“These two passengers have not been charged with any crime in the United States and we caution you against jumping to any conclusions,” said a statement issued by the Department of Homeland Security Tuesday afternoon.

Al Soofi began his trip in Birmingham, Alabama and al Murisi started from Memphis, Tennessee.