Eric Allen Bell: JihadWatch Zombie Still Obsessed with Obliterating Mecca

The increasingly unstable Eric Allen Bell (aka Eric Edborg) isn’t backing down from his calls to destroy Mecca. His genocidal predilections are endless. Last week I covered his cutesy attempt at fanning the flames of his Islamophobic followers fanatical anti-Muslim hate.

Now Bell is at it again, the chicken hawk wants the US military to hover over the Ka’ba and remove it.

Bell, having taken notice of the fact that his deluded hate-mongering is well known, gives his followers an empty warning, telling them to be careful of what hate they say because evil Obama-Mooslim-Brotherhood-Hamas-AlQaeda-linked-CAIR is watching:

Clearly Bell doesn’t know the meaning of “contradiction.”

As hollow a disclaimer as you will ever read, Bell who is extra-vigilante to ban those who oppose his hate goes ahead and leaves comments such as these up from Kim Bruce:

or James Garner:

You can check the thread out yourself and see all the other calls for nuking and killing, it would take a long time for us to load all of the screenshots.

JihadWatch Zombie Eric Allen Bell Curious About the “Pros” and “Cons” of Nukin’ Mecca

"Can I haz cheeeezeburger?"

Every now and then an anti-Muslim Islamophobe wonders about the exigency of nuking Mecca and or Medina when he really means to want to destroy the sacred cities. To destroy Mecca and Medina has been an ardent desire of Islamophobes for centuries, harking back to at least the Crusades, if not earlier.

In a recent manifestation of such desire we have Jihadwatch zombie Eric Allen Bell (aka Eric Edborg) masking a call to nuke Mecca in a “question.” Who actually wonders about the “pros” and “cons” of “nuking Mecca” except someone who actually wants to do it?

Notice the lovely responses from those in Bell’s little echo chamber of hate. Bell didn’t repudiate any of these gung-ho nuke Mecca advocates. Most people responded by either saying such a move would not be practical or in fact coming to realize that Bell had gone “too far this time.” Many of these comments were deleted by Bell.

A significant chunk of comments actually looked something like the following however:

It seems clear to me that Bell had always had some sort of deep seated hatred and antipathy towards the “other.” One doesn’t wake up suddenly one day and ponder the merits of nuking the holy city of one of the oldest and largest religions in the world unless there is something deeply wrong with you.

JihadWatch Wants to Destroy Mecca and Medina (Updated)

Disclaimer: The title remains as long as Spencer doesn’t moderate the comments.

JihadWatch commenters, you know those lovable bunch who want to execute the Mooslims are at it again.  This time Fabio, who calls himself the most “politically incorrect” blogger on Islam wants Mecca and Medina destroyed (hat tip to all those who sent this in):

This is from a post on Feb.13 titled “Algeria shuts down internet and Facebook as protests mount” posted by Robert Spencer. It is still up. Right under Fabio another commenter named “Bhobby” echoes his intentions. This is just one more instance in a litany of genocidal and maniacal anti-Muslim postings on JihadWatch.

For those who can’t make it out it reads:

Fabio K. Juliano: Furthermore, I opine that Mecca and Medina Must be Destroyed.


Bhobby: I second you motion, Fabio: Mecca et Medina delenda sunt.

Update: Spencer and co. have moderated Fabio’s comment but kept Bhobby’s.