Why SpencerWatch.com?

  • Because Robert Spencer is a fraudulent individual who claims to be a  “scholar” and “expert” on Islam and Muslims, when in fact he is an anti-Muslim polemicist and activist who seeks to foment hate and distrust of all Muslims, especially those living in the West.
  • Because Robert Spencer employs a number of deceptive arguments and tactics in his polemics that often go uncontested in the blogosphere including but not limited to:
    • projecting the actions of an individual as an inherent trait of the entire group
    • taking the most extreme opinions and interpretations of Islam and asserting them as correct, normative and mainstream
    • conflating culture with religion, guilt by association, regurgitating Orientalist ideas, and weaponizing, revisiting and at times forging history to suit his arguments.
    • Denying the Bosnian genocide or claiming it as an exaggeration
    • Consistently promoting conspiracy theories about “Stealth Jihad,” “Eurabia,” the eminent “Islamization of America,” and the infiltration of Congress by “Muslim spy interns.”
  • Because Robert Spencer preys on the gullible, confused, and fearful in order to stoke the flames of hate and intolerance in their minds and hearts against Muslims at large, and Islam as a religion – rather than against terrorism and terrorists.
  • Because Robert Spencer claims to be so right, that no one dares prove him wrong, despite the numerous rebuttals of his shoddy slap-stick “scholarly” writings posted here, at LoonWatch, and elsewhere.
  • Because Robert Spencer claims to be so right, everyone is afraid to debate him and prove him wrong; yet, he consistently prefers to play dumb in turning  a blind-eye to our calls for a debate, knowing that it would spell the end of his 15 minutes of fraudulent fame and deception.
  • Because we wished to grant Robert Spencer’s wish in responding to his false claims objectively, consistently, with universal logic and scholarly evidence. This site is simply an online database of the above for easy access and use.
  • Because the West needs a website that will consistently expose Robert Spencer’s simple-minded analysis of Islamic and Muslim events.

17 thoughts on “Why SpencerWatch.com?

  1. What about his arguments? Aren’t you going to refute them? Are you going to show the world what is wrong with him or are you just going to declare things by fiat and then think the rest of us will believe you?

    Instead of making graphs of showing how US interests have been supported by our military, how about making other graphs that show wars among various sects of Islam? It’s not new. In fact, it’s as old as Islam itself, and probably even older than that.

  2. Im very interested in your claims that Spencer is giving wrong information about islam. You simply have to prove things like Muhammeds life story by Spencer wrong. As far as I can tell you are right about one thing, he concentrates on the dark parts of islam and says they are mainstream. If you want to prove yourself right, you have to prove all this huge amount of dark staff in islam doesnt happen, like child marriage, slavery, rape victims convicted of crime etc. I dont think you can, cause it does happen. Spencer excacirates, but tons of dark staff happen still in istam. Prove me wrong. And why all the ex-muslims say islam is horryfying like on islam-watch. And why dont you go after them also, or perhaps they know more about islam than you do. Prove yourself right and then I am very interested in your message. Sorry for my spelling mistakes ,but Im not a native speaker.

    • We here at Spencerwatch feel the site speaks for itself. If you have preconceived and/or erroneous beliefs about Muslims and Islam, we invite you to read our articles, or even better yet, visit our sister site and read their articles and the subsequent comments

  3. Anna: You simply have to prove things like Muhammeds life story by Spencer wrong.

    According to Spencer, Muhammad did not even exist! How can I prove or disprove the claims made about the life story of a non-existent person?

  4. Mr. Spencer gets an unopposed platform several times a week on the Peter Boyles Show (630 KHOW 5-9am). Mr. Boyles doesn’t mention how Mr. Spencer’s ideas are on the fringes of Islamic studies. Nor is any other Mid-East expert ever brought on for an alternative perspective. That Mr. Spencer’s ideas go so unchallenged in such a forum is a concern that I hope someone at this website will address.

  5. Your blog is just as much a propaganda as Mr Spencer’s site.

    Only he works for the Jews and you work for the Muslims. Both of you are against Christians.

  6. JDL Canada is hosting an event with both Spenser and Pam Geller in Toronto. See the excellent article by Eric Walberg: ‘Canadian Israeli Lobby’s ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop’ on Dissident Voice.

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